ardelean ion
:)))))))))))))))))))))) thanks for making it clear. i play way better after seeying this video.
andrew anievas
way to sell out the game like 8/9 times bruh
pool shark
Means nothing unless u know his system. Which you probably have to pay for....
I enjoyed the video.
This is the most confusing thing I've ever watched.
Ahriman S
what the fuck is he talking about lol 😂
chadakaira nada
Damn, it's like a flash back from GOOD BAD AND THE UGLY, If your going to shoot, shoot, not talk, just shoot!!!!
Ismael Suarez
The worst teacher,,he must of smoked a Blunt
Ismael Suarez
what are u kidding me,he's makes it complicated as hell
Kieth Davis
But you forgot to carry the one!
Nate Smith
I don't know why everyone says this is hard to understand... If you just listen and follow along, it's pretty self explanatory. I like this system.
I bought his dvd collection covering all his diamond systems. Although they were confusing in the beginning I eventually mastered them. It took years and yes all the so called goofy stuff people make fun of him about like humidity and dividing this and that are are so true. He was a champion in every aspect of billiards. It just requires hard work and a lot of practice... a lot. It's funny how many people think their going to just watch the video and all of a sudden be a world champion. RIP JIMMY! Thanks for helping my game !
30 degrees at 14 and 29 degrees makes zero and it's raining outside and humidity makes it shorter. When I used to drink, my dog used to talk like that, but he only paid poker.
oti paris
am i the only one didnt get it
Tim Simons
russell this johnson
When I want to shoot through the ball on a plane scale of 8/11 and 3/4, I subtract the distance of the long rail by the hypotenuse of a right triangle and divide it by 2. If you're banking off the short rail you take the distance of the 3rd diamond and divide it by 4, I mean 3, then you're shooting a 38 x 15 1/2 instead of a 40 x 17 3/4. Put some running English on it but not too much. And hit it at moderate speed. If that's too vague, then hit it like you're pissed at your girlfriend and you want her to get the hell out but not too hard because you might want to maybe get together later in the week.
Think Again
OK OK OK. I give up. I will never play pool again.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Paul Neave
I feel like I'm a fairly good pool player. I'm also quite good with maths. I'm also from England so I feel I've got a fairly good grasp of the English language. So why can't I understand what the fuck he's on about? He seemed to swap between saying different numbers and mumbling.
Is there an app for this?
I watched allot of this vid before I gave up and looked at comments. I made it to 6.38 and I am not sure I can walk now.
please don't ever quit your day job and take up the fine art of writing instructions,by the time you describe a straight line it comes out like a pretzel
Instructions not clear enough... I just poked the cue up my ass ffs
Michael Williams
Mr. Reid, thank you for explaining how the diamond system works. I'm an average player and I learned something new today.
thank you
nurrrik & phoenix
Hi. Nice video. Liked it a lot. I also play similar games and like them. Yours seems a little bit different though. Anyways, keep it up. Thanks a lot!
Paul Brown
it's cold and it's raining outside so .......
Thanks, I get it but I am not a beginner. Regards
Arthur Chance
clear as mud
Mike Hewlett
What he going on about ??? Dude i';ve fallen asleep. instructions are too long winded
Jason Juarez
dude that expansion was nuts he lost me hardcore
some people are just gifted with teaching skills!
you certainly are not one of them.
John Cassel
Dude! I actually get that kinda. Thxs bro
Louis B
Wait wait...dahmmm I have to learn math...just wanted to bank a ball...
David R
That being said, it looks like you have another clip to describe the diamonds, which might be required to understand this one.
David R
This is obviously for someone who already is rather knowledgeable about the angles/numbers. You spent quite a bit of time describing the math but got the results I generally get, the being I hit the fvcking ball.
I swear I don't know how this guy finds his way home at night.
This is the most horrendous instructional video on the internet... What the actual fk
death by duck
Juan Kmaney
I gave up at 4:50.......
Life's Adventures
You may know how to shoot pool but your instruction skills are horrible.
J German
This guy might be a good player, but his explanation is bollocks.
lol what is this guy talking about?
George Humphrey
I am glad that I'm not the only one who can't understand this guy. Instead of watching pool video's its probably better to just practice and figure things out as you go
This is simply AMAZING !! Thank you SO MUCH for the tip !!!!!
Victor Kaminski
I agree with mark lmao... funny as shit, I was thinking the same thing, this guy is stammering on about 10 20 30 3/4 5/10'ths and in a monotone voice to make it worse. WTF are you talking about, lousy instruction.
Having trouble giving away those free lessons I'll bet.
Zak Manion
Your mothers never told you- if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. Shame on you little bridge trolls! The guy nailed every shot so I'm inclined to watch a few more times to understand the system.
Vincent Vincent
after complex math equation, 6:00 he failed..:(
that's what you called "never miss one rail kicks again!"
Craig Winter
I suppose, if you really want to get mathematical about it! For people who didn't go to MIT, we just teach players with the, "If you hit it here, it will end up here!" When questioned why, we just say, "Because it just does, now hit it!"
Should I also factor in the rain, the air conditioning, the number of smokers in the room?
Wayne Hamilton
At one time he was a top player... I can vouch for that... Back in the 70's and 80's he was a top player..... gambled good....
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