What Men Need In A Woman

What Men Need In A Womanwhat do guys need in a relationshipwhat do men need from a womanwhat guys need in a relationship

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Princesses! Today we have a note that will make your life easier, as it will save you many problems with your partner.

Do you want to keep your guy happy and in love? You just have to fulfill those things that all men expect from a woman. 

Do you know what they are? Do not worry, then we will reveal them to you.

According to surveys and studies, these are the values and qualities that all men want their wives to have. 

If you meet these 7 points, you will surely have that man at your side. All your life!

1. Intelligence and independence.

Much more important than an economic question is emotional independence and for that, intelligence is necessary.

Men adore women who avoid drama, who give themselves respect for who they truly are and do not have the need to compare themselves with other women.

Independence and confidence give security, and security in a woman is the most attractive attribute.

Every man who hopes to form a family, seeks a couple with these qualities because they are the only ones that offer and guarantee a safe and harmonious relationship.

2. A woman who loves him for whom he is.

Men expect to have a relationship that motivates them to improve but does not force them to change. 

That is, they want a woman who falls in love with their virtues, wants them for who they are and not for what they have. 

A true companion in good and bad, a faithful girl that inspires him to be better every day, and you? Do you meet those characteristics?

3. A free and unique woman.

In other words, men want to be with a woman who has their own world, that is, their own friends, their activities, their own tastes, and pastimes.

The worst thing that can happen to a relationship is that in the emotion, the couples leave their whole life to one side, to spend time together, because after a while, both will want their lives and their activities back and that is where Complaints and demands begin.

In other words, men want a woman who knows that it is necessary for everyone to keep their space and time.

4. Willingness to communicate.

Most men prefer direct, open and very honest communication; However, many girls, for some strange reason, prefer to speak in hints or metaphors, hoping that their men understand that strange language that only women understand.

For the sake of your relationship, strive to communicate with your man clearly, you will see that your relationship improves greatly because communication is the key to everything.

5. A woman who focuses on her potential.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important points.

If you ask a man, "What is the quality you prefer in a woman?", 

More than one will tell you that his weakness is the girls who concentrate on their own dreams, longings, and qualities. 

A woman who concentrates on her own potential is a woman willing to go far and there is no man who resists that value.

6. Attitude and an open mind.

No matter how romantic your boy is, he will never cease to be a man, that is why he necessarily needs to have at his side a woman who is willing to experiment to the fullest.

Men have physical needs, if you learn to satisfy them, he will remain by your side forever.

7. Teamwork.

But when things get serious in a relationship, without a doubt, the most important thing is to have a partner who is willing to work as a team.

In the end, outside the beauty and the physical, men seek unconditional support, an accomplice and a partner who is willing to work with him, to build a better future.

Now that you know, how many qualities do you have? That answer is for you. We wish you the best, best of luck.

Please, let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

(Source: http://muevelorico.badabun.net/2016/09/estas-son-las-7-cosas-que-todo-hombre.html)

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Deepika Reddy
i have all of them except last one
Ataraxia Stoic
Yup, I'm going to be single forever. Whatever Unicorn of a woman has been described here, I'm certainly not it. '=p
samantha wilson
physical is not a need but a want. Nope, I will never experiment to the fullest. He should respect me.
Amber bartlam
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