Missing Boy Found as Grown, Married Man: Richard Landers Found at Age 24

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Investigators track down once missing 5-year-old boy following custody battle.

I'm glad this boy grew up with the grandparents, looks like he had a stable life. His parents don't look fit to even look after a pet.

on a side note, why didn't the police suspect the grandparents and go after them? Is this how they investigate kidnapping? Something doesn't add up in this story.
Carmen Peters
Why is that so strange. Seems like a natural consequence of the situation!
Kaliah Connie
He"s 28 now lol😂
Colin O'Connor
Colin O'Connor
? 😨😨😨😨
Leonard Chornomaz
Reading the comments here is really disappointing. So many people passing judgment without all the facts.
The accusations that the parents were both drug addicts, and the grandparents did the right thing, badrd on how the parents look now.
How do any of you know, that the child going missing and not being found, isn't what drove the parents to turn to drugs and alcohol.
It's been over 5 years since my granddaughter went missing. It desyroyed her mother, and grandmother. And to a point myself as well.
Unless you have had a child stolen from you, to not know where or what has happened to them. Or whether they are still alive or dead. You can not say what it will do to you. I hope all these disgusting and judgmental people never have to experience a child disappearing, to never be seen again. But at the same time, I wish they could understand what that does to a person.
The grandparents gave up their whole lives for this boy. They must have really loved him. Imagine how he would have turned out, if the parents raised him......omg.
Muddy Witch
Why did a step father have to hand over his social security card for police to get that information? Surely police would have had access to his social security number from the state he was born in?
Not really an abduction
Muhammad Sadiq Ghafoor
SO the grand parents never contacted their son/daughter for 19 years and how could they kept it a secret that their grand son was with them and not abducted !
Adriana Molina
of they were even abusing deugs then the grandparents would have gotten custody
Adriana Molina
all these comments but yet im wondering those idiots are they relatives to the parents how do they know there meth addicts.
Hol up............ it took nearly two decades for the step dad to give up the kids social security number. That is by far the dumbest shit I have ever heard of, if my child was at all missing I'll do everything I can do that he can be found
Mahad Shaikh
His mother was a homeless meth addict they did the right thing
Why wouldn't you keep in touch with your parents???
Dad looked cracked out while mom was living in a car. Grand parents did a good job.
Toastface Grilla
In Russia, young boy rapes pedophile
Americans seem to have the best and worst teeth in the world...does obamacare cover dental services too?
Only clicked this cause I saw my last name in the thumbnail
Gil Luna
you can tell his parents were not really ideal so maybe that's why the grandparents did that
Nicholas Taylor
That man had 3 teeth and 2 of them were dirty
Nate Carr
they should kill the grandparents
Mya McNeal
I know alot of missing people end up found dead but also probably alot of missing people are growing up and just aren't ready to be found yet or just have a new life or maybe have a new family or still being the kidnapped victim and having a rough life which is sad
Abel Espinal
The inportant thing that he is alive and well
atthew arre
Well it look like he had a good and happy life so far can't say they took it in today own hands custody battles could be A" b i t c h" didn't want that for that grandson I guess I can't call it
Gaming Authority
1:11 grabbing that ass
here we have an inside fucking job in the stupid ass Indiana cops couldn't figure this out? attention all criminals commit your crimes in Indiana it's safer there
Shahid Ullah
only in weird America
Mani Hill
Sick grandparents how could you do that to you son and grandson.
I don't get how the police didn't find a missing kid at his grandparents house. How.
Ahmed Hachem
White people crazy
Mina Kan
What the grandparents did isn't normal... taking the child from his parents when he was a child and not saying a word for YEARS? I'm sorry but some legal action needs to take place
Drew Conway
Oh FFS... if they forgot the kid's SSN why didn't they just go to the Social Security Administration and request it? Also, shame on you ABC for telling us this person has been "missing for decades." Nineteen years is a long time, but it's hardly "decades."
David Phelan
Hes better off .
Ashley F
It was for the best 👀 Mom should've not been a homeless druggie for the sake of her child. Glad he got to experience a normal childhood.
I love how everyone selectively chose not to listen the the part where they mention the grandparents changed all their information. That answers all the, "And why didn't they contact the grandparents?" questions. Don't ever go into law enforcement LOL
Patricia Muñoz
k but why does he look like jacksepticeye
LSX_ moe
I think I would know if I was abducted when I was 5 freaking years old..
How is this in my recommended tab after 4 years
those parents are crackheads
Crazy Shekinah
If baby lisa is not dead yet. She will be found when she turns 18 ..
eph elle
They didnt know?
Grandparents should be executed
John Squicciarini
He looks better off imo but you never know
How is he turning 24 and was born 94 ??? He should be turning 23
I love how I am living in the same state that the man was originally from...
Mekako gio
Wth jerks how could you do this to someone so close to you
The grandparents should get at least 30 years in jail... a life sentence.
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