to be honest if i were him i would eat the crab afterward
sharmin Piyash
are you guys crazy he got pinched by a huge crab I feel sorry for him
Bob Saget
looks tasty
jacob sosa
I'm coyote and I'm about to go in the strike zone with the great white shark
E.T. gaming
the new bill nie
Kenny Brooks
Get bit by a red rock
Kenny Brooks
It doesn't hurt that bad
Jackson Riecken
My name is Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the "snip zone" with this sea snipper.
Aleks Melys
This is one way to learn how to not mess with the big creatures
crab: 😐

coyote: AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! 😣😣😣
Louis Valenzuela
he sounds like that short guy from the horrible bosses movies
jiaoying li
Hi I'm coyote Peterson and I'm gonna fight a hungry lion
Lee Morey
He needs to do an episode with steve-o
isabelle Gonzalez •3•
The things his left arm has been through 😢 1 like = one replacement
kamikaze bear
pinch at 4:27 , ur welcome;) like plz
Samara Hydo
Poor coyote Peterson he has to get pinched by all those animals and he's doing it just for us so we can watch and he's telling us how dangerous these animals really
Amaan Asim
your beard is to big in this video
oh that was worth it (breaths heavy) for views!
bayu suwargo
Bella Lewis
I can not watch
ᴄʜʀɪs ᴘ. ʙᴀᴄᴏɴ
Look at the crabs face
"OOoooOOooo heeeey buddy how ya doin?"
Sergeant Valentine
Why not try a coconut crab next!
H. Bagley
Pinches seem to almost be worse than stings. Coyote also woulnd't allow a toe biter to pinch him, but that may be more because they can cause musle damage.
This is the most true to title channel
Topflame Matt
Dude when you got bit by a alagator you did not act like that
Than Saw
not 60 second just say 1 minutes
VideoStar Girls
You should do a shark one(like if you agree)
Seritos Gojaze
You okay? Did it get ya?
Kent Bjorndal
im coyote peterson and im crazy
Jack Lawson
do a mud crab pinch
Cache Gamzz
He technically paid to get pinched by a huge crab 😂
Ahsy Greene
Love this better than animal planet!
Ariela g
Have you ever been bitten by a shark. if so how did it feel
hockey guy18
will you please do more beyond the tide or focus on that for a while
Benjamin Cox
This is the best show on YouTube
While being pinched he was still giving crab facts XD
Robert Cuenca
starts at 4:30
Jonathan Hernandez
Omg that must hurt
Ceci Jorduela
i guys i'm shakira's friend make a video of a seal
Marzon Francisco
I mean beard
Marzon Francisco
Can you shave ur hair plzz
Zozoroo Gaming
If I was pinched by a crab I would break its hand then cook it and u know what's next eat
Michael Nanna
Nathan Smith
Only 6 sec left
Yzion Asamoah
I pinched by a crawfish
ahmed Jamshid Yusefi
you do not hafe to get stung by a lot of things
Screw science....
lol the crab is just sitting and chilling while it's destroying Coyote's finger
King Crab don't mess with it
Colby Collett
Would like to see him get pinched by a stone crab
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