Robert Kelly’s live BBC interview crashed by his kids

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Daddy's working! Brilliant moment a BBC expert's live interview is gatecrashed by his curious children and a VERY stressed woman
Robert Kelly is being interviewed on South Korea when his elder child dances in
The toddler is followed by her baby brother, who enters the room in his stroller
A female figure then comes skidding through the threshold to eject them
Both parties manage to keep their cool and promptly continue the debate 

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Abdo M
MI6 could not have performed this extraction any better.
qwerty kwerty
The whole thing is hilarious but I love when the mom drags the older kid out and her foot gets stuck, then she's "ow, ow" then the mom comes back in and closes the door then you hear the older daughter crying through the closed door. Pure comedic gold.
Sharon Zamarka
If anybody reads "Time" magazine Robert is quoted as saying that his daughter was "in a Hippity Hoppity mood." How freaking adorable is that??!!!!!!✌💜
I like how the first kid enters the room dancing and walking like nobody's business. LOL
Omg when the baby came rolling in , I died lol you can't get more real than that !
Ruchika Pandey
it's hysterically funny!
Zamsonite B
What a jerk of a dad. I dont care what he was talking about on air. The way he shoved his kid away and the look of his face says it all. He probably gave his wife who ironically seems to be korean a beating after camera was off. Talking smack about Korea suddenly came back to him. Worst dad ever!
His wife is very good in slapstick ie physical comedy!
trevor millar
That was no "Woman"; that was his wife!
so cute
Khunyoung Love
i think this is cute.
Tanner Phoenix
The Korean woman rushed in because its their custom to highly respect the mans role in the household. "He's working very hard." She makes sure he is working hard supporting her. I'll even bet that she does his nails. Hands and feet. She also teaches him about eating healthy. How do I know? My girlfriend is South Korean.
Marlene Lee
On another news piece, the wife was recording her husband's interview in another room when she saw her children marching in the TV. And Dr. Kelly graciously said it was his fault that he forgot to lock the door.
보행기 애기 넘귀요워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Heavy Cruiser
Айнура Эрматова
Очаровательнейшее видео! Такие детки 💞
he's a legend
애기갘ㅋㅋㅋ왜그래~!!!이러는거 너무 귀엽다ㅠㅠ
Koreans all see racism, I just said that it looks like a nanny

koreans fuck..
Steven Park
all that women did was purely south korean. I could see my mom, aunt, etc., making those exact same movements. This lady had the sense to not add a quick slap to the butt.
Hey ! you may probably like the shooting version i've done on my chanel ! check this out ! thanks and have a good day or night !
Eugene Hwang
His daughter is so cute.
The way the father pushed his little girl away without even looking at her was very cold and felt uneasy.
That wasn't "professional" but a bit disturbing. A poised handling of that situation would have been to look at the child and a) tell her kindly to go to mummy because daddy is busy or b) tell her wait for a moment until daddy has finished.
It would have been fine by me to lead her out as well or take her on the lap. We are all humans after all.
But this wasn't ok. And the mother dragging the daughter out by one arm while the girl was lying on the floor, wasn't much better, although I get it that embarrassment is a huge deal in all asian countries.
Hahaha that was great, the way she can sliding through the door, dragging her kids out on her knees... kudos to her, she set out to get them out of there as fast as possile and she did that
Gus Tamer
LOl @ White male Asian female couples.
Silvia Salas
LOL! his face says: I'll kill them
микола попов
Gerd Krämer
wunderfull please more of the same
Ann Damy
Actually I heard his child said: "Why, mom, why?" in Korean. So, she is not their nanny, but their mother.
FreeSpirit BeHappy
Love the way those innocent kids came in :) .. Great Mom .. Good Dad :)
Tabiyat KG они всегда дети...непосредственные....открытые.....хочу сказать что у Роберта милые детишки....а подобные ситуации бывают в жизни....ничего страшного не случилось.....
Burt Reynolds
How embarrassing!
HAPPY Family
Dominique Pauyo
LMAO!! I'm dying laughing!! My belly hurts!!..🙄😫😂😭
His wife was on the toilet! LOL Her pants weren't pulled up all the way. 😂😂Kids! 😂😂
beautiful family life!
Destroy Deep State
0:18 = Laugh reminds me of Hank Azaria in The Birdcage.
J. R. Park
The message is important, not the happening.
"I've been living here for 10 years. This is probably the best day I've actually lived here. I'm actually quite impressed that how they've done this. There are few democracy to go through the whole impeachment process. South Koreans did it without violence, without chaos. They followed the constitutional rules. Nobody's been killed, there's been no coup. This didn't turn into Arab's Spring. That's a huge achievement for democracy, right? And if the system continues to roll on as expected, there will be election within 60 days. No, I would argue that this is a triumph of democracy. Scandals happen all the time. The question is how the democracy responds to those scandals." - Robert Kelly, Professor of politics and international relations at Busan University
Maddie Line
funniest but realist thing I've watched today
That is what happens when you only have half a suit on during the interview and no pants otherwise getting up and solving the issue would had been quick.
Michael Kearney
Absolutely brilliant!!!
DK Jang
The kids are so cute. I just love the way the older kid walking in the room. Robert Kelly must be an excellent daddy. It just made me and my teenage son laugh so loud.
Desiree Townsend
hahaha hey whatever. lol haha. it is what it is. children don't stop when the world decides there's something to talk about. lol
Theresa Carr
Oh I love this so very very much. My child, absolutely, would do this, in a heartbeat.
Who is that woman, and what is she doing in Robert's house? Is she a nanny?
Miriam Aguilera
Lo último que supe fue que despidieron ala niñera.......
Fisal alfifi
the way they all move xD
esther Lee
Lovely! :-))))))))
mike hutchings
to good
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