"Can You Read English?" Sean Spicer Takes On ABC Reporter

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"Can You Read English?" Sean Spicer Takes On ABC Reporter

sean spicer delivers a press conference at the white house press room during this live press briefing press secretary sean spicer briefs reporters for president donald trump on trump news all things related politics, this one clip in particular was a exchange between sean spicer and a race baiting reporter april she tries to make the white house look bad and sean spicer lets her know whats really going on fox news was present and asked a question about russia nunes and putin investigation and also a statement by hillary clinton , sean spicer appears on snl frequently for comedy where they spread lies about his full spicy character this segment usually gets discussed on tucker carlson tonight later , sean spicer destroys this reporter and it should be a lesson to stop spreading lies this was during a spicer speech a cnn reporter tried to jump in but sean spicer closes the meeting for trumps energy signing this was live, other stations including msnbc asked questions about putin and russia and apparent lies about news today

Lemmy Fuque
Like to toss a pack of firecrackers into the middle of that room.
Thor Asgardian
Trump haters are just a waste of good air and space.... like that ABC reporting lady.
its lawyer lingo a bit.... YOU HAVE TO BE skilled to see it. Example:

Out to dinner
Me " I can't eat the cucumbers on my salad. Cucumbers can cause rashes, bloating, etc" ( I never said I was allergic to cucumbers right? )
My friend: " So does they mean that you are allergic to cucumbers or dont like them for health reasons?
Me: " I just said that I can't have cucumbers on my salad. They cause rashes.... etc. What are you stupid?

In normal conversation people who have nothing to hid will say. I'm allergic to cucumbers or I can't have them for health reasons. People who spin things imply things.... but never directly state them. YAY LEGAL JARGON.
Not my monkeys not my circus...Spicer translation.
kenny Irish
I enjoy watching the Spice...Fuckin news readers. I'll miss the banter Mr. Spicer!!!
andy mo
Funny because Spicer "dont read so good".
New Wave Comedy
Spice is an idiot
Tullio Falini Jr.
Fake News: Listen to the clip. Spicer did not say "Can you read English".
the stupid reporter can't even look him in the eyes when asking a dumb question.
Janeth T
Hallie Jackson and Kristen Welker are the reporters with Sub-Zero IQ.
Liberty Wins
These MSM "reporters" make me sick. They all act like 3 year olds asking irrelevant questions. Why don't they investigate how much corruption is among the MSM?
Chum Kh
Spicer is finally breaking down. he is beginning to get angry when cornered.
Do journalists/reporters practice to be that stupid or are they just born with it?
ABC is fake news.
Gabrielle Prebish
Damm spice is Spicy af
Trump supporters are an embarrassment to this nation.
Martin Romo
i hate him so much
javiel villa
me am trump souporder. I can not take all the slams on our preciden. ha ha lol
Colm vesiliahupanovich
Danny russo
I love trump ..but spicer is Awful
Spicester? Why were you hiding in the bushes?? You weren't taking a leak, because once the reporters found you, and dragged you out...... you did take a leak.... in your pants!
Bones D Weiser
"Moose" and "lambs"
"she,she, he-is obviously a talented lawyer" lmfao which is it? A man or woman that wrote that in PLANE ENGLISH- shawni-spicy!!
Good job Sean! Put that dumb reporter in her place.
Midwest Mopars
It's ironic because Donald Trump can't read.
My favorite quote of Trump with Hannity in the Oval Office:

"Look at my desk, papers."
Can you read the Bush's wuss boy? The shrubbery?
Eppur si muove
This channel is where intelligence goes to die. Look at the comments!
Marco Dane
Typical female. Any attention is good to them.
James Cohn
Story time at the press briefing...uncle Spice, can you read that one again and explain it just as it is written, please please please.
Gilbert Lopez
Just another ***hole working for Trump!
bruce cockinson
sliced diced and a dab a spice
Lizzie Smith
please apologise to the Jewish people
joan naurot_ton
control c control v...now you see it tomorrow it is deleted.....ha ha ha..ngia ngia ngia...
Venkat Y
Is this Melissa McCarthy...from SNL?
Peter Nielsen
Not commenting is not the same as agreeing SS.... The reporter would be wrong to just assume that, so was clearly in her right asking that question. Maybe that's just me, but i like to hear it from "the horses mouth" instead of having to deduct from what other people say or what the government/politicians do or dont comment on
Jeremy Horn
False quote in the title. Republicans lie and mislead endlessly
greg romero
sean spider........hang him!
Roberto Ramirez
Donald Trump cant read English either
Von Dutch
This winter was the Coldest WETTEST WINTER on Record in 100 years !

Trump saved the Climate !
pete King
The comment was made to denigrate her because she is multiracial. We see through your dog whistle politics.
chris n
spicer is clearly gay, and damned near retarded
Yo GAme EL
pretty girl :)
gbornfree reallyfree
t brbrb
Long story short,
Peestains is going to jail...
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