warlord gamer
I see why they call them big cats it was acting just like a cat
Matthew Farol
This Cheetah acting like some sort of domesticated pet . . .
Evil Bunny
hello lovely.
3:17 oh, look, it's male!
The Cheetah was like "I'll give you a photo shoot"!! Send me my pics in the mail.
So weird how they act like housecats
Chaotic Peace
Ninja Maria
How I love to be there not only to see them but to feel the tension of this fearless creature starring at you.
Sadeyes Hernandez22
cheetah is look ing around because he want to buy a car
"If I fits, I sits! I don't care how big I am."
Everyone knows that when you encounter a wild feline you must scream as loud as you can and make quick spasmic movements, besides hitting the animal in the nose as hard as you can. What the hell are you doing??
Ikram Hassan
He's a boss.
The Cat
That video is so fake.
Yarply Twelve
Its been fed before
Richard Weed
Tiger Woods has changed his name to Cheetah.
Don't grow too fond of her, being a cheetah and all, it will just end in tears.
what if the cheetah decided that you would be its human?
CJ all around Gamer
That is a loud camera
We have show leopards in our country. They looks very similar and have the same behavior. They are human-neutral
Amethyst Lutrova
BunBun The Gamer
That cheetah is so adorable! You can definitely see the similarities between dominate cats and the big wild cats like cheetahs and such.
Blaine De yager
Who wants a Tame pet. Cheetah
Heinrich Hagen
mmm 3:25 your license expired sir
Lisa Nanan
MRM Birmingham
he was just checking the model of the vehicle ;-)
Tristan Nowicki
Can't imagine a male lion doing this.
Sere Nik
Sere Nik
At 4.51, what a fierceness ..... awesone, wild creature!
gmaster cool
cheetah : hey you got a nice jeep here
goddammit that guy eith the camera couldnt get enough fotos
I'm surprised it didn't shit all over the hood of the truck; I would have.
i will never understand peoples desire to be as close as possible to an apex predator in its environment with it fully concious and aware....
cheetah obviously has half a gazelle in it's stomach
Cooper Jones
Are Cheetahs always this skinny?
Nube Gamer
I'm pretty sure the cheetah only wants some Cheese Puffs
Mike Pi
Did they need to take THAT many pictures of the same thing? Jeez!
That's adorable. These guys were lucky to get such a treat...
yamaha superbike
that was badass.
Lady Amalthea
Dances With Cheetah
Koen Mulder
Lucky bastards
Raj Md. Ashraful Huq Baramdei
normal everyday asshole cat doing everyday irritating thing, just with a bigger body.
Rosy Phillips
I know they can kill you, but I cant make myself scared, it looks so much like a house cat
Kendall Merritt
though the cheetah is a fast predator I've never heard word about them attacking people so...this may be very naΓ―ve of me but the cheetah's actually very gentle around humans than it's bigger cousins X3

I'd love to pet and cuddle it.
Official GG G
When I watched this video on my phone those pictures taken in the video reminded me for my phone so I tried to search for my phone!
Wollemi _
"Mind if I pimp yo ride fam?" - πŸ†
"Are you food?...Do you have food?... What's this big box thing?Meh...I'm bored "
such beautiful curious creatures :)
They are just bigger cats, I love them!
TheConjuringFan PatrickandVera
I want one soooo bad.
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