Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros)

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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TE Dunc
ynow luigi also raided dark moon's mansion
IR jinjrbred
lemon and seltzer for blood....dumbass.
Jewell Fifer
video takes forever to load before my tablet dies cliche XD
why the scary mario?
it doesnt make me sleep well. please dont.
ur viewers are kids like me sooo...^
I'm learning about napoleon lll
Where's my bell squad
Kyle Wright
Lol love the video but hydrogen peroxide gets blood stains out, I got the joke tho lol
Don't forget that that mansion has a freezer the size of my garage in the basement...which might cost a lot to fix
Kawaii_Scarlet Valentine
Guess I gotta go find myself a haunted mansion. 👀
As the son of a conch, someone from Key West, your bashing of Key Lime Pie disgusts me Mat.
kieran robinson
boo taboltayol
Death boy
Now all you need to do is see how much money king boo needs in luigi's mansion, dark moon. which are problably half the size of this mansion each except for the last mansion, which is probably twice the land size of this mansion.
Taka TheKing
He has all that money, but all he really wants is his brother's love? That's why he continues to support his brother and join in his games even when Mario is abusive to him.
Taka TheKing
The Game Dominator Pro
so wo did he suck and blow first id u suck and blow king boo?
TR-8R The Stormtrooper
Who else liked Luigi better than Mario from the beginning?
Ender Channel
Hey MatPat, what is your intro called?
AssassinPirateGuy Treasure
Teacher: make sure to study for your math test!

Me: grabs chips Game theory here we go!!!
Whats quiball, Im in PREP bowl
Bad Wolf
yo notification squad both on here and on film theorist. loyal theorist since 2015 .what it is
what do you use to make your intros
what do you use to make your intros
Virus has detected A windows
Uh is 70,0000 a number
That's what Luigi wins by doing nothing
He rigged the Mario party minigames😂
Erik Peterson
whatever that condition was Michael had in prison break, im pretty sure Mat Pat has it
Q MAN rocks
wait a secound yet after watching this video you are comparing the gold and cost with the real life like isin't gold cheaper in the mashrom kingdom or the coins that mario caries or anything with gold so? don't you need to compare it with the game like mario with the coins are way way to rich than luigi.
Danshaku Lawrence
I feel smarter watching this than going to school.
Retarded Gamer
I won a golf cart in a raffle
Love always Elena
Hey could you do a theory on Life is strange
kie lime pie is better than apple pie
Derpy Dino Gamer
I love the video but, there's one problem the ghosts didn't die in the mansion. In the game the mansion just appears out of no where. In fact all the ghosts were caught by E. Gadd over the years. so they didn't die inside, but some where else and the rooms were made to suit them. Love episode but... yeah!
The Wierd Ones
As the (proud) owner of a uterus, I can tell you to use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of a blood stain.
Key lime>regular apple
Theresa Krause
Notification squad
I refuse to watch this episode as a Waluigi fan who plays him exclusively in any game he's in.
Andrew Łâŵśöñ
Your theme song is so good
Why do you have blood stains in your house?
Cadie Warren
fav actor EVER
clarence straw
but i love key-lime pie
Kulsum Malek
game theory ur the best
lazy teddiursa
and now:Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon!
Joseph Coto
Try hydrogen peroxide my dude.
That stuff does wonders on bloodstains.
Barry Allen
12:17 the best joke he has ever said I laughed out loud
Alphae Lupuz
Game theory is basically the video game version of Sherlock Holmes
Ethan Wagh
Luigi's mansion arcade is in America
Preston M-F
Well, according to me, key lime and Waluigi are the best.
Yes but didn't Mario own an island in Super Mario Land 2?
SwiggySwine _
Our middle school quiz bowl team got 1st in our region
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