Suzie Responds to Jenna Marbles’ Acrylic Technique

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Jenna Marbles decided to give Acrylic Nails a try, and made a video of her DIY adventure! She gave a shout out to Suzie, and Suzie couldn't wait to respond with a critique of Jenna’s Acrylic Technique.

If you haven’t seen Jenna’s hilarious video, check it out:


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Suzie this was such an incredibly sweet response!! I adore you and your channel so much and I'm trying not to fangirl that you made this. Not to mention its actually like genuinely helpful too?? which is like... how. How did you do that lol. You are just so great, thanks for making some of my favorite videos on the internet and for being so damn delightful.
dee norton
Angela McKenna
this video was so much shorter then your normal videos
feels weird...
Genesis Garza
suzie!!!!! do a calab!!!! gome on girl!
Ellen Kjenner Johansen
You SHOULD do Jenna's nails!!!! It would be so funnyyyyy!
by far one of the most entertaining vids.... can easily relate to jenna's experience 😂😂
Rosalind Ross
You are so relaxing and soothing, you even made one of Jenna's loud and crazy video become so soothing ❤️❤️❤️
Akira Hodgkins
Please do my nails😂💚
So when you gonna get to the acrylic toe nail reaction
Suzie: pauses video
Camera zooms into her nails
Jen Bae
I can't even watch that girl 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Love_hope _happynes
Your voice is so annoying, just stop talking and just watch it
Holly Wilkins
suzie quickly pauses the video
Genavieve C
Do a collaboration with Jenna and teach her hands on !
OMG...Suzie...Jenna Marbles did acrylic toenails. it's a must see, too funny
Renee Peaks
and where are you located?
Renee Peaks
I have a very sensitve thin nails. I want to get my nail done but Im afraid that the chemical will eat my nail bed. Everythime I go to then nail salon and get it done, I was told it won't harm my nail bed. When I took off the nail, my nail became so brittle and thin. Is there anything non-chemical/product that won't damage my nail.
me before watching this: oH GOD
me after watching this: OH MYGOD
tristan wilson
Can you make a list of all of the products that you use and their websites please? I would love to tart practicing on a hand mannequin
Nevaeh Frame
I love this channel.Her voice is so sweet!
Araceli Schlosser
Ms Suzie, I came here because I saw Jenna's video first. Her shout out to your channel piqued my curiosity and I watched a few of your videos. After three, I had to subscribe. Your Galaxy gel nail art was beautiful!
Suzie, did you see Jenna's response to your response? Yesterday she uploaded a video of her doing her toenails with acrylic and tips So freakin' funny. She mentions you again. Have a laugh, Jenna is great. I think you and Jenna should do a collab video, it would be hella hilarious.
Stephen Scaccia
Please, PLEASE collaborate!! You guys are my two favourite YouTubers right meow!!
seth lawson
Can we eat a collab thooo
Ektaa Babbar
Very well handled!
Mrs. Foley
Suzie, this is my first video of yours that I've ever watched. I wanted to let you know that you have such a GREAT HEART. Your personality, kindness, confidence, friendliness, and intelligence shines right through the screen. I'm sure more people want to truly be like you. Keep it up!!!🌈
Ava Bohnert
"She's in shape. She forgot her pants though."
Isabelle Lightwood
could this woman be any more adorable?
Ocean Kasidis
Bonnie Landers
wow this is so fucking nice!!!! like wtf these women are so incredibly sweet
Lea Natalie Johansen
she holded your plastik finger
My Ego
You're adorable. You were so kind during this. You're an expert and you were still so kind about Jenna's way. Xo
Diia Ahmad
i lobe you you are realyy nice and beautifull
Os Ch
I don't even do my nails but you gained a subscriber just for your attitude! This is what us women should be doing - helping one another through helpful advice and constructive criticism, not tearing each other down! Suzie's a classy lady! :)
Trinity Miller
I was wondering how Suzie would react to Jenna's profanity 😂 Jenna: FFFUU Suzie: PAUSE
Mina Hoffman
This is so cute! Way to go Suzie!
Silvermist Art
4:23 Jenna had a plastic finger that she had in her hands in the video
Oye Kajal
you and Jenna should collab, if you both are ever near each other!!❤💯
Julinar Al-Akshar
OMG!! I absolutely LOVE YOU BOTH!!! This is so super awesome that you responded to Jenna. She is freakin hilarious!! I love this video just so much because it also teaches people like me learning to do acrylic nails. LOVE LOVE!!! OXOX
this was so cute :3
Shay Camplin
i was wondering if and what you think about kids 12 and up doing acrylic do you offer that at your salon?
Suzie doesn't deserve dislikes, whoever disliked this is just jealous of Suzie, i haven't been watching this channel for long, but so far i LOVE suzies work. shes the best nail youtuber ever!
Kylie Manukia
Awe my favourite ladies on you tube! Suzie & Jenna 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Celestehelloo C
Georgia rose Lee.
She did have the fake nails if you look closely
natalie fields
Sarah Shepherd
This is the purest response video I've ever seen! Suzie just wants to help Jenna improve her technique
Lit'l Lissa
Logit Fau2
why am i here? -.-
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