Mica her
Brady Steed
I never knew how tall Ed is. Thanks, banana! #bananaforscale
delfina tolaj
so cute
ishtiaq shoeb
Ankur Sharma
lip sync singers should learn from this video, this is how you should sing live. hands down ed
Story of Gene
Ha Ha Ha Who 's idea? LOL
Novia Elma
Banananananaanaa, Ed 😂😂
Ed Sheehan is awesome!
Next to Ed, Kimmel doesn't look so white anymore...
Darrell Taylor
That sounds better than the actual single. They were having a blast jamming and his voice was on point!
360 Producción
Septipliershiper Lols
look at him just shaking that banana xD and his cute face
Katerina Tasiou
just watch the video looking at Jimmy's face and nobody else's, he's so adorably and funnily cute
Cami Di Marco
I meet a oficial versión of this 😍
Sassy Bunny
Golden Years
James' eyes tho >_<
So many black guy's
Christopher Diaz
yeah yeah ed
I would dance Bollywood style to this
Media Mangy
This is so cool
Daniely Maria Moreira Barbosa
Lu Maro
melhor vídeo da vida 😍😍
Bitter Tea
His lyrics seems like they come frisky playboy. Ed Sheeran looks meek and polite... like a shy type. The lyrics in his song don't match his look.
Kinky KuTz
Jimmy Fallon does it better than ANYONE
Mayte Olvera
Fue un éxito esta canción <3
Neka Mala
I wanna become someone like JIMMY FALLON,he's a nice and sweet guy,he has funny laugh,and he is having to much fun on his work,he meets celebrities and play games with them.HIS LIFE SOUNDS GRAT ! Love U Jimmy <3 !
Alfie Farrell
What's ice cube doing there😂
Kim Sopha Ung
Javo Linares
Hey... Please go to my channel and listen my cover of this incredible song, I hope you like it and please tell me what you think... Greetings from Venezuela! xD
Zeynep ceren Erdem
Thats awsome 💙
Melike Kayalar
Çöme on
dark soul
Tuyen Mong
Look at Jimmy Fallon face
Monica Lissette García de Ramirez
Me encanta!!!
Soumya Soni
Jimmy Fallon looks like Ted Mosby
so cute everyone:)♥
me kenna
Ed your useing a BANANA!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
me kenna
Ed Sherman your more better but do you know who's Shawn mendes?
Michael Garita Rivera
I love his program Jimmy Fallon
nevaeh jackson
Need so distinct daduwb gradually per slightly
medoş öztürk
ı love you jimmyy 😍😘
Raeven Zink
3 minutes full of happiness 😄❤️
Julie MacKenzie
So good! ;) <3
Gabby Val
It's as if Ed Sheeran just realized how SICK his song is!!!
Miguel Torres
the one time people use ukulele it's with kids instruments...
I:32 was the best part because the guy all the way to the right in the middle is still singing and he is not supposed to and the guy with the hat is laughing at him!😂
Wow, coming here right after Walk off the Earth's version, this sounds really bad. xD
EmoEmily 213
This is the best!
African "Shape of you"
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