Don't Mix Coke with Liquid Nitrogen!

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Andrea Xxx
I can just imagine a Coca Cola flying in the air and hits me in the head
Torus how is a kid gonna get liquid nitrogen
When North Korea had no money to buy missles
Sick Ducker
Tie a string to it and something else.
anyone calculated the acceleration...?
Is this real?
Conspiracy theory:
10,000 of these is what helped Neil Armstrong reach the moon...
wow inposible !!
Fresh Dumbledore
pls make a shooting stars meme about this
Icybluetiger Aj
Susan Martin
That was savage dude
john anneheim
Tape 5 of them together and sit on it and see if it lifts you.:D
Alexandra Conde
Ploos I goot no more Coca Cola (Plus I got more Coca Cola)
Olinger Dimagiba
it flew like a firework
Arda Yılmabaşar
yes we learned how to make a nuclear bomb
Ranadipto Kar
awsome trick bro....
i didnt expect that •_•
galaxy top
i tried it at home
Omar Taskin
Travis Gulley
Do it with liquid nitrogen mentoes and Diet Coke and then it might shoot up into space then
Christine David
soooooo coooooool
thor hammer
put dry ice in liquid nitrogen
II King Slew II
It looked like photoshop how fast that bottle was moving wow
Caçador De Caminhões
Oh eu tenho que fazer isso
Cacti Bilk
Meanwhile in Russia
Android and computer teach
make a video that explains what happen if we pour melted matel or other malted things in liquid nitrogen and dry ice
you are the best crazy Russian hacker
Chakaka Daba
Your accent is badass
Pour the Coke into the nitrogen container and turn it upside down hahahahaha.
CrownDaKing 14
Crazyrussianhacker u should try coke,nitrogen,and Dry ice
Ryan Mercer
That was awesome.
Jason Lever
that was awesome!!!
whoa! LOL!
Sébastien Rayapen
With subtitles this is even funnier.
Royal Army
can you provide a link where to buy the coca cola?
dwij lokhande
make more related to liquid nitrogen
According to my calculations, it actually went supersonic for a fraction of a second.
kids try it at home
Ras Hai
With the coke or water with liquid nitrogen make rocket shoes
Valeria Martinez
Cool 😎 cool
That is really frickin' cool!
Sebastian Flores
You should do it the other way around and put the water first into the thing that you use to blow it up : - )
Alexander Nico Konstantinou 3A Fårvang Skole
Love you vedeo's
Tyler McDonald
Make sure to have a military helmet
Adam Cruz
You should pour liquid nitrogen over a water bottle to see if the water inside will freeze
Grzegorz Ryczkowski
Dont=you need to!
Miguel Romero
imagine being taras neighbor, and getting hit in the head with a flying coke bottle lol
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