SPark YT
Let's just say....... I'm the boss
lord bees
They say that "When he was born and was put in the nursery, no baby cried out of sheer respect".
Dante_ Gameing and more
This is so funny
kid has swag
"What is this shit"
How the hell did this get 4.5 million views?!?
Kaden Chambers
He reminds me of Stewie Griffin
Michal Bujok
he looks like sans
Penguin _Peep
At 0:07 the kid is crawling towards him like the kid wants a collision. 😂
Pretty Penny Hate Doctor
I bet he's cool enough to shoot video in landscape...
This is an ø, TØP sucks.
He already knows where he's going to college.
I met him and no one will ever believe me except Todd
The ladies are going to love me on that...too cool already.
Michelle Lee
I just wasted 17 seconds of my life...
andrea beldomenico
mamma mia che video
he looks like a cute old grandpa😆😂😂😂
So this is what gets you 4.4 million views these days... nice
Kidd X Almighty
Slow down the video and
play the song "Ice Flow".
AsrielDreemur MSP
this is beautiful jumping
Alex Ferreira
I aspire to be that cool
Oh wow he's jumping while putting his hands in his pocket
White Girls-"OH MY GOD! ITS SO CUTE!" (starts to cry)
Boss Baby 😂
Dancen Origins
He probably gets more women than me
He's balding. His best years are behind him.
Leaked footage of The Boss Baby 2
Lara 013
QUEe?? como pode ter assim um vídeo tantas vius
Zoie Gomez
Lol video with 4M views with a kid jumping in a bouncy house
reallyfatpanda 55112
sam assefa
So if I record my nephew jumping then I'll get over 1 million where is the camera
Leon Luu
good dammit boss baby is real
Tuyết Sa Hoàn
Gru as a kid...
Our future president
Ashley Games Vlogs And More
Subscribe to my channel plz it has been my lifelong dream to have 100 subscribers join team Ashley for daily vlohs games and tutorials
Bored toddler amuses the adults. Has them eating out of his hand with each cool bounce.
Here we see a true OG
How is this at 4mil views. he has his hands in his pockets. am I missing something?
BABY BOSS -is the movie based of a true story
Simply Nataly
You look cool!!!!! 2 year old nephew!!!
Myke Commodore
some say he had crying johnny whacked before the magician's act.
Take Ury
godz murk
Lol dang thats one cool lil Dude
Kleo 84
wow. 4.3milliom views. if the uploaded would of put ads on this video, he would of JUST earned $4k in a week!!!!
Monster Madness
Legend has it that hes still bouncing and the boy at the backstill cant get up
Constantin Craciun
"Listen to my boss words, I'm going to get the makers of this jumpy thing and have a custom made for home use, do you hear me?" this kid.
Zishawn Malik
The most interesting man in the world just got replaced
Ninja 19573027
Hes Gonna Become The Next James Bond
Sent Hair on Amazon
So cool !!!
Alfonso perez
like a boss
Sysnia Shan
Hey it's Boss Baby 😂
He looks like a grandpa
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