jada bell
she told on herself when she said shed never fuck them now come on nicki you better than that
yiseth davila
Nicki, is an queen, she is the best. I LOVE NICKI
Kai #One
Bine fratilor si surori <3
HopelessHobi a.k.a. AugustD Zeynep
I like Drake, I don’t really know what Lil Wayne is up to, but Chris is trash. Nicki, girl,queen, don’t collaborate with him
Vivian Ross
i love u nicki minaj
fanaway 001
Drake go to Russia and Azerbaijan
Blue Butterfly#LOVER Channel
My 13 yr old sister is in luv wit chris brown
She wants 2 meet him in real life
She knows all his songs and she wants his album heartbreak on the full moon
She also luvs his voice

Sincerely, Ana
Wolfie771 MMD
Manny wit dat hoodie
lil wayne 😎
Jailson Domingos
Eu sou fΓ£ da mΓΊsica internacional de Chris Brown.
so 2014 was the year real music died?
Ibrahim Toytemur
She talkin bout Safaree I’m dead, take that in.
JAYLEN Thompson
she was still sitting on that big but I was still staring at the Titans
Kurdo Doski
300 mlion tomorrow??
zae zae savage
Who else got this whole song organized
Tyler Burklund
Lil Wayne was definitely the best
brionna walker
princess diva
princess diva
ava yay
Fred Casino
Drake wants Nick manji butt because she is hot😍😍😍😍
Jazmine Reben
you guys are the best
Meredith Smith
Authentic views dot com
Fionna Hoover
I use to think I was so cool in 3rd grade bc I listened to thisπŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Shania Denise
Awesome video I just love Nicki😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘
The Joker
I Really like the part from Chris BrownπŸ‘
Raoul Kumar
I swear the thing in the wall in Chris' hook looks like that monster from stranger things hahaha (if you remember the scene)
Charlie May
any army here?
Nicole Roth
i dont like this to bad for children
Marcela Ibias
Miguel RamΓ­rez
MΓ©lanie O'Doherty
Omg every time i hear this song me and my friend goes crazy when chris brown and nicky minaj is on
Kevin Mendez
Here b4 300M view bitchezzzz
Barb Horn
❀️ this song is the best love πŸ’— this one
the dankmemeter 1
Fap fap fap fap fap fap
Ben .Ortega
the beginning of the garbo songs from nicki
Kawaii Lemonade
2:05 is that a betta fish in the cup??
Vlad B
Anyone 2017
Orieana Williams
nicki is boss she slayssss
I thought Chris and Drake hate each other
MSi GS70 6QE
what they fkin singin about bitcehs when yhey all are fkiin bithecs them selves.. they only fucking with and swapping each other.. swinging parties
chris looked scary! itz cool asf tho
Edso Grayson
Essa Nicki Γ© uma gostosa vai se fode
Pretty little lairs Fan
Lol cris looks like a demon in this video
Sisters Got Game XD
who watching in 2017??
Hen Dog Luquin
dam cool song talk about it lay back kinda evil to
Hen Dog Luquin
Navayah Dorsey
im 10
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