Sweeter Twin
"What movie is that from?"
"All the porns!"
The Ultimate Reductionist
My favorite rap group: 2 Black Guyz!
Cowbro, my new word lol !!!
Carrie Doss
Hahahahahaha the Alladin mural was hilarious!! And that black guy asking what the hand gesture meant (swiping up) haha pure brilliance.
Samantha Vidas
Those are some smooth moves, Ginsburg....
Kurt Cobain's Ghost
0:30 thanks Dave Grohl
Gabriel Gonzalez
Jewels Star
Hilarious together... I love how they bounce offa each other... the follow up interview that they do afterwards when they're interviewed is also gas!
I thought that electricity joke with mike pence was gonna go a very different direction
Linda Stonebraker
Holy Cow...Mayor Giuliani...I'm dying
Jr Aguirre
It's pretty racist that everywhere I go I see mostly Mexicans but the media just shows whites and blacks fuck racism pisses me off
Pork fried rice
Che is absolutely hilarious I love him on Update
The Big HB
"Gotta catch Jamal"
Burnt Ramen
"what movie is that from?"
Jacqueline Smith
This is just one of the funniest skits, though I've seen so many of Saturday Night shows regarding The new incoming administration, The material that Saturday have is incredible keep up with the jokes their Great.
kevin dennis
i expected rbg to start twerking
Cam Rhys
Damn that was such a great bill Clinton joke. Lmao never mentioned he had a wife!
Sean Conway
The jokes aren't really funny
Johnnie Walker
Kate McKinnon is brilliant !!!
Mirko Bozic
Even the SNL was biased in the elections. Ugh.
Mr. Swole
he does look like jay
JDM Horror
This was sooo cringey and unfunny.
mik sz
seems like hillary must have made a contribution to the snl fund.
Yeah you're Jay Pharoah
Alex Gallagher
Alejandro Islas
I love Colin Jost he's so funny, handsome and hot!
wow...this is really really bad
Um....this would have been funnier, or actually funny is Old-School MadTV did it with Tovah and Belma from Reality Check
Paige Gould
To the middle! To the SIDE!
Jordan Barrett
liberal jackasses
Birds On A Plane
"this Amish dude isn't a minority??" lmao really uh hahahaha
Dr. David M. Berman
SNL weekend update used to be very funny. It just is stupid now
Worst of american humor.
William Martin
Trump running for Prez is funnier than this crap
Emily Rumph
I love that she knew who played Ant Man 😂
Karthik Nair
lmao "yeah, you're Jay Pharaoh"
snl is soooooo lame now they haven't come up with a good skit in years
Linda Hebert
Colin is cute ❤️
Sonny Breeland
this is great
Flex Pex
Josh G
"catch 'em all. get 'em outta here."
anthony mccoy
Kill trump 2016
Joseph Eddings
it's not funny because they are clearly being so bias against republicans and it's not funny it's awkward...what was up with the whole minority trumpemon go thing?? just so bias and trying to race bait.....
The Ruth Bader ginsburg bit was horrible
Daily Brand Daily Brand
that white girl can dance
6:43 there was a black dude standing RIGHT behind him. lel
angelo shamus
snl.....commie mouthpiece
Tobiah Bingham
Please make Ruth Bader-Ginsberg a recurring character on weekend update!
aj m
this a little more funny then the DNC. I am tired of the racist jokes there not funny they just make you look ignorant.
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