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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote finds himself in Alaska wondering just how powerful the pinch from a local Dungeness Crab can be?…so here he goes again putting his finger in the strike zone for yet another “pinch test”!

What’s really cool about this episode is Coyote is not only able to give you a closer look at one of the largest crab species in North America but he’s also able to save one from the cooking pot as “Roscoe” was purchased from the fishing docks and is promptly set free immediately after his moment in front of the cameras…as for Coyote you’ll have to watch and see if his finger ends up just as lucky! 

Get ready to witness what it’s like to get pinched by one huge crab! 

Our new series Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there! 

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters! 

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Robert Horsfield
Buys crab that would be sentenced to death... lets it assault him then releases it into the wild saving it's life... you're pretty okay Coyote Peterson.
rhoel hatamosa
Hey Coyote Peterson wi like all of your intros in your video hehehehhe keep it up man also i learn loads of things from u i shred it to all
Tanner Neff
Tanner Neff
It looks like a mud crab
Coyote's all about the science
Claire Kim
That crab looks so yummy
use the "other finger"
Javell Johnson
Doncas Doncas
Get bait of the corol snake
The crab just does´nt care
Cadence N.
"this.. is for science" ... amazing.
Johnny Wolfy
Holy CRAB dude, you're brave!
Sam Ibba
are you ok?
Erin Garcia
I know what that feels like
Talik Young
My brother bit my finger and I had broke my finger nail half way off 😰😰
Ada Perez
hey coyote that reminds me why do you have to get injured by some of the animals why can't mark or Mario.
Ghirahim the Demon Lord
Roscoe is just like "Ok stop talking put me back in the ocean "
ghassan aljunid
OMG!!!!!! I dare you to do it with a tiger bite
Jess Haupt
These crabs remind of when I was on Caye Calker recently, a tiny tourist island off the coast of Belize. At night our group pulled chairs together in a circle to reflect on the week, and we were quickly interrupted by herd of them coming out of the sea. I'll never forget seeing my youth pastor boxing one of them with a flip flop while it had its claws up as if to say "Oh yeah, I dare you!"
Wendigo Dragon
"That was worth it... for science."
You should apply at Aperture.
Jenniffer Sayo
coyote please dontnl do it im to woried forb you
Claussanta 86
if someone would ask me to do this for 1000$ i would say no
Coyote, the one man who will let a crab pinch him and then start explaining facts about the crab as he's in incredible pain. I love you coyote.
Matrix Black 900
"And as long as it doesn't break my finger, I'm gonna let this crab pinch my finger for 60 seconds." Jaw drops
Johnathan DeLeon
I always thought that getting pinched by crabs doesn't hurt.
James C Holmanation
Is it just me or are Crabs frikkin' adorable?
like me? or nah
its ok to cry sometimes u know
like me? or nah
for science
like me? or nah
love ur vids
be brave. stay wild. eat the crab
ᗪᑌᗪᑌ ᴢɪɴʜᴜ
4:46 Sorry Meme
ᗪᑌᗪᑌ ᴢɪɴʜᴜ
4:45 Meme
brooo u just let the crab snap your finger that is absurd
The_Other _Seto_Kaiba
You can actually lose a finger.
Missy K

me: get out of my room flowey
Tenebrus The unknown
I dare you to get bitten by a coconut crab which has a reputation to brake a ballpen in a second
Nele Becker
oh scheiße
dr. splooge
I got pinched by one and I'm only 13 for about 30 seconds so it's not a grown man to take a pinch for a crab yeah your channels crap maybe being pinched by one of those bigger creatures maybe but a crab now
Mr. Shopkeeper
The purple shore crab is jealous because of the Dungeness crab
Cindy Mire
You are crazy(1000)
Zara Thigpen
Who thinks this Chanel should have 20 times the amount of subs. Like if agree!
Anime Grill
zartaj shahid
Do something that you can die with
Wilson Patterson
Oooo 😬
Clarissa Lemen
Clarissa Lemen
Coyote: i,m so nervous
Crab: then why did you let me pinch you
Coyote: 1..2..3.. Go
Crab: i love this so much thanks coyote
Crab: bye coyote
Southern Cross Boys
Mud crab eould be worse
Jay Jackson
OMG bw
Gellette Heng
For some reasoned I imagined his scream to be more like Tom's from Tom and Jerry when the screen black out
초록음식 Green food
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