The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking • K-pop: Part 3

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The Try Guys continue to immerse themselves in Korean culture, this time experiencing Korean cuisine first-hand with the help of their new Korean Mom.


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Dr. Suk-Young Kim, Korean Culture Expert, UCSB

Hyosun Ro, Korean Food Blogger


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katherine ellie
y’all get too pressed about some stuff lmao you know he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful he was just being funny
katherine ellie
are they wearing eyeliner lmao
“O what’s over there?” steals a piece of food XD
Everyone’s a chef but Eugene, but only Eugene is Korean... XD
*Ezzie Mooray*
4:20 - 4:31 <3
Harry The Rapper
Eugenes a mean daddy
4:20 i actually did this when i was younger i love that stuff its really good
Makenna Hooper
I’m Korean and I’ve had both of these. Kimbap is the best
Keith: ned no
Ned: they say it's good for the skin
Keith: no you said that Ned no mom
zhao yu
5:10 Zack sounds like Baymax
please don't throw food
ryan kim
ryan kim
Woo Hoo I'm asiaj!
Tonaomi Sketch
I know what a kimpap and a dukbokki is, but since I'm not a spicy food fan, I only ate kimpap before.
JustMeAndMyPets 47
3:34 Eugene looked so focused😂😂
fabulos pear
Eugene is like a mom
Lenis Lim
Isnt the mom eugene's mom?
Yoongii pla
Isn't it tteokbokki? Not dukbokki
Literally the only goal that Eugene has in this vid is to kill Zack using Zack's lack of knowledge of the amount of spice you consume
Niki Philippoussis
Ned and Keith are children I swear
Fantastic Article! On this spot at Y&S FOOD! we admire to have this in our feeds. We build Travel & Food films and perhaps we are ceaselessly looking out for innovative inputs and so concepts. With thanks!
asian disappointment
This is honestly the most relatable video for Asians
Duk is delicious as a snack though
Kawaii Land
Tteokbokki is so good
Atarah Vivar
4:22 is Eugenes real name Yoo Jin or It's just the ladys accent?
Hannan Sinarimbo
"I rolled things in college. so, I have prior knowledge."

Zach you can't be saying that hahahaha
Glyph DaHarpoon
I think Eugene is wearing makeup
Cordelia Palmer
Eugene doesn’t want to be Zach’s mom because he is secretly wants to sleep with him.
Daydream Burrito
"Keith and I are chefs but not Korean, and Eugene is Korean and not a chef"
And Zach is Zach.
You know Me
Try guys try japanese cooking
Arcanjo Miguel
zach was so annoying in this ep
Benatron 210
I am Korean and my last name is yang
Rachel Lee
“I said balance at the same time as mom!” 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Faith Hennesey
I haven't started watching yet but I already know it can't be worse than jungkooks potatoes or namjoons onions
Quinn Keefer
I'm the fish cake on the floor that they repeatedly zoom in on throughout the video.
allie freeman
AJ Jefferson
Did... did Zack say he rolled things in college? 😂
''Zach: I rolled things in college so..I know how to do that!'' 😂
drink when:
ned mentions his wife

someone says that eugene is better at something (including eugene)

keith and zach bromance

someone mentions keith being tall

someone mentions zach’s hairy chest

eugene asian joke

ned’s butt

eugene’s white people/that’s racist moments

eugene committing to the most authentic experience

any of the guys in a state of a partial dress

if the guys get naked at any point in the video
Rikki Vengolez
Kimbap Kidding
ken hasanudin
In like 3:41 Eugene just standing awkwardly be a cameraman while all the try guys being a child.😁😁
Moose theStrawberry
4:20 is litterly too cute too handle
Eugene lost his Korean accent like completely
Michelle Harman
my uncle is famous in south korea his name is robert holly
carlee Malmberg
Lmao "I've rolled 'things' in college.." okayyyy😭💨
Lone Wolf
This made me so hungry😢😢😢
Kristin Torres
Eugene looks so much better with his hair like this!! I was not physically attracted to him with it in his face, but LIKE THIS...”Oh yea, he can get it!” Lmao
Maeve McMillan
Zach reminds me of qurmid the frog 🐸🐸🐸
The Asians are so annoyed XD
Eva Shenay
I rolled things in college, so I have prior knowledge to do this
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