Game Theory: Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero

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Until Dawn is all about making sure you make the right choices to make it out alive... But what if the most important character in the game is the only one who gets NO CHOICE in whether they live or die. What does that mean for you playing the game? What does that say about the game itself? Get ready for a completely new understanding of Until Dawn! (plus a few spoilers!)

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DT Raiden
Probably one of the reasons why Josh was being misdiagnosed is because he never fully opened up to the doc's about what he experiences.
can't you just sleep until dawn?
Sans The GeckoAppleBat
the windigo reminds me of the rake
MatPat thinks age 18 or 19 is UNDER the age of consent? Someone needs to do some more research...
I can understand Josh. I mean, I don't have what he has but if someone pranked my younger sister that led to my sister and my other sister to die, i would be pretty mad. Wanting to kill or hurt someone because of that is something your brain does. And josh actually did it because of his mental problems. It is horrible he had to die or get turned into a windego at the end.
Whatcha Thinking?
2:56 uh isn't 18 the legal age of consent
James AKA DetroitSkills
Well... He wasn't exactly incapable of helping her, he could've always exhibited self control and not kept tilting the bottle back.
Woah woah woah... You can't use the Bear Trap scene when talking about Josh...
He never planted it, that was a trap by the Flamethrower guy to catch a Wendigo.
Josh never planted any traps in the Sanatorium!
Correction. Josh did not set up the bear trap. It was the flamethrower guy, who set it up.
It made me kinda mad that everyone was like "Josh is a damn psycho" or "Yeah he can die idc" and I'm just like he had serious issues, that poor boy needed help :(
I as a psychologist student like to call it no-re-prine-[f]rine because that is so much more fun and easier than to say the actual way
But markiplier completed this 100% and didn't miss a totem
James Sarvan
Julius Lee
I feel sad for Josh
tragic hero's are exceptional, and noble but possess one flaw, which usually is their own undoing while josh possesses many different flaws so by definition he can't be a tragic hero
I'm not sure what about their ages is supposed to be creepy. You said
they are all 18-20 which makes them all legal adults at or over the age
of consent in all parts of the world. They aren't jail bait at all and
there would be nothing even slightly illegal or immoral about looking at
or touching them(Were they real, obviously you can't touch pixels).
Neon Dragoon
2017 and im still waiting on the episode on sam's towel
the sadest part of all of this is there is no real cure for mental illness. there's therapy to reduce the negative effects of the mental state you end up in and to gain the tools to properly deal with it, but it never goes away. no matter how small or severe it is. no matter how meaningless or horrid it is. the human brain is far too complex for us to understand it yet and there's no way to go in and fix things so far. the sad but true reality of life is that there's a lot of people never having a choice in where they end up. but there is always going to be people there around the corner to judge them as if they did.
those people that have this condition i like to call NORMAL .
Spicy Nacho
man..... That was really deep.
x Adrii
it's kinda funny that i found out more information about the meds i take for my social anxiety and ptsd just by watching this video. thanks for explaining what fluoxetine does :)
Katiekinz Gigglez
Okay but Chris didn't do anything. He was passed out drunk while they pranked Hannah. He just wanted to have a good time
Aiden Bowman
So much luv for 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀
Aiden Bowman
So much luv for 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀
Aiden Bowman
Mlg towel of mega cool 😎
XxPotato GamesxX
I think the killer was more of the rapist type. He wanted that towel off.
b hong
All you can really get from this game is teenagers are assholes
Scarlet Aries
i liked josh from the start and I completely understand this from the start😌
teanagedingo 53
so richtoffen you know "FRY" day ahahahahaha
Unblazed Adventure
don't wanna sound like a dick, but you're not a psychologist. Psychosis is a symptom in plenty of other mental illnesses, including major depressive disorder. I know its theoretical but best leave that to the professionals. yeah?
Guardian of the Sun
"It's not just a gangly spider zombie"

It's Smeegle

And as for windigos?

Begin My Little Pony episode
Donut The otaku
Josh is (even though I like fnaf more then until dawn) my favorite character and I feel like matpat is right!
Georgia Souter
It's just the way professional doctors had no idea what was wrong with him for years and never figured it out but Matt worked it out from a confusing video game😂😂👌🏻
Play the game, there's almost no way for him not to directly kill Matt and/or Emily. And this is no way to portray mental illness.
Ewelina Kunysz
So josh is a anti hero?
Syd TV
I did not get anything he said
You can save Josh if you collect all the twins clues
Oneup TV
AA gaming
do a theory on
metal gear solid
Benedict San Diego
YouTube tortured me and gave me PTSD.... unsub.
Ari Max
I know this was a long time ago, but thank you for handling mental illness so tenderly and concise and acknowledging the failures of the mental health field. The stigma is so real and the people who have mental illness are silenced so often, researching the disorders is abandoned and people with them continue to be misunderstood and mistreated. Thank you for shedding a little light on such a misunderstood disorder.
So, Josh was crazy because he had an imbalance of dopamine and was misdiagnosed?
Sam was not active participant in the prank. does Josh know this? Perhaps Josh thought he was the only one passed out and believed that everyone was involved with the prank that killed his sisters. Perhaps Chris got Josh deliberately drunk so that he couldn't help his sister. And NOT ONE, not the prankers or Sam or Chris, went to help looking for Hannah, basically leaving sisters to fend for themselves in a cold winter night. How hard was it to take Hannah's jacket and few flashlights, and follow the sisters' footprints to offer, if not an apology or at least some comfort? From what Josh knew, they were all quilty of neglect if nothing else.
kaname kurosaki the earth dragon slayer
18 and 19 is the right age to have sex, its legal age
Jak White
In what country is it under the age of consent if you're 18/19...
kawaii kitty
actually Sam IS a good person because she tried to stop the prank
Kos Mos
Thank you for making this. I was appalled at the level of hatred for Josh that friends and youtubers had. He clearly needed help. Thank you for explaining this to everyone.
I finically finished Mark's gameplay.
He wasn't seeing the right people. He needed a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. Psychologists are like shock troops while psychologists act as both officers and social workers. Of course psychiatrists can diagnose and medicate, but those aren't cures in most cases so they ignore the root of the problem. A psychologist is better prepared to delve into the problem to help the patient in it, which is what Josh needed.
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