"Slow Jam the News" with President Obama

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Jimmy Fallon and President Obama slow jam the news, discussing Obama's legacy, accomplishments and thoughts on the 2016 election.

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"Slow Jam the News" with President Obama

Ifisd Gaming101
Obama is a rock star!!!!!!!
this warmongering chimp should be I jail.
I didnt see this...but I remember seeing the first time that Obama slow-jammed the news, I believe that Bri-Willy was still extant and participated.
michael VIMDEXJR
President OBAMA there will never ever be another like you I love u Mr. president!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zia Nella
where can I download this
Ashley mayer
This is my favorite video on YouTube. All because of how Jimmy says "oh yeah".
The way Obama walked out is so freaking Presidential it's crazy! And now we got Trump. Thanks America!
James Jiao
I might not agree with everything that Obama's done during his tenure, but he surely is one of the if not the most charismatic leaders that I know
That smile at 3:35 by Jimmy is priceless! ; >
Lmao @ "Even when congress tried to block him, he found a way through the back door".. Hah!
Tasos Katsipis
Does anyone know the outro song?
Thank GOD these asshole liberals LOST! wow
Alfre Dito
3:10 anybody know the ending song ?
rashard D'Auvergne
I'm from the future
Hillary ain't winning
Kayla B
Simon Pedersen
lol im a viking and i wrote this with one hand?!
darry johnson
coolest president of all time.
benmoshe ross
once you go barack you never go back😂😂😂😂
You get a car!
Obama... I miss you :(
You had the best successor.
Anyone know if the song at the end of all of the "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" videos has a name? It grooves hard. I'm talking about 6:56 till the end.
Rezwanul Choudhury
The Roots' music are AESTHETIC af
phuc lethanh
Don't know why some of you guy hated him
Deepak Sharma
President obama is best president i love president
Jane Thomasberg
Love and miss you Obama. You were the best president ever. First you go Barack you will never go back!!! So true.
Joyce Tsai
Too be fair, Mr. Trump seems to have the err... appropriate and more suitable disposition for some tasks. One comes to mind. Engaging North Korea more 'constructively'? Don't know..... sure....
Carmen Jap
Carmen Jap
Obama is SO much better a prez than Trump. Trumps hair so wierd basically a eagle nest.
Chris Cadena
I don't think y'all realize how smooth Obama dropped the mic at the end. Lol
Shady Alzubier
Momo Hoba
Donald Trump...Donald Trump...Donald Trump...Donald Trump
he is gone. It is good. clown is out.
Could anyone tell me what the tune/song is called starting at 6:57 ?
Chica Gamer
OMG Barack Obama!!!
major topics
Slow jam me please (lo) that's breaking news now adays
However, Trump has taken office
Mike Tayon
Obama the Man, hands down! Thank you Mr. President, you are greatly missed!
Brandon Lee
Lol then you look at trump today...... back to reality... god help us.
Ragnar Onsager
Hmm accomplish in 8 years?!! doubled debt! 7 terrorist attacks! Open borders to thugs and drugs! Poverty higher! fund terrorists! what good? So he's said he's created more jobs. How about the Millions who lost jobs on the coal and oil buisness!! Oh and same sex marriage? GEE obama thought You were a Christian!! Christians don't believe in homosexuality!!!! Obams Your sick!! You brought tons of terrorists into America. They have camps all over in America.. Trump is better already!!! 3 weeks in... Done great. So great. The best.. Better then Obama.. Big league!!! Obama You lied!! Your health care is shit.. Most can't afford it!!! Now Your going to take over the Untied Nations to rule the world with your army of terrorists!! ISIS!! YOU CHOSE AMERICA FOR A REASON MR ANTI CHRIST!! THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTY ON EARTH!!! YOU USED AMERICA TO BUILD YOU FUCKING ARMY OF TERRORISTS!! PLANNING THAT AFTER YOUR TERMS WERE UP YOU'D RUN TO THE UN AND TAKE IT OVER AS LEADER!!! TRUMP IS BUILDING HIS ARMY TOO. WE ARE READY!!! HE'S GETTING THE 4 KINGDOMS PREPARED FOR 7 YEARS WAR!! JAPAN, RUSSIA, CHINA AND AMERICA VS OBAMA THE ANTI CHRIST AND HIS ARMY THE UN AND TERRORISTS!!! ISLAM... IT'S COMING. BUCKLE UP BITCHES YOU ALL BE BRAINWASHED AND LIED TO.. READ THE BIBLE!!!
Rustlishki Rashentik
Come back, agent orange will get us into civil war.
Carinsa Leidsman
he was and is very popular in my country to we love you Obama
Suriname loves you
The TPP is one of the worst things Obama has ever created/advocated for. We Europeans are not slaves to the US, and we will not allow you people to enslave us with your substandard products, economical Sharia law and the poison you people eat willingly.
The same goes for CETA. USA, Canada, if you want to poison people, just throw nukes again. Otherwise, fuck off.
Miss Amazon
You just gotta love this guy!! I have proper respect for the way he has conducted himself!! ALWAYS the gentleman!!
Ravi Jodhan
President Obama is a Legend
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