Game Theory: Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero

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Until Dawn is all about making sure you make the right choices to make it out alive... But what if the most important character in the game is the only one who gets NO CHOICE in whether they live or die. What does that mean for you playing the game? What does that say about the game itself? Get ready for a completely new understanding of Until Dawn! (plus a few spoilers!)

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a Washington
Bunnie Wong
Still waiting on that towel theory.
I would love to see an imaginary psychologist tho
I love this game and this is an awesome theory
Kawaii Blue Neko
Josh was always my favorite.
Jamie Bridle
But when you get Dr. Hill's notes, he wrote that withdrawal from Josh's med causes all of the symptoms you desribed. Like yeah, it could be schizophrenia but it also could be just withdrawal symptoms (probably withdrawal symptoms because you get the clue, right?).
i Pad
Great Theory! You covered almost everything in 1 video. "Almost". Remember the death totem. The death scene? That showed THEIR death. Hannah falling on a rock, breaking her back and DYING. Just a quick add on :D
English Muffin
wow, where did these doctors get their degree? I felt bad for Josh....everyone is evil except Sam and Josh 😡
why, game developers, why make the innocent schizophrenic have such terrible ways to die?! death is less painful than suffering from malnutrition and turning into a Wendigo! sigh Josh reminds me of the movie "Beautiful Mind" at least that movie ended well for the schizophrenic
caine esperanza
youtuber mattpat tortured me and gave me ptsd theories... unsub
Isabelle Cotton
Reymundo Arellano
Red button=Kill Josh, but save everyone else
Blu button=Kill everyone, but save Josh
Loads machine gun and aims at the Blue
The One Eyed Manticore
is it sad that this reminded me of my dad when I first watched this
TheGay Goddess
Emily is my favorite character 😂😂😂
I'm crying bcus the Josh's youtube channel part where he says friends and fans is my bro and me when we were younger
Unsmartphone 05
Wait why did you shoot emily!?!
Temmeh Da Temster
Anyone else come after deleriouses tenth vid?
Castiel Novak
I heard Supernatural, I heard Sam, I heard Jessica, I heard Wendigo...
Lucy Haribo
Josh never died in my game, he went off with Jess
Deneme Bir İki
Boom! mind gone
the emoji movie 2
O H !
Time Forest
I hated when the one guy got hooked through the throat.. :(
Casperdamaster21 Casperdamaster21
U can save josh
I also got a lot of antidepressants prescribed in the beginning, not only do they not work, they made everything worse. Every time they put me on them, within a month I'd basically go completely insane ending up inpatient for months, usually after trying to kill myself. Took a long time for them to figure out it was schizophrenia and even then you have to try lots of medications to find one that works, or what I have, a "cocktail" of different medications. I'm relatively stable right now thank goodness ._.
Ádám Ervin Pálosi
"You cried out for help." "BUT NOBODY CAME"
what did Sam do in the prank?
Karma Gaming
when we get intp the sience I competley lose it and have no idea what is happening lol
Jobo Marz
what are those windigos besides monsters?
The Majestic Canuck
Still think the Photoshop of the mask creeps me out more than the actual mask.
Angel Ohiembor
this is how u know he paid attention in school
Hans Mutia
that scared me i removed my headset
?? that doesn't make him a hero.
Megatroid NEO
I feel so proud of myself! This was how I figured Until Dawn before even watching this theory!
Kayla T
You forgot Sam and Chris had nothing to do with the prank
Thomas Xiang
"oh" super close up
It's true. I have severe depression. No matter how much positive outward stimuli I have, nothing can unsour a bad depression day. No feelings at all.

Thankfully though, proper medication can limit the number of bad days.
Marjoleine Den heijer
This, I swear, is the only intro ever you can't get bored by.
Ike Inversin
also it is possible to save Jessica
Natalia Juvera Gonzalez
Espy U.
Major Depressive Disorder is often accompanied by psychotic features, including visual or auditory hallucinations. It's very possible that his other symptoms (paranoia, disorganized speech) didn't manifest themselves until after Hannah and Beth died. While genetics do play a major role in schizophrenia, stress and environmental factors are also important. The trauma of his sisters dying could have triggered Josh's schizophrenia, and some of the other symptoms that are present during the game. Meaning, Josh could have easily just been suffering from depression up until that point, and his doctors were unable to catch up to the manifestation of the new disease before Josh started to pull away.

And while I'm not a fan of psychiatrists being painted as the "villains", it is pretty obvious by chapter 10 that Josh perceives them that way, at least Dr. Hill. The way Dr. Hill yells at him- is this how Josh was really treated or just his delusion that no one cares about him?

Cool theory.
Ike Inversin
It sure isn't mat
rapter hunter
where's the towel theory
Update Israel
Claudia Melendez
Can u make a video about whats left of edith finch i loved the game but some things left me confused and things were left unexplained
Fat Boy Jerry
TheBreciBrother 12345
The entire game was Joshes hallucination and no one is actually dead
Ever considered a theory on how long Mike would've really survived in that tank top thing?
Excel 915
Purple Shep
Put your hands up it's the pug police
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