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Say hello to the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse play set! It’s two stories with classic rooms and modern touches. Hello Dreamhouse talks back -- and it responds to your commands (more than 100!) with lights, sounds and motors for a cool interactive experience. This young fan shows off some of its many innovative features with her imagination and Barbie doll. She instructs the house to make cookies (the oven light goes on), turn on the fireplace (lights and crackling add atmospheric warmth) and set up the office for homework (music or no?). She sends Barbie doll up in the elevator and turns the staircase into a slide for a ride down. There’s dinner, a dance party and then getting ready for bed (don’t forget to floss!). And it’s all done by voice command! Get a tour of the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse and see how it easy it is to play out your dreams! 

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For over 57 years, Barbie has led girls on a path to self-discovery and helped them to imagine the possibilities. After over 180 inspirational careers, Barbie—along with her friends and family—continues to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls that they can be anything. 

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Hello! Which Hello Dreamhouse voice command are you most excited to use?
Hayley Lockwood
I wode love that
How much does that pay
Kay Bye
My favorite part is when she dosnt say;"HELLO DREAMHOUSE" AND ;"IM BEING SOOO QUIET
Anime Girl
Me: Hello Dreamhouse... Can you roast people?
Dreamhouse: What dose roast mean?
lalhalley and zalhalley CHARLES channel
I have that set
Josafat Olguin
Were could es get it
Muhammad Ejaz
Stephanie Browns
What video will you do next?
Che. Belloooo😱😍😘
I almost died of how cringey this freaking video is 😂😂😂
ouared Malak
Екатерина Сатдарова
Penelope Plays
Wow that's next level
Selma Santoyo
I want one I wish I had that as a kid
Zoran Marinkovic
gde si je kupila
Balancing Lifestyle
That's so cool I'm going to get that for Christmas
Sang LL
Nice but shouldn't need to say hello dream house too much lol, pre set up the program!!!
Hania Durante
Your the best
Hania Durante
I want one pleas I don't have a house for my dolls
Hania Durante
Itzel Hernandez
Hey where can i buy it at
Tajnin Hossain
We never see this toy
bella latina
She says so much dreamhouse
Cool but i whould not want to say hello dream house every time i want to saything
Томирис Мусинова
Bangtan Boys bts
Where she found this dream house I want to buy
Rainbow ToysReview
My daughters favourite programme
Trija Sawant
my mom dad give me this dreamhouse at my birthday
Giraffe Lover Channel
Hello Dream House can I have u. XD
where you get it because i want to buy some to my dolls
sings by mica
Wow that so cute and I love that
flower is nice
flower is nice
Chorinho e cahorinhas nicole
I tenho houve barbei
Chorinho e cahorinhas nicole
Já tenho todas as casas das Barbie
kristie wallen
Wow that’s amazing😊✌️
Juan Jose Luna Rodriguez
اميره الورد
Ranuka Wasson
I want to buy one
Lashaye Tucker
Girl we twins cause I have it to girl I don't even now what to say at all girl!!😁😁
That dreamhouse is cute where did you get it from 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Claudio Avellaneda
Elen Gomes
ja mio havio tem
Modesto Nunez
Omg totally getin one today😀😀
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Maria Yanes
a like the house
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