Game Theory: Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero

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Until Dawn is all about making sure you make the right choices to make it out alive... But what if the most important character in the game is the only one who gets NO CHOICE in whether they live or die. What does that mean for you playing the game? What does that say about the game itself? Get ready for a completely new understanding of Until Dawn! (plus a few spoilers!)

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when you NEED to eat an apple to avoid the doc
Dee Crawford
I did not know this game had deeper meaning. poor josh, I wish he had a happy ending. now I want to cry
Dee Crawford
poor josh , 😢😢😢😢
Saggy Pineapples
The age of consent is 18???
My Mermaid Channel
Markilper knew Dr. Hill was secretly the villain!
Blu Bryan33
This is Game Theory's best intro! Please bring it back
Mental illness is awful (trust me i know) but you can't say it's the villain. It's chemicals. It's your own body not working right, would you say an autoimmune disorder was the villain if that's what josh had instead of a mental disorder? No. I know you said that the villain was mental illness AND the system that didn't know/didn't care enough but really it's ONLY the system. And maybe the parents who apparently weren't paying close enough attention to their kid to notice that the meds weren't helping. You could argue maybe Josh lied during his sessions, maybe he didn't want to tell them all his symptoms, but honestly you can only fake being a functional member of society for so long (again personal experience, trust me i know) until the people you interact with start noticing that your meds aren't working. I'm sorry but mental illness isn't a villain. It's a horrible thing. It's not something i'd wish on my worst enemy. It's something that can't be fixed most of the time, but it's not the villain of anything. The doctors who didn't notice that their patient wasn't improving properly and the family/friends/others close to him who didn't notice that Josh was at least acting a little "off" are the villains.
Galaxy Gamer
Hahahahha How are you Jason?
Thought you could scare me?
Pshhh. I saw all ya kill cams
Now Josh?
Yeah Jason get back to work. How bout tellin Micheal Meyers about this
Stonewall380 Entertainment
I know it's just a game, but...

This just strengthens my distrust in "doctors" and "psychiatrists"...
Aaron R
getting real tired of your clickbait titles, MatPat. Josh is not a hero in literally any sense of the word
Pinoy Balut
He was my favorite character but then he got the worse tragic story although he deserves a better ending
Hey MatPat I was wondering if you could do a video on Uncharted?
Gore Angel Productions
I liked Josh I felt he was totally justified in his action..they pranked his sister and led to their deaths. They're to old for pranking and they deserved I hate he can't be helped
Melissa C
I wanted to save josh so bad
Toby Shoulders
Still waiting on that towel theroy
ProGamer Marlon
wendigo are not hot
Jeff Porter
Serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause complete mental breakdown at some point- look at how many mass shooters were on SSRIs taking them faithfully, and I can't fathom how exacerbated schizophrenia would be by them. That's like trying to put a fire out with your dick doused in gasoline.
Opal The Fusion
Im tired of people defending Sam here. Shes a teenager/YA. Obviously she would be a twat.
John Johnston
This game is set in rural Alberta CAN I HEAR MY CANADIAN THEORISTS
You mean that he wasn`t a cruel Psychopath. A Sociopath is softer.
LivinDrue Games
Oh my god he is so annoying how he goes deep and says "But that's just a theory, a game theory!" Lol 😂
Mahaila Araujo
Can you please do one on poppy!!! I know this is game theory but I really want a explanation of poppy!!!!!
Jose Ramirez
why didn't you use headphones I did it sucked
FPS NubScrub
still waiting for that towel theory
Can we take a moment and discuss just how similar Chris and Rami Malek look?
Mental Cupcakes
to be honest i think this theory is wrong. why? because although the symptoms he mentions are linked with schizophrenia, schizophrenia has many various symptoms more common than what he mentions, my diagnosis, Todd syndrome A.K.A. Alice in wonderland syndrome which the most common symptoms are the ones mentioned in this video. but hey thats just a theory a Youtube comments theory. what do you think?
Donnie newsome
Behrad Tahamtani
I was trying to learn some economics and ended up watching 3 hours of another type of game theory
Skylar Navratil
and you got to be kidding a jumpscare at the beggig pat oh you are so annoying.
Galaxy_889 Awesome
No his head got crushed by his sister
3:23 Josh didn't set up the bear trap - he never went to the sanitarium. That was a trap set up by the flamethrower guy to catch a wendigo.
Josef Stalin
also doctor hill didnt create the wendigos so hes only bad on the josh side
X WISHY X (Wishy)
Hans “Hans Bauer” Bauer
Everyone has no choice.
It doesn't appear once that Josh shares the fact that he's hallucinating with any of his doctors, we can tell this because that info would have drastically changed the treatment plan. No MD PHD would have continued treating for the wrong mental illness. Doctor Hill cares significantly about Josh, his patience, shown by him messaging Josh during one of Josh's breaks/episodes about being on his medications. Its also interesting to note the role that Hill actually serves into Josh's hallucinations/delusions. He serves as a moral compass and path towards recovery/reality. His conscious and subconscious mind realize the fact that his ill and that these treatments are the way to get better. Its all possible that Josh omits significant expanses of information from his conversations with Dr. Hill due to the fact that he may have actually hallucinated complete sessions where they discussed said information, like hearing the voices of his dead sister.
Just as a minor correction, unlike other types of medicine newer does not equate to better when it comes to psychiatric/depression medication. A lot of the older drugs (particularly MAOIs and also stuff like tricyclics) are actually significantly more effective than new drugs (usually SSRIs/SNRIs) in the treatment of moderate to severe depression. The main reason they are no longer prescribed as often is due to their potential side effects (particularly with MAOIs, which in some cases can have fatal interactions with certain foods), but they certainly aren't less effective.

Unfortunately, many psychiatrists make the same wrong assumption you did in this video and just assume that newer SSRIs are superior to older medications. It does make sense to use SSRIs as a first medication (since if they work then you've found a good medicine that also doesn't have many side effects), but psychiatrists are often hesitant to prescribe anything other than newer SSRIs/SNRIs because they are ignorant about the science involved and just assume newer = better.
Nick Trano
Wait, where is 18 not the age of consent?
Josh Campbell
well what did cris do to josh?
Alexander Thompto
What the mat pat likes cinema sins jack septic eye also watches mat pat what else is tied together
What....I have one question what about the killer on the cliff that made Hanna and (I forgot name XD) fall of wasn't there a guy chasing them? If that was Josh, doesn't that mean he was gonna push his OWN sisters off a cliff....or am I missing something?
I do agree with Josh being a tragic character, but I wouldn't call the other characters bad people. Teenagers are generally crappy people during that time of life, but through the events of the game you can see them slowly mature. Or some character's arcs, instantaneously....
Lyssa Bowen
I take amitriptyline
The penguin Gamer 100
Where did you find the scene where josh says noobody got hurt ?
Jaxmaster gaming
One last thing

It was just a prank Han!
Oh god, it's Borderlands all over again.
Sam Bunting
I feel like the wendigo are the real monsters
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