"Slow Jam the News" with President Obama

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Jimmy Fallon and President Obama slow jam the news, discussing Obama's legacy, accomplishments and thoughts on the 2016 election.

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"Slow Jam the News" with President Obama

Valentinas Černeckas
r.i.p. america
The jam is smooth
Jeanne Bastille
Today is January 19th and my heart is broken ToT
Quetta Logan
I Love This!!!!Thank You President Obama♥♥♥God Bless You And Your Family & God Bless America.
cho hyunseo
he called himself daddy😂 😂 😂 😂
Nayla Milley
The biggest pieces of shit along with Fallon and the Clintons. I hope your wife and daughters get tape and behead in front of you POS. You pardon terrorist right before leaving office and your reason? Just to Fuck Trump
Jeanne Bastille
I'm from Canada. Sure, we have the sexiest leader in the whole world here (not an opinion, it's a fact :oP) but no world leader is cooler, sweeter and smarter than Barack Obama.
Haha, love the Naughty by Nature reference :-D
Wellington Dos Santos
very good! Show Barack Obama!
Aryan Khan
He is certainly one of the greatest presidents of all time
Zahra Zee
Wan Khairil Reza Kamaludin
I think he is the coolest president ever.
Josefin Johansson
"Once you go Barack you never go back"
Josefin Johansson
Why does Baracks voise to music just feel SO RIGHT
Jose Otavio Andrucioli
Went from a cool mofo to an orangutan in a bad wig for the new president... smdh
Riet Hansen
The world is going to miss the Obama family....😭😭
texas 27
You know it's funny how you Obama lovers say Republicans did everything they could to undermine him for 8 years, blocking everything he tried to pass, yet you fail to realize that it was actually DEMOCRATS who controlled Congress for his first term.
This was Awesome
Samuel Clark
celebrity president...stuff like this is what got him so many votes...not so much what he did in office
Jas Lyric
I love my president! :) don't leave us with cheeto faced trump.
Nhe ry
Hahahaha i lost it in the silky satin sheets thank you Mr. President and Jimmy! the world is a happier place with you Jimmy!!
Kim S
how can you thumbs down this video? it's too funny. lololol
Pato Garcia
Those musicians man! Thoooooose musicians!
Flash Focus Bruh
Don't you still have the other one with Obama from 2012?
Maree Malik
I wish he was the leader of my country! Can't stand Theresa May or even Beeg Nicola for that matter. #toriescanfuckthemselves
Gregory Staton
Obama needs to stop with all these last min orders Obama is a jack ass. a turd it is true.
Pankaj Shah (WildChild)
Did they practice cz they were perfect from everyway 😄
Sarah Eberhardt
Laser DuChamp
3:28 awkward truth between J and O
Lorna Christian
He's so down to earth, you won't get that with the Trump Family
Jorge Ugas
which is the name of the track at the end?
sheriee parnell
I need the instrumental
Julian Mendez
You'll be missed President Obama
Georgia Lerangis
Lmao, Orange really is the new black!
we've gone from a class act to a whining blowhard. God help us
Kamyar Roughani
coming back to this and crying 😭😭😭
jasper budiono
Did anyone believe this crap? First of all, in term of foreign relationship, Obama messing up with Russia, China while there is a huge opportunity in trade and military joint operation against global terrorism. Meanwhile thanks to Obama diplomacy in squeezing his own allies, he lost Philippines and Vietnam who are now China's ally. Even Turkey the largest army in Europe becoming Russian ally. Why? because Obama tried to squeeze Turkey when they had conflicts with Russia and badly need help from NATO. Then TPP, it will not bring job or trade benefit to US. TPP was created and administered by Singapore. Even South East Asians such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia pulled out from TPP long ago, because they know that TPP is only designed to benefit Singapore. Obama wanted to push through TPP so he can build trade containment on China in exchange of moving jobs and trade benefit to Singapore. Although Trump has no political experience, but he is expert in business industry. Trump knew TPP will not benefit American, that's why he scrapped it off. Trump also knew how to squeeze his rival much better than inexperience Obama. Look at how Trump squeezed China and all of sudden, the Chinese Billionaire, Jack Ma (controlled by Chinese government) announced that he will bring over than 1 million jobs to American in 12 months. That's how you squeeze your rival!
Please Obama come in France for 2017 President !!
Ellie Hall
'Orange is not the new black'
Dammm Obama
catherine runnals
Not for eight years anyways. I loved this President. Not only the way he loved his family but loved this Country and it's people. Thank you Mr. President for all you have done. Soon we will all know how great you are.
nigger faggot
Now just to wait till trump visits Dallas
Squidward Q. Tentacle
3:16 fallon trying so hard not to laugh. XD also, "does obamacare cover burns"? hahahahahahahahaha!!
Kathy Burke
Tina Fina
Wooow, this turns me on in so many ways at the same time :)
Col Bass
Haha. Brilliant! He walks out and almost wants to say "Sup?".....
socheathiya E
Love it.
Mak Trnka
I would love to see Bernie, Hillary, or Trump SLOW JAM the NEWS with Fallon
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