10 Families with Bizarre Eating Habits

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top 10 unusual people with strange relationships with food
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Honey Badger7
YES IT WAS GROSS 🍭🍫🍿🍩🍪🍬🍮🎂🎂🍰🍦🍨🍧🍡🍘🍘🍙🍣🍥🍥🍲🌮🌮🌮🌯🍝🍕🍕🌭🍟🍔🍔
Enrique Mercado
What are maggots
Kate Bolton
Freya Michael
I wasn't breastfed. I'm a very healthy 12 year old girl.
Lubna Shaikh
Daniel Payne
people actually buy road kill in Alaska for around 50 bucks
yeah red meat isn't bad for you just drink some water and eat fibre to move it out or be retarded and become a vegetarian.
Vi Haze
It's kinda strange how people are so freaked out by breast milk (from their own species, designed to be consumed by humans) but are totally fine with drinking milk that comes from another species.
Cherri Palmer
wat if that grass had sh*t or p*as on
Samantha Lee
Erica Shell
humm, I think I'll start grocery shopping in the dumpster now, you know to cut back on these bills
The bear on isn't that bad
Roberto Covarrubias
badger is one of the forbidden animals to consume for the bible states this fact.
Cody Graber
It would be SUPER cool to eat with a bear everyday THAT HAS MANNERS!
Drake Holt
Gets a Little Cesars Pizza ad.....
Is it just me, or are "vampires" just abnoxious goths who went a wee bit too far? Theyre living for fiction.
Anti Noobs -Tina's gaming
I subscribed,your videos are awesome keep up the good work
Awww the bear is so Cute!
Holly deemer
0:21 that couple are cannibals if they have children call child protection services
why is the topic so specific lol
David Jameson
First entry on the list starts with "this next"... wow. -_-
Winter Vlogs
This is awesome
Vesna Hodgetts
I'm hungry after watching this
Jessica Prescott (Jessica Prescott)
Who else thought the bear was gonna bite the lady's head off when she pet his/her arm.
Gustavo Lopez
Happy Happy
The bear one is so ccuuuuttteeee
Amy Mermaids
Angel cakes 8 Rules
Hi 👋
Said Omari
no fam
Victor Vazquez
that was crazy
James Massingham
slouches aqrh lengthening those redpl
James Massingham
slouches aqrh lengthening those redpl
Emily Chemly
The people with the bear though 🐻💖
Healthy diet? There is nothing healthy about eating meat, especially beef! Such delusional people!
Patricia Colvin
Super gross
Cheryl Keil
A girl I used to work with ate a muskrat once; I thought I was going to be sick!!!!!
Emily Garcia
Did you know that drinking even a little bit of blood can mess up your kidneys.. Because blood had so much of that fiber or what ever stuff that your body needs... That your kidneys try to keep it apart but cant.. Just the smallest amount of blood and ur kidneys r completely messed up.. That don't mean it'll kill you right away.. It'll take so me time :) weird how I know that
I did
Mystic Umbreon
This was interesting
When the eat the grass after a while do they produce milk
Needle Cake
I think the dumpster diving one is goodish.. it's a way to not waste food and we can all afford to do that
That vampire family is weird, when they have kids ( if they have kids) they might drink their blood
Sparkleleopard7 AJ
When I was a baby, I lived next too horses. (I still do)
Whenever we went by the horses, I said woof. XD
JazzyTheUnicorn 21
I'm really hungry right now. Why am I watching this?
Look at my channel description
omg. The family who eat with the bear- the bear is so cuteeeee.
Isaac Perez
I hit the subscribed
Purple Dragon
Blood beck (throws up)
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