Buutiful Disaster
Salt Bae always helps.
The Graffius Family
is this how I do it is this how I do itis this how I do it
azyan syahirah
imari mcknight
omg i honestly never thought buzzfeed would do a video in south Carolina. I'm from south Carolina and i just feel like no one knows about us
Aww, I was cheering for the other couple. After 20 years they had such good chemistry.
Lauren A
Man, I really didn't think the boys would win. I was kinda going for the couple that was together for so long, tbh.
xXIliketurtles2332Xx Msp
Jen Steere
Rachelle and Fred are my couple goals.
K Gregston
No..... I wanted the other couple to win. They were so nice and sweet together... 😭😭😭
Peege S
The positivity is beautiful!
candace cannon
shocked at the winners. that quail was pink
Inika Shah
I'm getting masterchef vibes
Bianca Mariani
HAHAHAH was anyone else cringing at the random cuts to people cheering
Megasippi _
I feel like he only became a chef because his last name was bacon😂
Amy McKenna
Yay Charleston! The black couple were clearly Charlestonians so cute
Yasmine Perez-Calderon
"They have been together for over twenty years" THEY LOOK TWENTY YEARS OLD WHAT DO YOU MEAN
The gay couple was my fav I love them so much give them a Netflix show pls
The Thing
Both the couples are great people
Ebonie Johnson
Bontie Mogodi
my cheeks hurt from smiling. loved the black couple's energy.
Jade Azalea
Where the FUCC is Ned and Ariel
tiana moore
Monitor vulnerable deadly prepare adopt reply.
I'm telling Quailman about this, he and his friend Jem are going to find this Truly Outrageous.
Nathalia Luv
I live in Lexington,Sc
oh my god i love the black couple.
This was really cute and really fun. There should be like an ultimate cook-off with a bunch of couples XD
Buzzfeed getting official AF
Jordin Jones
so no one else thought that was Pornstache...?
Sarah Shepherd
This is so cute and pure! The couples were so lovely and had great personality <3
Xavier Chen
They are all so cuuuute!!
The black couple were amazing - so happy and great together!
Maricela Huidor Figueroa
I wonder if the chef is related to Kevin? ;)
All this was super cute amazing all around
Maria Salazar
The people in Charleston, South Carolina are so different than Los Angeles, California.. Visited there and loved it lol
Andy Nguyen
Lol haven't seen a single comment about gays or POC except the comments saying people need to get over it
Teresia Nana
when your name is bacon and you're a chef.. :))
Who else is wishing they went on a double date together?
Jenna Sexton
whydoes one of the gay guys look like porn stache from orange is the new black
Did u realize that the chef 's last name is bacon!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Just Ducky
They were all so cute and I loved this so much!
Rafaela Veniou
noooobody expected that the gay couple would win... >.> anyway... both teams did great
Both these couples were so funny. Nice light hearted video.
Mariama Bah
Rachelle has such nice dreads.
Both really fun couples!!
Buzzfeed thinks bringing gay people on the show will bring them subs
W.T. vdB
Oh my gosh, This really makes me want to buy that car...
Said no one ever
Misho D
Fred and Richelle have accomplished relationship goals
Sheart L
The chefs last name bacon lol
Awww, so cute!
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