Making 'Gold' SuperMan Logo

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Making SuperMan logo from empty bullet shells.

In this video we show you step by step how we created this superman logo which will be given away to one of our subscribers.

The logo is pure brass from empty bullet shells which we bought at a local shooting range.

=====HOW TO WIN===== (This giveaway has ended on February 22th 2017)

Congratulations to Danielle W. for winning this giveaway!! We will contact you personally thru email.

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Good Luck to everyone !!!

If you have any questions please write them in the comments and i will make a Q&A list down below in this description.

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Alan Walker - Force

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Hello PressTube fans ! Here is our second casting video ! We hope you enjoy it, and please let us know which logo you want to see casted in the next video ! Each casted item will be a giveaway for you guys. May we also ask you to turn on the "notification bell" next to the subscribe button so you'll get a message when we upload a new video. Thanks and enjoy the video !
The forgotten Building explorer
Try brainiacs logo, of course. Villains are just as famous as the heroes
Matt Gray
Spiderman logo please
رفيف سماعين
the spider man logo
The EMD Show
Do u do any requests I'll pay you
Tyler Lynn
can you do a horse head
Tyler Lynn
sell it please
Jamshi Best
please make thor hammer
Joshua Horna Saavedra
seguro estan buscando un
comentario en español y solo encuentras puros comentarios de gringos pero solo querias felicitar al hombre por hacer un monton de cosas de cosas muy chulas
Muhamd IM
Do the Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman and obviously the Dodge Demon logo.
Syed Fardeen
hey can u make the logo of Samsung
Jacob Lee
The Eagle of Rome!
زكريا مأمون
green lantern logo if you can
زكريا مأمون
green lantern
Awesome Ethan
Hello mr slag
Murilo Henrike
logo real madrid
Murilo Henrike
Real madrid
Perfect Gamer 123
guy don't waste your time watching this video the finish product is at the beginning your welcome
Maroxa Szn
Fcbarcelona's logo pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
Prabin Pokhrel
tell me how to make it😆😆😆
Jonah Cool
Wwe logo
Adi Pratama
making logo nissan
hatime Sabry
Please send me a youtube logo
Hasan Khan
Please make cricket ball from copper
Cheri Meyers
do the voltron legendary defender logo
Cheri Meyers
how did you get a forge
Nikhilesh Reddy D.S.
can I have the flash logo
Elizabeth Karretero
he should do the youtudw logo
Shahmeer Hasan
arc reactor logo please 😩😩
foda para karalho porra kasete
Jojo Moffatt
captain america sheild would be nice to see
Đức Phan
iron man logo
Lil Will Tv
iron man and captain america
awan wahyudianto
Anthony Ester
Press toob 👍
Thala Thalapathy
NICE :-)
pramay rajak
Make avenge logo
Sarim Ibad
its is not pretty good
Guiller orbe
do captain america's shield

like so that he will see this
Ricky Theophin
You should do the SpiderMan logo next
Shouven Arca
iwanr the logo of mcdonalds
Bhuvan Mohith
is it mud
Wolf Clan
keep up the good work!
I'm a huge fan
Jaelson Santos
The Oscar Statuette
Raylan Byars
kd logo
Kbialks Gamer
I love this simbow
Raul Acosta Garcia
Hi mister slag
Jacob Lee
Eagle of Rome
Dota 2 logo
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