Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros)

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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mike jakob
i want everyone to take just a moment of their time to freeze frame 15:27
Aidan Power
no no no no no
Kat Hyles
Yo. Key lime pie is BOMB
Che santiago
im suprised you did not have on end card mat pat
foxy the pirate
It's only a mansion if it has more bathrooms then bedrooms
Rebecca Pieterick
MATHEW PATRICK HOW DARE YOU DIS KEYLIME PIE You clearly haven't tried the stuff from Florida. You are grounded until you do so.
Grayson H
Key lime is far superior to apple wtf you on matpat?
Gerald Fisher
He'll no
AJ Gaming
how do draw red with a black marker
Parker Fletcher
what u mean mat pat just go to dave and busters to play that arcade game
Tach Wils
Spruce Wayne
hey I like key lime
America May
Didn't the mansion disappear at the end of the game?
Richard Tirella
I'm a nerd and I love it
Fabian Nunoo
9:54 das racist
Everytime he mentions FNAF, I skim over the video to make sure there's no jumpscares.
jj best
6:47 where the hell did donold come in?
jj best
I have played the luigi mansion arcade game it was fun
Xavier Caron
Rly? besides chocolate pies key lime is my favorite. Just surprised
Adam Pinkston
Objection! Key Lime is the best kind of pie!
Ryan Newman
Ed Watts
the only thing ive ever won from a raffle was a chic-fil-a cow plushie, i lost it the day after i got it
14:39 troy ounces yuk!...

anyone who still uses american customary units aught to be put in a gulag and be threatened with a crank telephone hooked up to their testicles and forced to recite all the many many many units and their conversions correctly for 4 weeks..

with Fridays differing in that they get to use metric instead....
after that they will never ever want to use american customary units ever again!

seriously your system is insane,,,

you got points
and 12 points make a pica
6 pica's make inch
12 inches make a foot
3 foot make a yard
5280 yards make a mile
7.92 inches make a link
25 links make a rod
4 rods make a chain
10 chains make a furlong
8 furlongs make a survey mile
3 mile make a league
2 yards make a fathom
120 fathoms make a cable
8439 cables a nautical mile...

and that is just lengths!! INSANITY!!!!!!!
anyone who still want this insane system deserves to be flogged!!!!
Qwertie asdf
I eat lemons like oranges
Qwertie asdf
I'm going for that lemon pie boy screw that Apple pie
The Eternal Flame
Ghostbusters: when there's a ghost in u town who u gonna call GHOSTBUSTERS
Luigi mansion when there's a ghost in your house who u gonna call LUIGI luigi's mansion=ghostbusters
Deranged Piplup
I actually love Matpat's dedication when it comes to making these videos!

He actually found the size of the mansion!😂
Elizabeth Cooke
Wait im as tall as Mario lol
Sarah Miranowicz
matpat i think you're a nice guy and all bUT KEY LIME PIE IS 1000X BETTER THAN APPLE PIE... i mean it might be a bit biased 'cuz i'm from Florida and all but still...
Eddie Is Away
Suck and blow his way to the top
RageQuitX03 Gaming
Ay notification squad 😂
Pika Tube 8
i won a bever stuffyin a raffel
At least we know why he has a mansion, otherwise... that's the only thing I learned
Radioactive Panda
Would the property still be stigmatized if you destroyed the original building? Or what if a person died on the property, but not in the house? Definitely plan on looking this up.
Steven Bailey
Did you know in one room there is a showdown of Luigi hanging himself dead
Mystical Apple
The location of the property also changes the price
Fragmented R
That Arcade game isn't exclusive to Japan anymore, I played it here in California at Dave n Busters earlier this year
Ted Nguyen
Well Luigi or nobody has 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000101001001010101010332982388373 dollars
ork warbozz okazz
Spooderman Webster
Who else is scared from that Mario creepy pasta
Deborah Brooks
#Notfcation Squad
Mochi Morina
MatPat, I'm pretty sure you could possibly cure cancer someday.
Abby Lee
Ha even Mario's taller than me 😅
Palepetua the Baka
What about the new mansion? From that moonlight game?
Robin Altair
That moment when Mario is taller than you
Eugenio Noriega
I like key lime pie
Me and my friend figerd out the minigames in fanf 3 is backwards to the real game
MatPat try Hydrogen peroxide
Jacob Dressler
yaaaaaaaaa ummmmmmm 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pub trivia
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