Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros)

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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Z .z
"overshadowed by mario" You say though he apparently banged peach XD
Elizabeth Martin
That Luigi's mansion arcade game MatPat says is exclusive to Japan looks identical to the one we've had at our Dave and Buster's near me for the better part of a year.......
Adam Walpole
I'd love to see a theory on how you think the people died in the Mansion.
Ulysses McPoopSpider
Anyone still remember the video game boobs episode?
Meakle Mahur
the arcade game exists in a Dave and busters I went to
Song at 12:00 - this will be about the 5th time i've tried to find out.
Gavin Herrera
"...that's about the size of a football field!"
That must be huge...
Oh wait, he's American
Please do a game theory on Telltail!!!!
yey mario is the same height as me
Apollo Adi
liked for the kermit meme xD
Teqo: HDnoob
the white house is a house so it should be smaller
Rafaela Dimanlig
Do a small theory on LoZ:BoTW..
or change your Intro its already 2017
Matthew, you're aware you don't have to blame why you didn't do this in October on FNAF's release.
We know the fanbase is the worst. Need I bring up that stupid video on the fanbase in a nutshell?
Julian Winston
lol I played the luigis mansion arcade game in oklahoma
Conny L
scrooge Mc duck is so much richer
Enermatrix Music
The first 14 minutes were made entirely redundant by the final 2 minutes.
When super mario odyssey comes out, MatPat can finally calculate Mario height with people from New York!
Isn't that handy
kool kueen
I still feel bad for him because his psycho Brothers probably gonna take all the money and his house Machan be a servant or something
0:38 the senpai face
Mr. Nacho
16 years...
Fluro Green Music
Dear Mat Pat, how does samus survives through lava?
Gaming Pea shooter
In the GT logo why Is one of the lights red?
Potato Died Because of Sasha
Ivan Hernandez
we have the Luigi arcade in Texas.
David Lopez
id like to see matpats search history looking for these pictures he puts in his videos
richard escobar
haha a grave yard youll be DYING to get into xD
Cosmic Scavenger2
Game Theory : Terraria , How the hell does the wall of flesh work?
Jack McCourt
What about all the land around his mansion? Thats gotta add some value.
Stephen Benjamin
I mean ennard
Stephen Benjamin
And ensnared
Stephen Benjamin
More fnaf theory's of purple guy
VaderccRazyloyal Darth
"Stand aside! I got a date with a haunted house!", what about the apple pie?
Sebastian Light
Poor cabinets...
elemental oreo4
Try it out it's a great franchise
elemental oreo4
You have done Mario Zelda fox metroid Pokemon but plzzzzzz please do fire emblem mat pat plzzzzzz
iiZenthic [GD]
Well, Mario owns a castle from Super Mario Land 2. Previously on your videos you even said Mario owns an island, so who is richer? Mario or Luigi? O_O
Hunter Jensen
You should do a theory on little big planet
The Majestic Queen of the Nerds
My math teacher would LOVE you, MatPat. I think most math teachers would, to be honest.
Lucinda Ghibaudy
Plz do a theory on "how much money dose bowser have"
Look up MatPat SWEARS!!! On YouTube. Holy crap XD.
mason zimmerlein
Hey matpat here is theory for you on fanfic so you know how phone guy is purple man and how they love foxy . So the theory is could the crying chilled be foxy . So that's the theory .
Now that Mario is being thrust into the real world in Super Mario Odyssey you may have to reconfigure your conclusion on size again. There is no way Mario is even 4'
Nerdy George Washington
Not even to mention the value of all the furniture, dishware, clothes, and his one-of-a-kind Vacuum.

Add another 50K to that at least.
Im gonna UnSub i dont get some MatPat Soon!! i mean real gametheory, not GTLive or some other filler, i want game theoy!!
Marissa Chu
Are we gonna be getting a Slender theory anytime soon? :D
Luke Addy
nice video mat pat
luigi is my favorite.
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