Don't Mix Coke with Liquid Nitrogen!

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Team Coca-Cola is blasting off again!
Niko Nissinen
now since you've taken few cups of liquid nitrogen from the container, fill the container with water and see how far that goes
Jude Gaming
I like the coke spearts in the the air
Jon Eivind Hallgren
what would happen if he strapped the bottle to his hand before turning it around?
Abram Cassady
Nice video
Silver_Eagle 1
Noah James
that wos alsome
I love your enthusiasm! This is so cool!
Abdul Barr
Very nice video! Really enjoyable! That is really cool!
Coco Yurioka
Reasons why I love Russian, hoping to marry one soon. One that can shoot coca cola missiles.
Vani Dappula
superb and I love crazy Russian hacker
Sophia Zakrzewski
go to 44 secondd
Marc Monnerat
Man, manipulating liquid nitrogen without gloves! I known Russian loves cold, but his is even colder than Siberia.
GiaPig !
you poop!!
" I run out of Coca Cola..."
Kerrie Macon
Try to bottle flip it when it is startting to explode
Ammo Bee
I would love to make someone walk in liquid nitrogen just like in terminator 2 and let off a 9mm lol
Andrew Obringer
digitally restored footage of the soviet union launching sputnik
The things we do with coke 01:55 just great :)))
Liquid Nitrogen with Gasoline
Jack Freeman
pretty nice, i wish i could get some liquid nitrogen :P, btw, i loved the fact you were pouring nitrogen like if it was water, no gloves or anything XD haha, you got some balls of steel, i should say :P keep it up ;)
ATCG Vlogging
He reminds me of a little kid he is so funny and awesome!
so thats what knocked my drone out of the air
David Woods
He's not even wearing gloves and he's pouring liquid nitrogen from a massive container into a small polystyrene cup
Edoy Edoy
that's how we launch rockets into space: bunch of soda mixed with liquid nitrogen.
Seth Power
Whoaaa!!! the wsas jamzamazing
Hailey Clark
His reaction is the best part😂
Sam Tovar
So bootiful -CrazyRussianHacker 2017
Carlos Miguel Ordoñez
That should not do for kids cause its so fast it may smash into your face
Kayla Bissainthe
"Safety is number one priority" He then takes off his helmet and the bottle then hits his head

In case anybody wondering how it happen, it work similar to the water bottle rocket.
Active gas(in this case nitrogen) pushed the liquid(coke/water) out the off the bottle, which then create thrust.
X Official Myse
I wont try it at home .. I'll try it at the park
Lol, damn.
Cj Blalala
omg awsome
FinPlays Phone
Taras is a meme at my school
Mista Mushoo
alternate title: Russia's new missile technology
Alex Chang
I think I want to try this...
themaster gamerplays
The Olivia and paige show lesiakowski
Are you okay
Doodle Dame
Try the opposite, pour coke into liquid nitrogen
Seth Cook
thanks for helping trump in the US election
Smokalot O'Pott
I can get you liqid nitrogen
This should be used as rocket fuel xD
Very Lit
lol his reactions are really adorable
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