Suzie Responds to Jenna Marbles’ Acrylic Technique

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Jenna Marbles decided to give Acrylic Nails a try, and made a video of her DIY adventure! She gave a shout out to Suzie, and Suzie couldn't wait to respond with a critique of Jenna’s Acrylic Technique.

If you haven’t seen Jenna’s hilarious video, check it out:


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Suzie this was such an incredibly sweet response!! I adore you and your channel so much and I'm trying not to fangirl that you made this. Not to mention its actually like genuinely helpful too?? which is like... how. How did you do that lol. You are just so great, thanks for making some of my favorite videos on the internet and for being so damn delightful.
Jamie Stafford
She lives at 1234 Internet Street. Please. Send her help. 😂😭
this is my favorite thing on this website right now. you're so cute.
Carrie Garner
Shelby Miller
you and Jenna marbles totally need to collab!!!
Lily and Sophie Doodles
she said lets talk about that

good mythical morning theme intensifies
Robin Wood-Moen
Sophie Allan
watch her do her toenails
Kyla auger
Id like to see you doing Jenna Marbles nails. Surprise guest.
Lizzie indigokitten
Favourite video on the internet!
Michelle McClain
I love you're channel Susie :).
Sailor Mars
I love Suzie so much omg
Lucene Olivera
Found your YouTube channel through the Jenna Marbles silly one ... 1st time subscriber now!
Rudie Davis
I absolutely love how supportive this video is & how instead of making fun of her you you gave tips to not only help her but everyone at home. you guys are both great.❤
Suzie GIRL. you're the best
Sam Johnson
Suzie: "Let's talk about that." Me: GMM!!!
Trinity Redford
Have you seen Jenna do Acrylic toes yet?
Probably the sweetest person on youtube
Hana Jafari
you NEED to react to simplynailogical
LOL she took it seriously
Hannah Barteck
I'm here from the Jenna Marbles fan base, just want to say I really like your channel 🙂
TheFourViolas tfv
This is my favorite response video on YouTube. I don't know what the feminine equivalent to brotp is but this is it.
Luckie Duckie
You and Jenna, collaboration video...needs to happen!!
Daisy Szabo
You're like the sweetest person ever
Lydia Huchingson
Please do a collaboration with Jenna Marbles!!!!!!!!!
Krystal Leboeuf
Your sooo sweet !!! Her video was harilous. I happened to watch it the other day I almost tried doing my own acrylic nail but I seen some people try it on utube and some nail techs commented that shouldn't try bc can end up in not so good results so I decided to get my nails done instead. But I soaked the off after about 2-3 fill ins. I totally wish you would live around me. You do nails so awesome
E S17
WARNING: Long story, but I have a question at the end if anyone can help me!

I got gel nails for the first time a little over a month ago. I told the technician that I had never had anything like it done before and I didn't know how it worked. The first time she put my hand in the UV light to cure, it started to burn, but like I say, I have NEVER had it done before, and I just thought it was normal. The next time she put my hand in, the same thing happened, but this time she told me to take my hand out and press down if I felt any burning. She said it was totally normal, and that it had something to do with nerve endings (she did give a proper explanation, but I can't remember what she said.) So for the rest of the appointment, I continued to do that, to take my hands out and press down when it started to burn.

Long story short, I had the nails on less than 48 hours. They were so painful and uncomfortable that I went back to a different salon a couple of days later to have them removed. My experience there was SO much better, the girls were lovely and professional. The girls also asked me to sanitise my hands, which I don't recall the first technician doing. She may have done, but I don't remember it.

Like I say, it's now been over a month since I had the nails filed off and two of my natural nails are still extremely tender and hurt if any pressure is put on them. They both also have quite a bit of discolouration - large red patches underneath them, where none of my other nails have. Again, as I've never done anything like this before, I just kind of assumed this was a normal part of the healing process, but now I'm concerned that it's not.

Should I be worried about my poor, sore, red nails?

*I did do my research on salons before I got them done, and I went to the first place because it has so many great reviews. I'm really upset because my experience there was quite unpleasant, and my nails are in so much pain now*
Make a response to her acrylic toenails video!😂
Jane Kibel
Hello! I have a question. I am allergic to acrylic and gel nails. What would be a good alternative for length and strength and design able 3 d art etc
True Spangler
This video genuinely makes me so happy
Kiara machado
Suzie Gosselin
hey twin! Same name what's upp!!!!
April Michelle
Adam Bumber
She reminds me of barefoot contessa but the nail version
Nosy Bitch
I love how u and jenna are so nice to each other is so cute gaming channels just fight to the death lol
Miranda L.
she had a plastic finger in the beginning.
Parry Hotter
I live 10 minutes from your salon and I really want to book an appointment.... ahhhh 😫😫😫
Isabella Billock
Mary Anne
Now this is how it's done. I wish we could plaster this video all over YT.
Responding/Replying with class!!!!!! Nice.
Shay Harwood
The video you responded to is what lead me to you in the first place lol. I enjoy you and Jenna so much.
Erin Kilgore
You remind me of Barefoot Contessa <3
Jillian Howell
Ally David
so like collab?????? Jenna and Suzie????
wow! i love that's she's replied with a fantastic video! suzie and jenna! 👍🏼👌🏼
Awesome response video!! you're so sweet!
Omg Suzie should do Jenna's nails!!
Lucy Bickerton
This is so sweet I'm crying
Hey Hey Casey Rae
this is great! hahaa
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