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notice me or something

The author wants me to link to their ifunny account so: LordVines

Website ➤ http://tinyurl.com/za5gw22

Tumblr ➤ http://theodd1sout.tumblr.com

Facebook ➤ https://www.facebook.com/theodd1sout

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Professor Greninja
Wait if they were both 12 how could James drive a car,it's illegal
ღ RuneLux ღ
What The Hell This is too weird actually and funny, I guess. If a 12 year old actually wrote this uhm ...... good luck
Jo Privat
That girl has obviously played too much Yandere Simulator
Isabelle Lebrun
Just Dylan TV
He, heh yeah that TOTALLY wasn't me...


ink the creator
I like turtles
Crazy Chomper
Fanfics are scary.
LionKingPro LKP
That person used senpai wrong
Elizabeth Rawlston
Lol i think this is so funny. lol i love the clif diving part. the fanfiction was weird doe.
Don't get triggered

read more
Adelaide Coypel
I've seen all your videos
Jian Lin
Lego mini New
Senpai means upper in Japanese
Brian Trejos
Ho the hell wants to smell like africa
JJ & Sophie Prodoutions
LOL i have no regerts watching this
Jay Senpai
"were both only 12"

Reva Shayne
Wait. I have permission to write a FAN-FIC about JAMES!
Goku SSJ
Crystal Heart
James...... i have no words..... xD you're awesome!
Yameli Sanchez
Senpai of course! Senpai yandarey chan I guess I spelled it wrong.
Cherry Rulz
wHy is a 12 yeAr oLd DriViNg?!
Anna Hermansson
Now that's creepy.......she needs help.......
Steamdragon Animations
I expected all of these to be u and Jaiden shipped xD
HVK Beast
When she fell asleep the first time she was dreaming about that day I think
HVK Beast
You forgot 5th which is getting hacked
Lee Katoanga
James this fan fiction did not make a lot of sense but as I am the FANFIC expert! People make fanfics of people when they are Teens,kids,Adults,baby's or when their old BECAUSE they do it in different time lines. So whoever wrote this picked for you to be a kid (12) and a teen (13) So yeah :3
LpsLilly 365
This made me feel odd and it's not even about me....
Nimieu H
it sounds like yander simulator anime game thing
ElementalFox Gaming
That fan fiction is 100% disturbing and stalker like
Darky joke
Aidan McHutchison
Who closed the trunk?!?!
brandi b
I subscribed
Chicken Cake
umm well ummm credit to taking time making it?!?! I just really hope the person who wrote it isn't the girl because.....yeah somebody call the police.....
Matte_wolf 7
This is incredibly creepy....
its James senpai get it right fanfiction
TiTAN Spectre
zuzu keating
Soooo her parents just don't notice she's GONE
Glip Glob It
Horniest 12 yr old I've ever seen
Sam Bialon
I know what waifu means but what does senpai mean
Stephanie Plant
i am 6
Stephanie Plant
The Delicious XxGamerxX
Cats! meow Meow meow meow
This twelve year old girl clearly saw yandere simulator
Jacob Trucksis
"We're both only 12!" What?!?!?!
PK Guitar
Does anyone else find this creepy
Anna Jalonen
Tekstittäjä (suomi): Fuck you
Ette tiedäkään kuinka paljon nauroin tolle😂
Anime Cat
Juvia and Gray.... Fairy Tail...... Get it?
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