Iqra Fareed
Mithilesh Yadav
Nice song
Mithilesh Yadav
ms yadav
Jisan Rain
Supper song I love ❀️ this song and arijit sir voice
Jalaluddin mahi
Nice song
Aadil Khan
I miss you
Aadil Khan
I love you
silent King
Anzar Khan
lovely song i like you
Prince Shaikh
This is nt arijit voice
Rocking Twinss
punit. p .alur πŸ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’βœŒπŸ˜˜
jitendra oraon
Suraj Yadav
Ghaint song
Krushna Piwal
prabir bhattacharya
1 of my fav song
prabir bhattacharya
1 of my fav song
Imran Khan
ik vaari a best songs arijit singh
Waqas Baloch
i love song
meenal nigam
it is sung by armaan malik not arjit singh
soumyaranjan sahoo
faisal fahad
supabbb song yarr
Naic song I like this
Bikash Sarkar
I no love me.
mir imtiyaz imtiyaz
very beautiful videos
Ashu Khan
love you mahi pal nic song
Vicky Parihar
i love this song
Shaikh Irfan
like a song
Brhamdev Sharma
Brhamdev sharma
neyamot patwary
nice song
Jakir Hussain
beautiful song
Jakir Hussain
beautiful song
Suresh Rajput
very nice
Harsh Parashar
osm song
I Love this song
Sardar Malik
nice song
Sardar Malik
nice song
Rajat gupta
Nice πŸ‘
Habib Adnan
Love hurts when u breakup with someone
Hurts even more when some 1 breaks up with u
But love hurts the most when the person,
You love has no idea how you feel.
Shomun Ahamed
Md Akram
sunlezara ae mere sanam very nice
Raju Chhetry
good not bad
Ashish Kumar
I loved 2
Jitendra Kumar Khadenga
heart touching song
dis song only 4 my love
Papai Pal
wow😲😲 NYC song bast of luck
Ashu Khan
super songs friends
Beena KUMAri
sad song
Mukul prajapati
very nice song
Ashish Kumar
Good song ...
jyoti Roy
Nice song😘😘😘😘
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