Hello! Which Hello Dreamhouse voice command are you most excited to use?
Saint Joseph school hello
o my god cool
FeelTheFear SingItAnyway
I'm ashamed to be here at 25 thinking my childhood would have been compete with this .... And possibly now ..... for my little sister....😖
Kayla Almira Prasetyo
I love Barbie
Shakiya Rew
I can't go to sleep because when I watch this I feel in love with it and I want it
Sara Isola
i know it she was going to say pasta
Diamond Peppers
Dreamhouse that's how you spell it
Gloria Ibanez
I like your video
so sweet and cool
Maria Martins
Also gives to say hello dreamhouse connects the blue color in the mirror , wise barbie
I love barbie
StrongerBetter 118
I want one for my friend. She's 9! She's amazing and so talented!
I love barbie
Shelby Eats 2007
She's so cute
Angelica Chamorro
la casa de Barbie es hermosa
Eagle Eyes
Wow this barbie house is so cool.
Fadi Abouassi
hi so nice
roro s5s
Jamarte Williams
the party
Mia Brown
Hey I have that dream house
andrews emmy
it is cool
Дарья Блу
Я одна сдесь русская
حمودي العراقي
prince cotejar
good doll house
Luciana.Raquel Tempass
Barbie ILOVE
Ricardo Castillo
I'm getting this on Christmas Eve I love this because you can talk to it I love it so much I love it I love it I love it it's so much fun to play with a good thing I have that to play with us please and please yeah
RiAne McIntyre
that is so cool.
jessica khater
i am most exited to use the study with music voice command!
Dana Beckman
i like when you say something that she says something back
anoop gond
I. like. video
Brittany Pierce
why can't that girl do it herself
anoop gond
like it
Nguyen Ngo
bi khung
Diann zamora
I will coment on the slide and i love the house 💖👏👏
Suresh Choudhary
i like the doll house
رقيه رقيه
Adalia costa
oi sou brasileira mais sei falar em inglês sou criança hello my Friends ou melhor Hello Dreamhouse
veronica hernandez
that is cool
Marla Alvarado
i want one :(
Gail Walcott
.i like it
Alok Singh
I love it where do you get it ?
Alok Singh
I want one
sofiane chafai
.العاب المنازل لباربي
kitty cat123
omg so cool
Navin Singh
I will by one for my daughter
leticia mendoza
so cool:-)
Samnellas Toyland
nice video cuz
Fahtimae Dela Cruz
Where can i buy it
Tanushree Dasgupta
I want like this
Radka Schneiderova
Is it weird that I'm almost 12 and still love Barbie
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