Box of Microphones with Josh Gad (Disney Edition)

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Jimmy and Josh Gad play a game where they take turns singing Disney songs at random using microphones with special vocal effects.

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Box of Microphones with Josh Gad (Disney Edition)

Lisa Gregoire
krystal lucienne
Still sounds better than Emma Watson!
Cassandra Love
LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I peed my pants!
Reesyc Christabel
I'm literally wheezing
The Circle of Life was great.
When jimmy starting twerking.
Emily Lian
Is Josh gay in real life?
The first song was so cute
Jacob Wageman
@ the end it sounded like 2 chipmunks singing like Alvin.
Jacob Wageman
mufasa has a soar throat lmfao
josh gad omgoodness i remember those. those mics annoyed my dad as a kid true story hahahahahaha!!!
What-If Machine
Jimmy is clearly not a real Disney fan.
Noah Casper
"I love thaaaat!" with that chipmunk voice keeps getting stuck in my head at random times. It's so cute. πŸ˜‚
Stephanie Manrique
1:27 is the death of me
Ashley G
Immunuh = I'm going to
Stephanie Solis
Janie Arledge
Crying laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
John Bourgeois
That was the weakest attempt at Circle of Life I have seen. Cmon Jimmy
Cota Family
1:57 #Donkey
Ashley Millot
Brian Orozco
I got to give props to both these guys for staying relatively on key. Anybody who sings regularly-ish knows how disorienting it is hearing conversation in the next room. Coming from your voice that would be one-hundred times worse.
Kela Tate Pereira
Please do this with Ariana Grande lol
How do those microphone work
Featuring T-Pain
josh gad. deserves his own talk show
Yummy Sounds
A week ago i watched "Thanks for Sharing" where Josh plays a sex addict, and tonight i just came from watching "Beauty and the Beast" and it was sexier.
Tay Morgan
When I hear him I only hear Olaf
Average Dude
The colors of the microphones side by side is so satisfying.
My toddler laughed so hard at the Chipmunk voices. XD
My Twenty One Chemical Romances in The Neibourhood
Kendall Stucky
Is nobody going to point out the crooked orange microphone that needs to be straightened
It's E.G
they should definitely do more of theseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Marissa west
lmfao omg I'm crying
rita rabaa
Such an amazing actor. I love him
Amanda Carson
3:25 Jimmy was channeling Eiffel 65
Steph Piano
Honai Shongna
I really need this microphone😁😁
Tiffany Chang
Confused as to why this video has so many dislikes...?????
Julie Hubley
I could watch them do this for hours
Alex Masi
I COULD. NOT. STOP. LAUGING. Jimmy and Josh are perfect!
Cristina Mariotta
Disney Song
Mia I
Is he Olof 😱
ER Bram
Funny game!
yoya muawia
3:16 looks like a verse from a t-pains song lol
Rolf Son of a Shepard
I want those microphones 😬
Rolf Son of a Shepard
were can I get this version of beauty and the beast on iTunes
Severus Snape
Isn't the title Tale as Old Time?
Michel Bick
Bear Claw?
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