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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

trying to film as much of our real life as I can. Hope you enjoy this style of vlogging. Thank you for sharing with some friends and family :) Love you so much.
emoji movie
When you gouing to live me
vimal ponns
'It is so bright like a FLASH🐶🐶🐶 light'
Your the best
Roman Kuzmin
Josh stereotypical surfer lmao
Patrick McCarty
Hi roman you are the best
That was a papaya not a mango and the ones you were supposed to get were the green ones the orange one was overripe and that's probably why there was worms in it.
Ciaran Cox
Roman do you woman come down west wales with me it's like Hawaii
Jordan Phlegm
Romans flirting
Aleli Marie Natividad
It's a papaya
alejandro vlogs
I live in mexico
Samuel Marandi
Did they call the papaya a mango???
Daniel Macdonald
GotVLogS17 yesss
What type of laser was that
Stephen Edmunds
I love you so much
Brenda Garcia
Those were papayas not mangos
Justin Vincent
your next trip sould be in canada
It is a PAPAYA!!
It is like PHILIPPINES!!
Kevon King
That's a poopoo
maricela rivera
I like you roman and you and my name an d go to Texas
Skyler Andrews
Roman come to NC plz!!!!!!
OG Killa
I'm going to be a good dad that's my dream to do and vlogs buy fun things
iMagicTheMLG Gamer
You should mąkę smile more floaties
Jordy Bennetts
You said a rime
Jack Emery
The guy who makes the surfboards sounds like the surfer from spongebob asahahahahaaah dude
Jensen Arroyo
That fruit is papaya
Znijitex VI
You go to reykavik Iceland 🇮🇸
I wish Cora was here when they were there...
Fraser Kirkland
I think Roman should come to Scotland
Oh my gosh nostalgia...
Julian Vossler
Julian Vossler
I live in maui
Jonsson N
If anyone sees this have a good day!
Noah Bob
I was just there
RomanAtwoodvlogs you should go to Captiva Island, Florida
Carly Edwards
Congrats on 13 million subscribers
1:07 It's the world's cringiest dance
Houston Beebe
best vloger ever/RomanAtwoodVlogs
Amy Pashinski
I love your vibeos🖒🤘👌
rebecca duffykelly
conor o toole same
Ishaal Mirza
I'm from the future and the baby is born July 16
Taylor Duboise
It's my birthday today?
Fishers video s Morrow
I love your video 😱
andres franco
I am born and raised in maui their is chicken everywhere in schools next to McDonald's their everywhere hobos raise them for eggs especially next to beaches
Colinv 283
If your a roman soldier subscribe to me
is it normal if ur going on vacation with a plane for the first time ever and u scared?
Quetzan Acosta
Jaxon Graham
Like if roman Atwood come to Rigby Idaho
Jason Quick
good. job
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