Official Apple IPhone 8 Trailer 2017

iphoneapplenewgreat news

NEW IPHONE 8 concept trailer

Android ripoff lol
Zeptix HQ
WTF how do I charge it
Ei?Psiu! Silêncio
Ja quebrou só de olhar:3
Jose Alberto Camacho Herrera
Obviamente es fake
Mason Lewis
Are you sure this is real?
Dream Big
False advertisement! Thumbs down! Don't waste our time with your lies!
they photoshopped a bunch of crap onto the "internals space"
hamza shahbaz
fuck apple
hamza shahbaz
losser apple
Raynal Reyes
What is this. You have real life Reflections on your phone that's on a white studio setting.
Ihtishamullah Khan
"A Complete New Design " -they say that every year lol
It's Yo Boi Deez Nuts
How the frick am I suppose to work that like my iphone 7 I rather keep 😎😎😎
It's Yo Boi Deez Nuts
It looks like a bad fake from an Samsung Galaxy S8!
Laura Gibson
is this real?
Gisele Matthews
Yet another iphone by apple that is not geared for everyday life
Dorin Vaden
Zte zmax pro $ 99 same thing
Dorin Vaden
Zte zmax pro 99 same thing
Leonard George
same shit...diferent color....when they update my phone nothing working...the same with ipad.....I start ti hate them!!@@@@ all this for money!!!!!!! 😲
Alexis Mahriee
Another phone that looks exactly like any other 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kiran Kumar
phone is superb,but iPhone mobile's cost is very to much.😡😡😡😡
Universal Rize
Silly iPhone, that's Samsung's features
Nickel Koh
Worst trailer ever
boris aguilar
que pedazo de basura, más de lo mismo!!!
Fake absolutely. Waste of time how would this be official
Some Guy
Muhammed Dhanani
Now you wait and watch
Muhammed Dhanani
Thats fake i will be complaining to police
fuq you i bet 9999999$ this will not be iphone 8
Gustavo Machado
7S will probably be the next IPhone.
the front of the bottom is not going to look like that
Samsung Galaxy S8 the greatest phone ever!
Leon Meulenbelt
Jewish sorry complexity readily religion double assess evening figure connection.
So fucking stupid
niloof hassan
If I got one I will impress others on iPhone 8... because it has a tradition...on design and performance...long last life...etc..
Harman Singh
It's cgi
tulio campos
wow! is biutefiull <3
HDGamers Studio
Elly Stephanie Magbanua
Zeshan Rahim
carson :0
So fake
Huy Nguyen
What music
ByronDavid AlmeidaLoja
This seems to be believable. It is a great fictional concept.
Dead Alive
Watch Nobita and Shizuoka ♥ Videos in Indiana songs..... On my Channel
Fank Ker
iPhone 7S ?
Fr0st Caliber
wtf that is 7
Асхат Садыков
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