Making 'Gold' SuperMan Logo

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Making SuperMan logo from empty bullet shells.

In this video we show you step by step how we created this superman logo which will be given away to one of our subscribers.

The logo is pure brass from empty bullet shells which we bought at a local shooting range.

=====HOW TO WIN===== (This giveaway has ended on February 22th 2017)

Congratulations to Danielle W. for winning this giveaway!! We will contact you personally thru email.

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Good Luck to everyone !!!

If you have any questions please write them in the comments and i will make a Q&A list down below in this description.

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Alan Walker - Force

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Hello PressTube fans ! Here is our second casting video ! We hope you enjoy it, and please let us know which logo you want to see casted in the next video ! Each casted item will be a giveaway for you guys. May we also ask you to turn on the "notification bell" next to the subscribe button so you'll get a message when we upload a new video. Thanks and enjoy the video !
Pleas do naruto logo y love you video my name is jared lopez
DirtyPuppy's World
OMG nice work bro ive loved all your vids
Crazy Genius
I'm just about to suggest this but... oh well... 😞😹
Rahul Kukreja
Dragon ball logo
Anna Rose Whiteside
I wish I could do that , I love seeing u make stuff like that
Lily Jacinto
can you make the banana logo
John Macchiaroli
Can you make the horde logo from world of warcraft?
Angel Rodríguez
Make spidermans logo please😀😁😂
when you are "giving the logo a cold bath" are you using water or liquid nitrogen
Joseph Castillo
Can you pls make TF5 LOGO pls
Kleber Vazquez
Pokemon ball
Joey Mershall
that ls very cool
roy Kahuna
How long would it take you to clean out the inner parts? Sounds like a fun time lol.
Caleb Sutak
make a batman logo
Zuri8 5x
Can you make glass play button
Beast Chavis
Presstube make your logo
Bunda Fanasha
Dexter Ahlström
Can you do a Arrow logo the cw’s arrow
Foxy And picklechips 48
Only one million subs cmon guys he doesn’t only do one THING he dose three one editing two melts and molds and polishes and way more of that stuff and cares for all his viewers I feel ashamed that people don’t think his videos are cool
Divina Verdillo
Angelia Witcher
Okay, I NEED one of these. 😍
Please tell me you take orders!!!
Toqeer Jafri
THOR or Captain America Logo
Goku Saiyan
Make a Dragonball Z casting!!!!
Ayush Raj
Beware of copyright claims by DC or Warner Bros.!
Islandhome johnnyboy
vanur swami
Randy orton viper logo bro please
patni neel
I ron man face
Data Jangulashvili
Please make desepticons logo
Eden Hazard
Make 'proton' logo. Proton is a car brand from malaysia
RallyCanada9 WRX
Subaru logo
Tum Chanel
Weedsman Man
I like you to cast is mjolnir (hammer of Thor) thanks Mr.presstube (liked and subscribe notifs on)thanks again Mr.presstube
Tyman 081
spiderman logo plzzz
Dylan Gavaldon123
Try ghoust busters
Roland Recoy
How about the original R from Tim Drake' s first Robins costume. With the sharp points. Thanks
Damian Damianio
Aren't bullet shells made out of lead?
Chris S
Not using gold it's copper
Caste your own logo
The Batman Logo
Try to make batman logo
Maze Runner
Gold my ass
Надежда Пряженцева
Hii Tze Siang
There is justice league ad right before this video
Ssinta Gt
making GOLD FAKE
Roy tv
Please make arsenal logo
Muhamed Ahmed
I want to win every thing you make.
Green lantern
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