Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros)

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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Illuminati Theories
Dear Game Theory, I started watching your videos about a year and a half ago and i just wanted to say thank you. My family has been going through extremely harsh times for my entire life and its amazing to watch your videos, it makes me feel good and happy :D. All you Theorists have made these times in my life very easy and i'd like to thank you guys so thanks so much!!!!! Even the people behind the scenes you guys make the magic happen! When i turn this computer on and start watching an episode of Game Theory, Film Theory, or GTLive its like walking through the gates of Disney Land so Thank You. :)
Joslyn Michelle
Oliver The Strange
13:28 Use hydrogen peroxide. I've tried it before. (I'm not a murderer I just have a uterus)
Kevin Coles
4 lyf
1:55 i guess you could say...
sorry...i had to
King Pig
That arcade game is available in the US. I played it.
I'm as tall as mario
Federico Garcia
they have that arcade game at dave and busters in English
Styles Marshall
kielime pie is delicious
Pikman Gamer
that four year old is probably paying for views and subs
Luis Penguin
First to Mario now to Mangle
Coffe Melon
How much money is in luigi's mansion dark moon?
you experieced blood in the carpet... THERE ARE ONLY THREE EXPLATATIONS!!!

1.You murdered someone and forgot to cover up the carpet.

2. Someone stabbed or shot you.

3.You cut yourself with safety scissors.
Sir Couchpotato
I've played Luigi's mansion arcade
8-Bitgamer 101
No it's 12:16
lemon and seltzer water for blood. or just use red, dumbass.
8-Bitgamer 101
At 12:28 luigi is humping a cabinet
dj bob
suck and blow haha
Sarah Pony
hey mat pat notifcations right here
Notifications on
Leo Arnold
Jamie Walsh
Any chance of you doing a Mario Kart theory video. I can't find any Mario Kart videos by The Game Theorists
Illuminati Theories you are so nice plus i love game theory to <3
Carina Cibrian
NoobNation - Roblox
shut up ke lime pie is the best
Cori Bryan
On Earth Day my school had a raffle and I won a water bottle =P
Blasterswipe 64
The Luigi arcade game is not exclusive to Japan it's at the David Busters in San Antonio
Anneliese74 W
Sufi GD
what about dark moons mansion
Yes ma'am
Where do coins to when you collect them
david price
do shadow fight 2!!!!!
david price
MatPat y u no do shadow fight 2?!
what happen to the 3ds game?
Murat Alkeev
Katee Zuber
Ummmm matpat the l.m game is at Dave and busters
Beth Akers
Matpat this video is funny, interesting, packed with facts and a little bit of toilet humour thrown in but great theory
Tamrha Echols
Hydrogen Peroxide is great for getting out blood stains. Soak the blood stained item in it for a few minutes, wash with soap and a scrubbing utensil (like an old toothbrush) and rinse.

You're welcome.
Michael Sanders
Holy crap math. Jesus matt take a break
Tomer Bitran
triggered I love key lime pie!!! Curse You MatPat!!!
Nicholas Jones
11:33 Mat says 70,000 but it is written as 700,000, added an extra zero.
I bit part of my tounge off and the carpet was stained for 2 years
Deer Vor
Best thing I won out of a waffle was a movie which was REALLY BAD.
Yu-Gi-Oh Fan
lemon and seltzer water for blood matpat
Yu-Gi-Oh Fan
who did the new intro to your theory series? also do a theory on the end cutscene from sister location where Michael names himself and you see a seemingly dead springtrap. and I don't mean hanted dead I mean dead dead like lights out in the helmet when you get the good ending in fnaf 3 dead. also shut your key lime pie hating face hole!
Sara the Big Booty Wolf
Psychotic Diesel
do Skylanders​
Keagan Wilson
This was the oddest game theory video I've ever watched but good as usual
Aj kofron
How could anyone NOT like key lime pie? I'm personally offended at this insult to the best flavor of pie.
Greg Sherman
New it
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