Nerf WAR: Gun BABY 3!

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Today Gun Vs Gun brings you Nerf War: Gun Baby 3! In the last episode Nerf War: Nerf Gun Baby 2 things got crazy when Double D got a hold of a Nerf Rhino-Fire blaster. Today our Gun Baby aka Devil Dewd aka Double D barricades himself inside Gun Vs. Gun Arsenal room. Danny suspecting something to be wrong attempts to find the Gun Baby but its already too late, so he has to call for help from his two kids to cause a distractiona and help him figure out a way to get the Gun baby out of the Nerf Arsenal room and away from all those Nerf Guns. Naturally Tommy unlcoked the Nerf Arsenal room for Devil Dewd and alloweed this whole situation to happen! Gun Baby uses moded Nerf HyperFire Blaster and Dual Weilds 2 Nerf Mastodon's as he lights up the place! Things get crazy so click and watch this nerf war videos for kids!

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Nerf Blasters used in this Gun Vs Gun episode:  Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster, Nerf MEGA Mastodon & Nerf Modulus Recon MKII.

Part 1 in Nerf Gun Baby series:
Part 2 in Nerf Gun Baby series:

About GunVsGun Nerf War Videos:

We are the craziest and deadliest Nerf video channel on YouTube. If you love action and Nerf guns, you will love GunVsGun.  Our Nerf wars are epic.  We have a huge Nerf arsenal which makes our battles always interesting. 

We use the Illegal Nerf Gun Mod which makes our foam blasters deadlier than airsoft guns... or real machine guns for that matter. 

We don't stick strictly to Nerf guns though... Hasbro doesn't pay us so we're free to use Boomco blasters, X-shot guns, BuzzBee guns, you name it.

Heck we even made a Lego gun once!


How big is your Nerf Arsenal?
We lost count.  Too many blasters than is healthy.  We got everything from the old school stuff to the N-Strike Elite line (Rapidstrike, Strongarm, etc), to the Nerf Zombie guns, to the Mega line like the Centurion, to the Nerf Rival line for adults.

Should I learn how to mod a Nerf gun?
No, It's too dangerous.  Don't try this at home.

What's your favorite Nerf blaster?
We're old school.  Tommy likes the Nerf Maverick and Danny digs the Deploy.

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Joshua Low-Beer
Fuck you tommy
morgan mörn
Kalel Hayes
That was crazy
aboudi Chmaitilli
nice work danny and his kids of catching that little raskull
Matthew L'Heureux
Baby gun is a jerk
Nadge Victor
sure he is
Christine Baker
devil dud is amazing ♨️♨️♨️💵💵💵💵
The Coool King of cookies
Awsome. 😉😉😉😉
football LOGUE
Sanjay Jaiswal
Tommy the vi
Yaya Coulibaly
devil dude is so cool
kamrul choudhury
Devil dude can kick everyone's ass out
Double D likes to kill people...... mainly Danny
Danny whenever you're mad it makes me laugh
Mark Barreto
Why the kids a standing so stiffly like military men when Danny called them?
Saad Z
i love those vids can you make more after baby gun8
Joshua Rossouw
bad ass!!!!!!
Jason Rivas
Coolest thing ever
Val Gomes De Assis
Shine on the mine
KILL KILL KILL 11111111111111
Dude the fucking kids are like children of the corn acting they just stand there like a robot saying "what do we do" or "ok let's go" I don't even know their just examples
Jovan Kek
Lego Chicken
The baby is a better actor the the other kids
Stanley Teo
Ur the best
Stanley Teo
Nice shoot double baby
bendy play and remixe misic
bendy play and remixe misic
Fun friends and family
I think devold baby is dedaly
Liam Does Crap
Fuck tommy
Xydominator The multiveres hero
Hey Danny can ur children have some emotion in them. Only when they're screaming they have emotion and I say if characters have no emotion then they're bad characters I think I might unsubscribe if u guys don't change this problem
Ethan Soto
you guys are the best
SC BL Heiner
I love your channel oh yeah baby I love you and I want to watch with a little Cupid
I don't like baby
pantera tetrix 543
me caimal elde pelo largo quiero una nerd
Cole Twins
Xenia Gonzales
No lie devel d is EPIC 😁
Muhammad Mujeeb
Dd and Tommy are alike
hahahaha you're so funny!!!!
Note to self: Never tell a baby your plans.
Or else.
Ben Lourence Perez
sweet this is awesome #this kicks a**
crystal ppdooley
Aneeq Waien
the baby is cool bro
Beverley Giles
Princeton Alexander
Axel Reyes
the baby is do cute and funny
kaden gang
put baby gun in maseve cage
kaden gang
put baby gun in maseve cage
Ryan Jone
Can I shag your daughter
Ryan Jone
Can I date your little girl
Danny is my favorite out of the family, but Devil Dude a.k.a Baby Gun is a close second.
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