Game Theory: Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero

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Until Dawn is all about making sure you make the right choices to make it out alive... But what if the most important character in the game is the only one who gets NO CHOICE in whether they live or die. What does that mean for you playing the game? What does that say about the game itself? Get ready for a completely new understanding of Until Dawn! (plus a few spoilers!)

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Kieran Simkins
wendigo hot... don't judge me
s.s. w.
Mat Pat you mist this Sam wasent apart of the prank when the prank was happening Sam wasent there she walked in at the end of the prank and Sam was the last one in the house who helped everyone (except Mike) get out she is the true hero of the game she walked in the room confused she didn't really know what was happening Sam disapeard when everyone was planning the prank but if she hadn't maybe she would have been apart of the prank or maybe not if she said no I don't want to play a prank on Hannah and just left but also at the scene were they were they were going to play the wigi board Sam said I see a bath in my crystal ball she's generally never interested in what her friends do, the bad stuff like playing pranks she's the one who would clock out and say no and go do her own stuff she's the like at the time she took the bath she said no to playing the wigi board. Sam was the one the game started off with like her in the car watching the video and the game ended with her the only one in the house (besides MIKE) she saved everyone that got out by blowing up the house with her still in it that proves that Sam is a true hero :)! (Please like if you saw this in the story)
Riley Farrar
who cringed when he called it a zombie?
Mikey boi started out as kind of a jerk, but he really quickly progressed to my favorite character. He really loves Jessica, and is over all the biggest badass in the group. He wants the best for his friends, and it shows.
Mike, jess, and Sam are the only like able characters in the game. Whoever didn't kill Emily I really want to know why?
I believe this theory. It is true horror because it happens everyday. Some cases, I've seen first hand.
I don't get how Dr. Hill was supposed to have been such an educated professional the way he spoke to Josh. Then to go and call him a psychopath. This stuff is very real.
Davion Peterkin- Game guides
obiviously I swipe left, i mean come on LOOK AT IT! for the super amazing end card tourn.
Jordan Scroggins
Dodge Chance
I get that he's tragic but how is he a hero?
Bader Dahlan
i didnt unterstand a thing but ok0
This is in my opinion probably the most plausible theory yet.
DerpFaceGaming 03
I actually take fluextine
the hot or not isnt in desc
I wouldn't go as far as calling him a tragic hero
Elite Trainer Ash
Wow now I feel bad for Josh..😂
Kintija Trautmane
Got the mental illness right. Yessss😁 MatPat should have a video in which he states the mental illness of each video character. For example, mario-psychosis, Josh-scitzophrania etc.
ZeRoyalTiger Creepypastas and Gaming
What we learned
Always bring a gun into the forest
Ana Vitória FARION
this changed my mind about Josh.... godamn..... now I will think about de That forever...... I need to Teache this to everybody... THANK YOU
Katerina Sakura
I've watched the video already, but I'm watching it again !
Ketysk, a Shitposter
Kate G.
Dang. That was, insightful
You just earned my sub. Well spoken. Hopefully, in the near future, we can see mental illness treated the same as physical instead of being the unpopular of society and those rejected and tabooed.
Krazycow Gaming
hot bc it used be Hannah :3
it's too bad Josh couldn't find any help from new friends. Because from the way they were behaving with each other, it seemed after what happened a year before. They seemed to ignore each other and do other things. Because of this, they weren't there when Josh needed them. Not like they would help since it was them (other than Josh, Chris and Sam) that took part in the prank.
And from what the dialogue choices when we learnt Josh's parents aren't around, meaning his own parents can't help him, it was even more easier for him to lose himself into this and decide to make his own prank. It's a shame he didn't have many good friends.
Isaac Bloore
In England every character would be at the age of consent, as all are over 16.
Emporer Fredrick IV
This was the first time that I've actually had the exact same theory as MatPat in a video. Pretty proud of myself on this one.
Random Person On The Internet
Was that a CinamaSins reference 😏😏😏
Cooper Sentz
Matpat thanks, I actually used your style and way of doing videos to help me on my big ELA tests. So thank you! 😀
That little Piece of Dust
I've noticed this the first time I watched Markiplier play the game.. I was honestly sad that nobody understood Josh the way I did. But seeing this video makes me feel better. Thank you!
Adela Maric
Finn Clark
8 MILLION!!!!!!!! you deserve it matpat
Champion Girl
You said Hannah and Beth died 12:08 . Nope. Hannah survived from fall and ate Beth and that turned her into Wendigo
ghoster stroodle
it may have been psychosis not schizophrenia but
Paradox Box
Well, Sam is actually not a bad character. She tried to stop the prank.
Kuckoo Karen
I was really sad Josh was the psychopath I wanted him and Sam to get together
It'sJust Kent
Mat! I am very triggered? It's been so long and we need that Towel theory soon please! Please please please!
I'm schizophrenic and honestly i'm so glad you made this video lol. Finally someone sees his innocence. The other kids were worse.
Lydia La Strange
I actually kinda agree with this (I live in the U.K & our mental health services are a mess) My siblings and myself suffer with depression which was unfortunately passed down from our mother. Mental health isn't treated how it should be, it's either a 'phase' 'teen angst' or 'a cry for attention' prescriptions are not handled properly and a diagnosis is near impossible to revive when you're being passed around from psychiatrist to psychiatrist.
H.S. Dragon
Very good very wonderful actually you've got everything right I was 12 when I was diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia thank you for posting this it'll help enlighten some people or so I hope
Josh doesn't die as a Wendigo. Don't you remember what the old guy said? Guns don't hurt them. Only fire can. So he killed the agents that found him, making him stronger
#septiplier isreal
No one is saying wether they would bang the windigo.... if the windigo is chill, then im chill. He/she cant eat me after. Or during.
Josh thought that what he did was just a joke, because the way he sees it, the others found it funny when they played a stupid prank that threatened the lives of his sisters, so he thought it funny what he was doing. He didn't mean to hurt anyone. He feels guilt that he wasn't able to save his sisters. And he felt that the prank was a little harmless fun and that they'd all laugh and be great friends in the end because that's what Hannah and Beth would have wanted. They would have wanted them all to stay friends, and Josh thought that what he did would bring them closer together as friends and that it would be something they all looked back on and laughed about, not knowing the real damage it could cause to their friendships. That's my theory to add onto this one, anyways.
Chris and Sam weren't involved in the prank, so they're innocent.
LolaAphelion 12
Me: I remember when this came out!
Me: (Checks date)
It was released 2 years ago
Me: What the crap?!?!
Sil Baz
josh looks like mr.robot
Phanic! at the horizon
I thought this was pretty obvious... but idk.
Harrison Reed
hey can you help me with this how dose Josh become a wedogo??
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