Best Fails/Wins of December 2016

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A compilation of fails and wins from last month, mainly from and Enjoy. :)

The clip from 1:17 is from Строю загородный дом (С.Г.) (full video:

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Greenleaf 69
No one was hurt in the making of this
always a lie. ne, 2016 ... and i saw them years ago. years!
Tim Dexter
00:11:24 <<<<< Genius :D :D :D
These people get to reproduce?
Jens Nobel
Can anyone, ANYONE, please explain to me how somebody can be so brainless that they will take a motorbike or a even a car (yeah, I've seen clips with that too) into their home and then actually try to drive in there?
I mean, you have to have some sort of brain to aquire a lisence to drive, right? So how can they be so stupid that only something with no brain at all could be equally stupid?
Ellie Moonvalley
It's a smart car not a semi trailer
Hunter O'Connor
I MUST know what was going on at the 15:12 clip. Please. Anyone. I woke up my dog, cat, my son and both neighbors laughing so damn hard. What did he light, what did he light it with, what was supposed to happen if that wasn't it? Is there an original clip?
Romka Lev.
all of them are muricans right?
Terence Jay
And that, boys and girls, is why we have Spinal Injuries Units.
FreshBrain [UKR]
11:24 yolo
02:12 That was a close call!! He would have been badly injured!

02:44 Nice camera angle!! Haha! I'm sure she was happy with that!

03:42 Looked like it had quite a bit of power!

13:56 Evasion: +10 points.

14:18 Hahahaha!!!

14:23 Beautiful ^^ double whammo!

15:13 What the hell was that??
tontonan malam dan emang paling ngakak
Freddy Fehn
pause at 4:41 the epitome of fail
Kevin Douglas
Good stuff. I just wish people could hold a camera still. I've seen lots of people try using ramps that aren't secured to the plate. It always falls.
WHAT IS THAT AT 3;14.. is it an old man or a kid
I caught you looking...
Kim Sylvester
Seriously, how HARD can it be to park a smart car.
Jean le baptiste
The skateboarder at 11.25 has got to be the luckiest and coolest recovery ever .
natone allen
cool vids
brian swanner
sorry guys not even a snicker
john Baldock
5.52 You see Children, If You Smoke CRACK You Think You Can Ride Your Motorbike in The House!!!!
Dylan Courville
That lady at 10mins is just cleaning her door jams. That's not going to hurt her car and yes that does sound dirty.
Ny Riz
1:49... Karma.. for walking like a shit kid
xSeñor Bolix
y los wins pendejo de mierda
Rashi _kash
i love kapil sharma show specially Dr. mashoor Gulathi. i am from pakistan. my home city is Chitral a district of KPK. my dream is to meet Dr. Mashoor Gulathi once in my entire life..
Serchhip Chelsea
obrochanakanabehax 1
so funny
if you cant parallel park a smart car you shouldnt have a license
Миша Суетин
горе акробаты
Cat at 15:20 "Aww you broke my ride!"
1:50 lol mdr
1:16 :3
rallypower100 compilation ?
Sanfran Bono
why are this shadow on the both side of the film.......very boring to look at that
hans oskam
Car flightswww
Jonno Robbo
Enough with all the ice videos shit.
14:22 Profis.....
7:15 Earthquake in Japan
FEhyo Jenkins
1:03 sonic. Pennies fell out
Völl Däpp
Dumpert Ripper
Elton Fagerdahl
C Chadwick
14:40 Golf Dickhead was my favourite
Мугдот Мохнатович
На 3:57 Орехово-Зуево центр я там живу
Ponsse Nation
you're a special kind of stupid if you can't park a smart car just drive the damn thing in like you would at Walmart
Great video, thumbs up, didn't see a lot of wins though.
Sayed Taleghani
the last video was legit dum
Morris Falker
The world needs to change but.. it's a beginning. 1:13
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