Missing Boy Found as Grown, Married Man: Richard Landers Found at Age 24

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Investigators track down once missing 5-year-old boy following custody battle.

Marie Laveaux
Clearly his father was fucked up on meth which is why they took Richard.
Why tf the grandma cuter than the mom, the mom ugly as fuck mane god damn.
Amanda Brookman
You can tell they live back in the boondocks. Because I used to live down ugly road before you could go to my house. LOL at least they found him.
Jay Cartwright
The grandparents obviously wanted to save him from that meth addicted mum and Dad
his mom is one handsome fucker
John Doe ?
I wish my grandparents would have loved me enough to do that that guy is very lucky he had good loving grandparents who were willing to make so many sacrifices. God bless them.
Zailyn Morales
Haha good joke 😂😂😂
judy valencia
I feel sorry for the boy. I'm sure he was so confused!
I just realized this was posted on my birthday
Ignez Maciel
I don't know the family situation, but how can you do that to your own child? Even if the parents were unfit (not saying they were or are), you don't take their child and not let them know if he's even alive. Of course the grand parents should be charged. Disgusting.
Rainbow Dash
really? don't you guys have everyone's names and id numbers ?
Balsac Teabaghar
trump voters in their natural habitat
ambrose darci
Only in america
Live From the Basement
Richard Landers sounds like a tumblr ship of Paul and Richard from Rammstein
Hugh J.F. Aggot
Obviously a reason they didn't press charges back then.
Sounds like the face on the milk carton
Savage Wolfy
sounds like the grand parents had enough bull shit from the boys parents acting like total idiots and got him the hell out of that shit.
abducted by grand parents this ain't a story
Alen Dzinic
The found live mn
Arsena McIntire
idiot authorities could have gotten his ssn from the ss administration with a subpeona.
those teeth are creppy
Israr Hussain
Never mind at least he is alive and well. Ameen 😢
But I do feel sorry for the parents. At least he is well and that must count for some thing.
God tock him away and God gave him back a little older.
Look at the people who are go missing and never come home alive or dead.
And that is all that matters he is alive.
Elba Saltos
Zahraaalrubaie 16
Sounds like he got the better end of that deal.
Sean Ericson
Joe Dirt
tesisthebest obrien
ha me and my aunt set off those alarms closed down the hospital! not on purpose we had babies a day a part and she was walking into my room to see me have my baby but we didn't know her stepping one foot in my door would cause a lock down
sophia rogers
omg my mom knew him because they both lived in Lagrange, IN and i just showed her this video and she was so shocked that he is still alive.
My vice principal is called Richard and is weird crazy and a nut job
Erock Gman
only in Indiana police go outside put there hand up to block the sun "hmm don't see him." mystery unsolved
omg her teeth are so big and his are missing perfect couple
Jackson The Epic
Those grandparents did the right thing
Blank Page
The good morning America guy and Johnny Knoxville, Twins separated at birth...
Pencil Vester
I wish that could happen to me ;-;
Straight up country. lol
That one Guy
2:15 o God dem tenth tho
Kevin Dilke
I don't think any of us know nearly enough to pass judgement on his parents. It could have just been that this boy did not deserve to be traumatised by the events between his parents. Even some things I have seen transpire between girlfriend/boyfriend have traumatised me, and I'm 57 years old! Kudos duly awarded to the grandparents. They had the BALLS to do the right thing. Thank God for people like these!
jasmi gia
white trash again
Kim Allen
Everyone who commented about method etc exactly how would you know or just dumb assumptions showing how ignorant you are, if the grandparents loved him why run off change your name like criminals?? Come on now it was more likely they thought they were better why not take their money and get a lawyer or one better HELP the MOTHER of their grandchild???
that's called family taking care of family , think about that the next time you go running to the cops
Joe W
Pearls Pears
jack, is,is that you
Margaret Cabral
His parents are both losers meth addict , alcholic neither one worth anything
but trouble, he was taken by Grandparents who took him from a life of hell
they did him a big favor.
Samantha Spears
Why does he look like jacksepticeye omg
Alpha Bond
The grandparents did it for the boy. Turns out they did the right thing.
Ronathon 69
bad genes
xox Tessa xo
He kinda looks like jacksepticeye..?
Mike Fimbres
Icelin Therian
When you live in long prairie mn XDD
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