Game Theory: Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero

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Until Dawn is all about making sure you make the right choices to make it out alive... But what if the most important character in the game is the only one who gets NO CHOICE in whether they live or die. What does that mean for you playing the game? What does that say about the game itself? Get ready for a completely new understanding of Until Dawn! (plus a few spoilers!)

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Cassidy Byron
I really want a theory on whether Dr. Hill was real or not (a metaphor? Potentially) and whether Jess could have survived the fall in the mine shaft!
Jack1010 Johnny
Bluer Sora
All could be avoided if no one hadn't left the lodge during the night.
Fightfornormal K.O
for my depression I take a drug called Apo-Fluoxetine. I didn't even know what is did in the first place.
If josh just smoked weed they would be all right
Dinesh Naidu
If I were josh and I had my sisters killed over some "FRIENDS" I'll do times 2 of what Josh did.
dONt caLL mE sON
josh is my favourite character, sam second.
Bunny Bell
Poor Josh... I never even thought about that. I feel terrible that you can't even ever save him.
Wendy Conner
I am on 2 of the sero and the other
Coconanaya HP
pow-chee-ka-pow-wow! :)
Coconanaya HP
Ankit Khanal
DAMMMMM that deep adad
Mr Ghost
anybody else look up joshsocrazy
UnbidGryphon 45
I'm still waiting on that towel theory
emily is the best character.
a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich
The reason Sam and Chris were targeted is because Josh wanted them to be the protagonists of his movie.
AGMincraftLover #
Did anyone realize that Dr.Hill is just like Dr.Phil. Now it also makes sense that Josh has a mental illness trying to be overcome. That's what Dr.Phil does on his show. It's kinda like Dr.Phil THE GAME.
did matpat say..... SUPERNATURAL
peggy lopez
Kyle Castellon
Great, now I regret letting josh die
Black Rose
honestly Josh's situation reminds me a lot of my dad
Amanda Brydson
I wanna see H20delerious play until dawn he'll probably laugh at Jessica getting pulled from the window😂😂
Amanda Brydson
The beginning😂😂
alikh idzam
I feel bad for Josh :'(
Adamoeba Ich
This is a theory? I thought this was one of the MAIN points of the story? I played the game and watched 2 playthroughs, and I thought it was OBVIOUS that Josh was the tragic hero.
Valy Predescu
that is not truly a horror game but real life,........
HENRY Undisclosed
huh, I take amytriptiline aswell, funny!

atill waiting for that towel theory, tho.
FreddyfangirlX3/ Freddy
I might vomit 🤢
Oc Fandom
who pause the video when matpat shows the side effect list?
Pearl The Salty
The true plot, is that Hannah is an overly sensitive little b*tch.
Draconian Symbiote
I loved Josh. I really thought he just needed help and the disgusting negligence of his friends were what pushed him off the deep end.

I tried a couple playthroughs, near desperate to save him. It was really disappointing finding out the options. So I just killed Emily and called it a night.
Chris, Sam and Josh had nothing to do with the prank

Chris and Josh: passed out drunk

Sam: too late to warn Hannah about the prank, she tried to help

So really Josh didn't need to attack Chris and Sam in the game

"It was just a prank Han"
noor alam
10:58 Facebook arguments .😂
Fran Willis
kucs kcidym
evryone is evil except Chris he is just too pure
Dank Hill
You made me more interested in the frame than the painting... because we you nailed it perfectly
Cmrd Knightmarez
DR HILL, THE TRUE MONSTER OF THE GAME. I wonder....did he have anything to do with those experiments in the sanatorium?
Ethan G
this intro was so much better... #MakeGtGreatAgain
Lucas Stevenhagen
there really is a youtube channel called JoshSoCrazy
Misery Loves Guardian Of Eden
I'm a schizophrenic bipolar. That's what I went through when I was getting treated for bipolar depression
Chris also had nothing to do with the prank, he was piss out drunk too
Somehow this helped me in writing an essay of a tragic hero for the play "Fences", incredible...
Gabriel Longmire
anyone else still hoping for the untill dawn towel physics theory
Maria kanashvili
I thought that i picked the gtlive stream right there...
wow. this is actually really sad. i guess i'll have to play the game again
Josh hella reminds me of Chloe from LiS.
Morgan Rose
Can you do a theory of if Hannah would survive the fall? Or one about if Dr.Hill was actually alive or a hallucination during the game
Dinosaur Christopher
This got fokin depressing at the end
Souda cosplay
still waiting for that towel theory
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