Game Theory: Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero

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Until Dawn is all about making sure you make the right choices to make it out alive... But what if the most important character in the game is the only one who gets NO CHOICE in whether they live or die. What does that mean for you playing the game? What does that say about the game itself? Get ready for a completely new understanding of Until Dawn! (plus a few spoilers!)

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Wicked Potato
This game would've been so much better on pc. Or if ps4 was like 3 times more powerful. Or upgradeable.
Andrew Daniel
Why are you so dramatic in the end
Hachi Roku
you said they are 18 and 19, that is the age of consent. im confused by that joke...
A Person
chris, josh, and sam are the only ones who didn't do anything to beth or hannah, therefore they are innocent.
ai i
Despite some uncanny valley being there at times, Matt and Josh were really handsome. Was oogling my eyes at them both the whole time.
ai i
There are plenty of other horror movie tropes that Until Dawn didn't get to cover. I hope the developers make another game following this idea or perhaps even a direct sequel that makes fun of tropes often seen in horror movie sequels specifically. Also, this video's theory is probably why Dr.Hill was so monster-like in the VR game.
Hero? Dont make me laugh. Every death in the game other than hannah and beth's are on his hands, mental illness or not. Misunderstood villain? Perhaps, but absolutely not a hero.
Francia Batman
Sophisticated Dinosaur
"medical help that he's not getting" i always assumed Dr. Hill was josh's real psychiatrist who he is having these conversations with but in his own head, like dr hill is a real person that josh has been seeing but he is still struggling to cope with everything and his mind is using the doctor as a starting point for his conscience to argue with him over his decisions.
Carlos Alejandro Alvarenga
I dont know what you mean. I think Dr Hill is a great psychiatrist. He was so calm and tranquil during his sessions. And his sessions ways ran for a sufficient amount of time. And he always asked non-vague questions. And he gave great medication.
Carlos Alejandro Alvarenga
The MDs need to get fired wtf you were trained for 3 years and can’t Identify a wrongful mentality distressed mind wth dr Hill needs to die
AbZhz101 handle

Dear God... Until Dawn Predicted the Deadlock!
Uhm... I don't get the "jessica is 18-20 omg noooo" joke... Is that supposed to be funny? I mean i'm 23 and i would smash her. So what? Idk what is your problem with that?
Dylan Pettit
I’ve played tho
Potato Dankmemelord
I can understand Josh...
this is the video where I found out GTLive was even a thing
Noah Moormann
still waiting for that towel theory
Elen BlackSwan
I love how this game theory about my favorite game addresses mental health, thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Kudos to Rami Malek for being perfect in every mentally unstable role 👏😍
"Press nothing to continue"
Me:clicks screen
still continues
When he started talking about Josh and his problems, I almost started crying. Like, tears were forming, but they never actually fell. I knew about Josh having mental problems and his friends being horrible, but when he went into detail about him having schizophrenia and other problems and not getting the help he needs, it made me really sad. I don't know why. I like that Mat actually talked about this and the way he did it. :)
Lu Dub
Sophia Pimenova
This isn't much of a theory its backed up by evidence. So i mean..Its not a game theory. Just sad.
Dante devil
Cameela Byrd
I'm shook after your videos
Matthew Schoen
Yo Matt, I know this video if 2 years old but I used some of the info and sources from this video to help write a paper on subtle and more accurate portrayals of mental illness in media.
Yo I loved his moto “don’t blame the messenger”
The bear trap was set by the flame thrower guy. Not Josh.
Rylan TFJ1987
Still waiting for that towel theory.
Karma Akabane
Lets not forget two other innocent people, sam, who tries to warn hannah of the prank, but is a minute too late, and chris, clearly drunk with josh
This video is poo poo be Its old
Tovey Baker
Me a year ago: discovers film and game theory R.I.P. childhood
judge me not by my web history Loktu
The blonde didnt get naked when i played but did for mat.. too real man!
Reece Andrew
That was a big jump to schizophrenia. There are plenty of other mental health disorders that include psychotic symptoms. Psychosis and psychopathy are completely separate. Some SSRI's can be used to treat psychosis and some anti-psychotic medication can be used to treat depression and anxiety.
Josh not the bad guy, his friends are
Shelby Rainwater
when you realize you're taking the same medication at josh before he lost his mind. my precious little bby it's okay
Charles Simon
I've already played the entire game, got all the totems, and all the endings too so....NO SPOILER ALERTS GONA WORRY ME TODAY! :D
Anni Schön
I actually liked Josh in the game :(
Almost everything you mentioned were also my personal feelings about him. Like..he is not a bad guy..he just needed help and support from his friends..or..anybody. He needed help to deal with everything he's been through. But he never got it.

But when you mentioned that he has no choice.. it broke my heart again. I was complaining about not being able to give him a "happy end" and not being able to save him. But I didn't think about the fact that he really had no choice. .. Ever! :( This makes it even more tragic for me :(

But your theory of how he got treated wrong by the doctors tops it all ...

I shouldn't feel so much for a character that doesn't exist in real life..but I do. He just has a very..VERY tragic story and in my opinion he deserves much better than this :(. I would have saved him no matter what.. He has been through so much and he deserves to have a "normal life" ..or at least get the CHANCE to recover from everything that happened..

But he never did. And.. that just made me sad.. And it still does :'/

...yeah and sorry about that :'D ..I guess I really liked him a lot :'D
... Still not over his "destiny".. I finished the game yesterday :| ...xD
Katie Owls
I feel bad for Josh, his sisters died. So he made a prank. I’m sure he didn’t want it to go that far. He has depression and hallucinations so he probably thought it was good to do that because of what his brain told him. He is in serious grief.
Age of consent in America is at the latest 18. So all the characters are legal, not jail bait. Or am I missing something?
Caleb Reynolds
I saved everybody but Josh and Matt. I know how to save Matt, but not Josh. Can you help me?
tome_ wai
I feel like I should play the game and let all the characters die
13:35 Please tell me that's just a joke?
Colin Hartley
Ha dope a meme.dopamine
Baka Nugget
Still waiting for the towel theory
It was just a Han!
Louis Jameson
I noticed Josh was definitely insane, but I never thought more about it than just "The crazy guy" in horror movies, like Reinfield from Dracula. I usually enjoy making fun of the cliches in this game. Thank you for showing me something deep and meaningful about this game, I probably would not have thought about it if you did not point it out. Cool video.
Bella Scerpe
I mean, I knew this game had a deeper meaning than just some kids on a mountain being hunted by monsters but this just completely opened my eyes to how people can just gaze over mental issues that are right in front of them
CJ’s Vlogging
;( I shed I tear over a game
Telling th obvious as usual?
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