Wild Cheetah Jumps In Car During Safari! Scary Animal Encounter!

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How are people so calm?

Face to Face With A Wild Mountain Lion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tJ-yk_WbYs&t=64s

Wild Panther Encounter on Florida Backroad: https://youtu.be/6aN-_DAwkt8

Face to Face With A Wild Bobcat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qQwc3WpPBg&t=3s

Hiker Runs Into Huge Alligator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-SWb6m6BJY

Face to Face With A Wild Coyote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcH40NSs3Vc&t=29s

Wild Grizzly Bear Close Encounter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXwAlUYGE8k

Hiker Attacked By Hognose Snake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6nJq0TJ1wg

Curious Wild Bobcat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM8mw4d79Bk&t=150s

Crazy Squirrels Attacking Snakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaHzJx6AhUo

Rebecca Lynn
The cheetah seemed to sense that the people weren't a threat. Animals can tell when someone is hostile or gentle. I thought this was such a sweet video.
Shinobu Chan
Cheetah be like "Nice ride homie"
Władca Wymiaru
Cheetah is good big cat. They do not attack humans.
The cheetah is searching the car. He's a cop around there.
Wow! What a privilege that would be! I would not have been happy with the person with the loud camera shutter!
lowe booty
Wild Cheetah smells what the ROCK dwayne johnson hase cooking
she smells the drugs smugeled by USA in to that region
K Smooth
Cheetah: so are these seats standard? Is financing available?
Thomas Sin
nice dick pics
So not even wild casts are shy about shoving their asshole in your face.
You could tell when a cat is just curious to investigate or just planning on stealing food rather than attack
Brett Perry
Most predators in general have no interest in using us as a food source, mostly because we're not worth the energy expended taking down prey. It's why animal attacks are so rare (relative to the population), and why they allow us to invade their space and still walk away unscathed. In their world we're just obnoxious yet slightly entertaining curiosities.

For the most part, we only become prey when we cross paths with an individual that's starving from illness, injury, or old age.

Beyond that, attacks are almost always our fault. The person being attacked may not know what they did wrong, but they did something to provoke a violent response.
"Where is my damn food, human?!"
4:24 Dude just straight up picked his nose and sucked up the bounty while a freaking cheetah was standing directly above him.
Generic Asian American Guy
What kind of dog is this?
d'Rivm Wempozv
White folks'll let a wild ass cheetah sniff around their car & nearly kill them but won't letta brotha hitch a ride on a rainy day. smh
All fun and games until someone's face gets torn off, and completely disembowel. While people watch in horror. Screaming their heads off and clawing at their eyes from the horror they are currently witnessing...and then a Fucking Nuclear Bomb goes off and takes out the entire world.
Sieren Tokiio
thats...really weird
Never understood why these safari cars are so open? Isn't that risky? Still, this is so cool.
Has a cheetah ever killed a human? I'd be intrigued at who'd win in a fight between a strong human and a muzzled cheetah.
You should've fed him meow mix. ^_^
Good on those people inside the jeep for not freaking out and ruining the moment.
Dayna Wall
Beautiful kitty.
Col Sum
HELL NO. Nope nope nope
Peceli Raduva
So Scary
Marc Dante
The cheetah thought it was a jaguar.
Plat Bro
"Y'all want some Cheetos?"
Portalfan Johnson
"Cheetor stop terrorizing the tourists!"
Pinoy Villa
I want a cheetah as a pet :(
Shawn Renfroe
i can just see if now... dude! dude! where did you put the laser pointer!?!
Mythical Munch
can, can we keep it
adrian balagtas
Cheetah wants to go above the jeep
Gurpreet Chauhan
I like your jeep dude..
can i buy it ...
let me do some inspection first...
nope didnt like it mate......
Dodge Viper
4:03 This cheetah's posing for a photoshoot. 😂😂😂
AdvilTastes LikeCandy
Cure for constipation right there.
Alice Devaniere
"Yo homie get this shit jumping i gotta be home before the mrs knows where i been at"
"Nah this a dead ride"
"Ok, man i really need a lift"
"Shit im high as hell, im on the bumper is we moving?"
"Nah this ride dead as hell im out"
Bob Marley
id be calling it like a kitty lol clearly its a kind soul
Envy Advisor
So y'all just come through and don't bring a nigga no wings or nothing!
Laine Kočāne
how many fucking pictures do they need to take
Nutifafa Addo
cheetah 5:09; you guys have nothing to offer me. am out of here
Cheetas are just really big and deadly kitties 😍 soooo cute!
Master Yi
Just gon pretend there wasn't a face full of cheetah balls dangling for a bit.
Betty Lâm
The cheetah is so adorable !!!! Omg
Hailey Gaming _ Official
I would've pissed myself if this happened to me.
romel 4life
FUCKS NO!!!!!!!!!!! if that ever happens to me I'm putting a few hole in its head
Parrish Phillips
y'all mfs dumb if u think cheetahs attack humans they are chill and besides it only grow up to 160lbs its already smaller than most humans so no need to act like a bitch its too small
Strange Magic
they're the size of a normal dog
jairo ramirez
cheetah: yup ima just hop on yo car to get a better view for food
Wei Zhang
nice cool
Grigoris Deoudis
I was wondering, by smiling and looking them straight in the eyes, doesn't that send signals of aggressiveness from our side?
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