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Say hello to the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse play set! It’s two stories with classic rooms and modern touches. Hello Dreamhouse talks back -- and it responds to your commands (more than 100!) with lights, sounds and motors for a cool interactive experience. This young fan shows off some of its many innovative features with her imagination and Barbie doll. She instructs the house to make cookies (the oven light goes on), turn on the fireplace (lights and crackling add atmospheric warmth) and set up the office for homework (music or no?). She sends Barbie doll up in the elevator and turns the staircase into a slide for a ride down. There’s dinner, a dance party and then getting ready for bed (don’t forget to floss!). And it’s all done by voice command! Get a tour of the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse and see how it easy it is to play out your dreams! 

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For over 57 years, Barbie has led girls on a path to self-discovery and helped them to imagine the possibilities. After over 180 inspirational careers, Barbie—along with her friends and family—continues to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls that they can be anything. 

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Hello! Which Hello Dreamhouse voice command are you most excited to use?
dwinn Doblas
can i have it please um on philipines😭😭
Cutie pie 900
where did she get that Barbie doll house
sadasivam narayanasamy
sadasivam narayanasamy
super ,cute WOO
Shannen Ong
Say bake me cupcake Pls
barbie i love ♡
My mom and my Dad Buy me that😍
alkin risanti
I'm 18 and want thisss
Shamanta Afrin
I love it so much i want to get this
Kyle Trixie
i want one
Mhs2004 Qun
Ayurlive India
I love you barbie my name is mudita from india
Vilanda Thumsaeng
Love you 😘
Mime Nikolovska Mime N
i have it, i love it
Lps Sparkle Productions
It's really fun, I have it. U guys should get this
Naomi Fils
I'm barbie
musa khan
i want this right nowww where will i got this and i am a girl i am commenting from bro id
moonlightbae xoxo
just Got This The Other Day It's AMAZING😱❤💋
Amandeep Klaire
how much was it
Lara Alrashdi
From where did you find it
NaveenAnanayaSunitha Aakula
how much does it cost
Lily Dunn
This is AWESOME I totally NEED this in my life! Even though I'm 11, I still LOVE this! It looks so cool and fun to play with!
Mbuzz Company
love it like it
باربي والاحلام الجميله
Beautiful how many home Barbie
Emmanuella Bassey
I want one of those
Charlie the Hedgehog
Oscar Lopez
I have like that!!! 😀
if i had one i would say omg i have the same
Kasia Tusk
how moch is it
Sofhia Alar
cool dream house
ناتالي المجالي ناتالي المجالي
Andrea Pérez
hello Dreamhouse
Skye Whiteman
love it I want whone love it
Greta Lugli
Rajesh Kumar N
please give me
Samad Maqbool
ace of base or base
Sidra Khan
whats the cost plzz tell
Mr. Dog
the dream house is always listening....
I want a dream house!!!!
Awais khurram
I love it and I want it 💋♥️
Nisha Rubia
l love Barbie doll I want it pzzz
Soufflé Girl
Oh nice a little spy in the room of your childrens!
Emilly DIY
Lucy Cervantes
Dorota Maluszczak
hello hello
Oscar Lopez
hey I have like that & that s' my favorite to play & my doll is ever after high ashlynn Ella & Holly O' hair
Sudhakar Newalkar
I like that
Aida Farina
that's amazing wow this toy I favorite barbie
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