Best Fails/Wins of December 2016

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A compilation of fails and wins from last month, mainly from and Enjoy. :)

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Alexandru Carjan
11:25 that is a win, not a fail.
5:22 is my future wife.
PC Gamer
John Newman
4:22 dump it here.
John Newman
10:19 what !!!!!
sleepy listener
the threadmill should face the wall or atleast be 5 or 6 feet away from a wall. are they even thinking?
JManuel Zapata
The clip of the plane at 11:32 was actually a terrible plane crash. I Think 5 to 6 people died there. Overweight was the cause of the accident.
Aeron Gray
im pretty sure i recognise the girl from 10:35, who is climbing down from a roof and falls O_o
Kuca Belludo
renatuuuuuu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Thanks for the red circle around the truck, I coudnt see it you fuckign dipshit.
Juan Manuel Navia Saavedra
Sadly that plane crashed here in Colombia some minutes after, and there was only one survivor, a tragedy that struck us really hard
That airport at 11:29 was crazy! What kind of airport operates next to a pedestrian walkway? Obviously not much health and safety going on in that country.
Stefan Fischer
15:13 I need the manual.... LOL
Dave M
Darwinism is all i see here. Hope they never have children, we do not need any more stupid humans.
Reuben Walker
The guy on treadmill kept going faster and faster. hahaha I died
Joe Carrillo
these are the people that got Donald Trump elected this is Donald Trump's America
dylan van de loo
all the video's come from the channel +dumpert
ian wicker
when that robot vacuum went down the stairs the cat came running up like "MY CAR!" lol😄
Pheonix Gaming01
This shows us two things
1. This is hilarious
2. The people who fail in this are stupid
Timothy Whieldon
awesome video. great work on getting very fresh and fairly unseen new content. i must say i have only seen 1 clip in here from another source on an image board.
Skylar Capricious
5:07 do you like lemon
4:00 tho
Lmao why is it called fail/win compilation? There isnt any win -_-
@6:35, how many flat tires has this guy got
losing all hope for the human race
Oscar Bågenvik
what are this funny in this video?
David Dujaković
Wehre are the wins?
Саша Медведев
Саша Медведев
Ill-Tempered Mutated Sea Bass
9:57 Obviously she murdered someone
Our channel names are so similar @MrMrMike1337
5:50 Location, location, location!
Ramit Inmah Ashol
Song at 7:12???
steve istheman
i like how you mix in the wins too
In what way was 03:52 ever supposed to end WITHOUT a crash?
To what degree is all this stupidity brought on by the desire to be seen on youtube?
Alex H
15:02 look at that cute little jump from the guy behind
eric gamble
if you can't park THAT car, hand over you're license
Charles Blanc
goal drinking bomb judicial strike laugh deficit same.
Kreznerich Zsolt
My very best advice to these guys: Drink less alcohol! :)
1:13 What was he doing? Going to a coinstar?
Chance Regan
That car in the end probably could have just driven straight into the spot lol
why is 1:13 dude carrying like $20 in change.
Danielle “Dani” Michielle
It was torture watching that person try Parallel park the smart car
patrick meck
Erik Hägglund
Oh jesus christ, I didn't know the human body could bend the way it does in some of these clips.... :-O
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