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Cathy Nebre
Is lebron in clippers?
Muy buenas, me gusta mucho el vídeo
Frosty spears
Omg why clippers look weak at nba 2k14 😤😤😤. If real life they can score much of 3pt but in nba 2k14 only a 2pt shot? Watdaheck..
ㄣιαγεr Κιηg
Why is the crowd quiet
Karylle Guevarra
Go curry
Cheung lok fung
When gs will break 200?
Cheung lok fung
wtf! with BINGO!
Ian Shields
Coach Kerr mixing whatever flavors of fantastic he pleases out there...damnnn...must be fun....
Ian Shields
Steph must always feel like he’s on home court, considering how many shots he makes from there...😎
Why would youtube ever recommend me a sports video? I don't even know what a sports is.
I just bumped into this video, I stopped at the third quarter, I couldn't watch no more. I see why the lost. The highlight is only about shots made, still, when the Clippers made shots they had defenders in the vicinity or had these "how wasn't that a block" type of defense. The Warriors were playing against a defense in offseason mode Specially under the rim
Susan Lim
hydro bubbles32
Lol cool
Main Thug
Listen to Main Thug- Kevin Durant[1] by Main Thug #np on #SoundCloud
Sho TV
3:30 its travel
DaHumbleBeast [V2]
Why the fuck the clippers fans get more excited when the Golden state warriors made it wtf
Galaxy gamer
Curry with da three
Blessed And Highly Favored
Ever since doc said they was lucky....The clips have been getting dragged all across California by the warriors.
asa erer
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Rob S.
Nothing to see here, Warriors blowing Clippers away as always
asencion divinagracia
tambak..wala kaung shooters..
Earl Belonio
after witnessing the game guess whats on the mind of those fans
(Time to Move on Lets support the Dubs )
King Viktor
love it
Christopher allen
my beloved G S W s finally fount they groove... uh like i been sayin dyNASTY with the [ new most feared ] bench in the whole damn nba [ i hope the bucks get the e-mail!!!] 2 more thangs j magoo can really fly an sombody please put that bingo dude [ an beverlys [ midget ass ] on a plane to the south pole!!!

asencion divinagracia
GSW....shooters team...
dashawn hibbert
in Jamaica malike is the best under17 basketball malike live in Tivoli
come on
ყოჩაღ ზაზა ძალიან მოტივირებული ხარ ვინც ქართველია ზაზას მხარდაჭერისათვის Like!
I seem to be confused... what kind of game is this?
t smith
Who else seen osn in the crowd😂😂😂
David Loewen
lol curry just playing with williams
If these sorry “fans” would cheer on the team they’re paying to watch instead of the opposition they’d probably win way more games smh sad
Who else loved that play at
6:41, that shit was nasty
抱歉打擾一下 全台灣第一名的娛樂平台
線上視訊真人百家~ 六合彩539討論群組~
LINE客服 qw256 佳佳~
1 72
Curry so sick
marvin alburo
i dol curry
marvin alburo
nice game
Archie MIras
Jordan Bell is so surprising
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earl justine
three by curry
A few Goodmen
Easy to root for the winning team. Sounds like y’all just got into basketball since the warriors started winning. I’ve been with the clippers for 10yrs now and IDGAF about the change in weather. LA underdogs.
Jian Xiang
One does not challenge dubs with 3point shooting
Tiggaboi3ChannalENT #IAM AWESOME
Lets go #GS I'm screaming that from #Louisiana..
Giovanni Mitchelle
How Many Times Is He Gunna Say Bingo After A 3 😂😂
Mj Apusa
I will still believe🙏🙏 that they will win this champion🏆 ship
imkris withak
Lol how many times the announcer says, “bingo”
Líve*Game* Repeat
Nice replays 👍
CSA Animals
Who is here from osn vlog
Dominik Erber
a huge travel at 4:11 lol
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