10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Went To Jail For Crimes

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10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Went To Jail For Crimes

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In this video you will watch Bollywood popular celebrities who went to jail for crimes. Many Bollywood celebrities are famous and many of them are involved in crimes. But sometimes the felt down in many certain cases so the fact is they went to jail for that crime. So please check out this video to see those Bollywood celebrities who went to jail for crimes.

1. Sanjay Dutt
2. Fardeen Khan
3. Salman Khan
4. John Abraham
5. Monica Bedi
6. Shiney Ahuja
7. Vindu Dara Singh
8. Sooraj Pancholi
9. Inder Kumar
10. Ankit Tiwari 

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xyz y2j
salman and sunjay are worst criminals
Sumana Lashkar
Nowadays Salman Khan is doing a lot of charity to cover his crime
Zeinab Abdi
only 3 actors the have not rape girls what happened to other actor raper
Arshia Amreen
5th is shiny ahuja not sootaj pancholi
thomaspou panmy
Why you must put two times sooraj pancholi? what a fake video..
Dimple Kumari
Salman Khan is super why was not srk in the top ten
Dimple Kumari
Dimps 2014
Idk why people are so shocked to see all these celebrities went to jail, I am not surprised at all. Either they get involved with drugs or a rape case serving time in jail. Everyone has a skeleton hidden in their closets.
azam azam
but why
gamer hacker
Sanjay dutt need to be in one place.
mala gautam
most are the case for rape how funny even celebrities.... Have kind of case lol
Mahek Ansari
Acting ho ya jail Salman Khan to sabse aage rehte hai No 1 hero .....I like him very much biggest fan of him...😍😍😍😍
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Sanket Tripathi
gand mara
Amit rocks
Konsa music use kiya he bhai is video me?????
Raj Kumar
Hlw sir kya aap mujhe is no. 9155894862 par whatsapp kar sakte ho. Aapke liye mere pas bahut jabardast job hai jisse aap DAILY 1 se 2 Hajaar rupaye ghar baithe kama sakte ho. Avi mujhe whatsapp karo sir.
Harshish Bedi
mein bsdika
Raghav Vashisht
no 7 is shiney ahuja no sooraj pancholi
deepak panchal
7 is shiny ahuja correct the miss word
Nice Break
I will sub to anyone who subs and like this comment help each other... thnx
dj jivit controllu
music name plzz
Sameer D'Souza
Sanjay dutt fansta gaya aur Salman bachta gaya
Akash Kamble
Nakul Dalakoti
John Abraham's name in this list is quite a shock for me...!!
Humu Jaan
jate hai ni jail
itu bamania
shiney ahuja is the 7 not sooraj pancholi
Sayak Bondyopadhyay
no one is terrorist dutt
cute princess
I can understand accidents but rape is not freaking accident why don't they go to women who are ready dirty minds
awesome vidoes
indians zyada rape case main involve hain....shame on u
Sabita Mainali
Mostly lots of them were rape case
kajal narang
i know sooraj pancholi he used to study in our school and he came in our school in december for the cultural weak mass media go and check guys he used to study in my school
Anees Wani
No. 1"sunjay dutt
Major Shubam SRS
the starting scene where the tiger and elephant is there it is from farcry 4or 5
Rudrani Bhattacharya
no it can't be sooraj can't be like that
Arick Miller
Who cares about all of these foreign idiots....
varun J
salman not only hunted a black buck but also killed 4 people by crushing them under his car while he was drinking and driving. he is not only the biggest celebrity criminal in India but in the whole world also. idk why he gets movies and why do ppl like his movies..
Yasir Khan
jitny bhi rape cases hy Sab jhoty hy the girl blackmail them for money and if they don't they put a rape case on them
Nadiya Khan
thats fake
Amatullah Lokhandwala
i knew tahat sal man was called to cort fo hunnting a deer ad the case was very long time about 20 to 21 years
gamer hacker
Sanjay dutt goes in 1
Zafar Awan
i hate india
indian peopled have dirty mind most of these actore are gone to jail in rape cases
shame on him to all
Abrar Mulla
All this bollywood rapist aren't in prison anymore, money speaks, shame on Indian Government, they should be hanged..
Rashu Lakra
7. name is shiny ahuja
sweet angel
it was for sure for me that salman will top the list
Rahul Achrekar
abe 6 aur 7 dono Sooraj Pancholi hain?
khadija azeem
omg!! salman khan also??.. i cant believe it!!
idea feeds
typical indian most of them been jailed for rapes.
Dipsa Bhandari
I don't know that salman my favorite hero
Shridhar Hodlur
Alleged Rape, assault of maid, drugs, forgery of passport, black buck hunting!
Anjaya Induwara
what is the truth about jiah khan;s death?
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