Making 'Gold' SuperMan Logo

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Making SuperMan logo from empty bullet shells.

In this video we show you step by step how we created this superman logo which will be given away to one of our subscribers.

The logo is pure brass from empty bullet shells which we bought at a local shooting range.

=====HOW TO WIN===== (This giveaway has ended on February 22th 2017)

Congratulations to Danielle W. for winning this giveaway!! We will contact you personally thru email.

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Good Luck to everyone !!!

If you have any questions please write them in the comments and i will make a Q&A list down below in this description.

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Alan Walker - Force

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Hello PressTube fans ! Here is our second casting video ! We hope you enjoy it, and please let us know which logo you want to see casted in the next video ! Each casted item will be a giveaway for you guys. May we also ask you to turn on the "notification bell" next to the subscribe button so you'll get a message when we upload a new video. Thanks and enjoy the video !
Samuel Cole
Do a WWE logo casting
Rosie Markham
can you make a hello kitty out of gold?
Isaiah Kilgore
4:36 who else said hi to mister slag? i always do cuz this channel is awesome!👍
Isaac Bonilla
Deadpool logo
jai theerth
You sound like Max Verstappen (Formula 1 driver) :)
Carlos Saldana
Do a Gucci logo
Next up #24
spider Man logo
Could you make the 'Logan/Wolverine' dog tag?
Hello its Me
The Arrow
Erick y herobrine Craft
Can you make a gun
djmanpowerop 9780
do dantdms logo bro
Nice you should do the spiderman
logo next video
JFields Dembogurski
Biohazard logo
This you use to cool things down and water or liquid nitrogen
Joshua Andrew Allen
The mustang logo
Cedrique Burton
how do you do that because it is so awesome to me and my family and friends😎😎😎
Doug carson
House stark
Jasmine Torope
when u do the sand can u speed it up plx
You should do a envy logo
Werlyson Zink
The presstube logo
Chris Garcia
do a Ferrari logo I would like to see that one
Samantha Licciardi
I love you
Samantha Licciardi
you are the best at this ive ever seen or hered of
Samantha Licciardi
can I have one of the give aways plz
Rachit Goel
make the logo of rolls royals
Benjamin Hill
How about the Skyrim dragon logo
Anurag De
Try to make the Mustang logo
emma maxwell
you should do the twenty one pilots logo l-/
Brylle Cabilla
How About The Avengers Logo
Marke your logo
Kevin manoj
can u do the flash logo ?
Henry Boxhorn
Marke a Nike logo
sya rashida
hey presstube try to make diamond
gian mycko serrano
I choose logo of captain america
Robert Carter
lame. make the next one out of live bullets.
Tavin Coleman
Do green lantern next
Rene Gonzalez
my youtube logo
Babar Iqbal
Please next is FC Barcelona
super man
michel Jordan logo like if you agree
Michael Darby
Hello Mr. Slag.
Aftab Kumandan
what do you think about making a captain America logo #press tube what u are doing is great brother please keep doing it please make a captain America logo I really want to see how u make it
Real Madrid Fans
batman please presstube
Cezer Sotomayor
You should make the Los Angeles lakers logo
Luck n Croll
Batman logo please
Hans Handoyo
dota 2 logo please !
Peter Rolind
plz make minecraft logo
KI kermie25
cast the killer instinct logo
Life of the Fun and Games
cast a cross and send it to me
Daniel Medina Sanchez
hyundai logo or Suzuki logo
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