"Can You Read English?" Sean Spicer Takes On ABC Reporter

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"Can You Read English?" Sean Spicer Takes On ABC Reporter

sean spicer delivers a press conference at the white house press room during this live press briefing press secretary sean spicer briefs reporters for president donald trump on trump news all things related politics, this one clip in particular was a exchange between sean spicer and a race baiting reporter april she tries to make the white house look bad and sean spicer lets her know whats really going on fox news was present and asked a question about russia nunes and putin investigation and also a statement by hillary clinton , sean spicer appears on snl frequently for comedy where they spread lies about his full spicy character this segment usually gets discussed on tucker carlson tonight later , sean spicer destroys this reporter and it should be a lesson to stop spreading lies this was during a spicer speech a cnn reporter tried to jump in but sean spicer closes the meeting for trumps energy signing this was live, other stations including msnbc asked questions about putin and russia and apparent lies about news today

FAKE talking heads!!!
Robert Kautz
I'm sick of these stuck-up morons they call 'reporters'.
Prr Royal
That's what it sound like and look to me every time I watch this!!
It is not a friendly journalist interaction with Sean Spicer.
He has to "proved" and explain to this bunch of reporters every little word,action etc....
because they want to misinterpret what he said, or they don't want to understand it the way it is.All the y are searching is for more "dirt"
(I don't live in USA) I am just observing the level of stupidity there is.
Instead of unite and make a better country ...what a pity!!!
Ivette Urbino
He is so rude.
Virginia Kane
I hope he can sleep at night.
Iwate Kumite
Piss Splasher reveals ignorance is no barrier to a white house position.
croissant p
that abc reporter is so hot omg
wow....the anger here is ....stunning....and believing that the media is after the same brain trust that gave us alternative facts and clean, really clean coal....etc etc etc....is a good thing....drag the whole mess of them into the light and watch them burn....lol....trumps made lying a new art form
Good God. Please tell me ABC's reporters aren't this stupid.
English......Words......Statements.....Reporters don't get it.
Ed Wu
he's a trip!
Lusty Wench
It's the difference between men and women.
Man: Water is wet.
Woman: What do you mean by that?
Liane Cornils
See them roles of fat? She doesn't. Lol
Liane Cornils
We love you Sean.
Liane Cornils
She's a real smart ass, and I'd kick her broad ass black hairs fade right out of there. I'd tell her to go wipe her ass with her black hair.
Autumn Morgan
Conservative or liberal, I can't believe anybody can watch this and think Spicer came out on top. That reporter didn't even have to try to make him look bad.
angelo lopes
Spicer is brilliant and these reporters are so determined to find something out of nothing they come across as completely idiotic.People this stupid really could only live in a privileged bubble where they are insulated from the real world of hard work and poverty.
Marcela Crandall
love the you have been Spiced!
Silvia Leon
This little fat man is very disrespectful and nervous...the worst job ever for anyone who needs to defend an ignorant President.
Eddie Surall
marky mark
This guy reminds me of a snowflake.
these fools will self destruct, only a matter of time......that is unless their macho, nationalistic....we can get n korea on our own doesn't backfire first causing nuclear ww3 with russia, china and n korea against us.wake up you fucking morons
spicer's a fucking idiot, you can't read his insane comments about hitler not gassing jews too. caring about the environment.....yeah trumps decision to allow coal co's to dump toxic sludge in our rivers and streams....yea that there is a good example .....you trump lovers suck sooooooooobad and are such fucking morons, it's almost surreal
If Spicer is so great why is there so much buzz from insiders that Trump is seriously considering firing him?
Ebenezer Abraham
he is a bad ass
For Hinguerez
I feel like Sean is a good guy, but I don't think he can handle great amounts of stress. Let's be honest if you had the job he had it wouldn't be as easy as you think.
Press conference I look forward to watching . Just to watch moronic liberal media get bitch slapped by the Spice
Judith Osorio
Trump is dismantling the EPA because we deserve clean water and air? This administration will say one thing and do another.
Another fake news reporter got SPICED!
i love the sarcastic way he says "it's interesting that..."
Asks about climate change and gets answer about clear air. What a genius.
AP's Vintage - finds
Michael Teixeira
Is that Melissa McCarthy?
Seniors Penname
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Qniba Khan
This A hole is ALWAYS aggressive, confrontational and condescending. When can he be put out of his misery?
This guy is such an asshole, how did he get put in PR?
Jaguar Domingo
Hahahaha Spicey! They should make a reality show with him after the impeachment
Milini Campbell
No one should defend Sean Spicer. The way he handles the press is ridiculous and unprofessional. It definitely shows he has no experience. I cringe when i watch him. I just can't understand how people could ignore his rudeness as well as his lack of respect for the press.
Le Lee
Take the fucking bass out of your fucking tone Spicer! Don't care how many times you have to interpert simply do it - taxpayers pay your salary and you work for Americans! You wouldn't have to explain so much if your idiot stupid ass president knew what the hell he was doing. I'd ask until his face turned blue- no fucks are given in this comment - not one.
Jonssyy Jons
Pissy Spice rears his ugly, square, balding and devoid of knowledge, head.
Dylan Watson
Melissa McCarthy at her best here..
Say Bye Bye Spicy!! LMAO!! He'll be "Fired" soon!! Bahahahaha
Rene A
bahahaha Spicer is an idiot ... what a joke ... Yeah reporters know a lot of words Sean ... they might need help since all your administration does is lie ... lie and make up more lies ... then the orange amoeba blows up his twitter account with nonsense. The world is laughing ...thanks for that Spicey lol
If the president thinks climate change is a hoax, why doesn't he create an agency to prove himself right, he could create a lot of jobs with that.
Adam Jaye
I love Trump but this guys even better. You've been SPICED
Mk Ely
It used to be that they tried to tell the truth and corrected when they were found to be in error but this administration seems to tell the lies and keep telling them and then never admit to a lie.
Matthew Bassett
Geez, Seems like half the comments here are coming from our Russian propagandist friends. Spicey cannot answer a straight question. Trump does not believe in science or climate change. That should have been the answer. So he lied...what else is new.
Glorious E
What we need to focus on is to get a whole new administration 😁👌🌺
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