10 Families with Bizarre Eating Habits

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top 10 unusual people with strange relationships with food
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Tenshi Kiku
2:00 Twiglight
Anybody else get the feeling that the last family brought the dog as a "last resort"?
Vincent Vargas
The fuckers that are Eating each other you need to fucking kill them self
Marike Louw
The first one is not true
Geordie Hall
Oh my god the blood!!!!
Hollie GAMEZ
Poor dog feed it
Aswin Anil
It was gross😷😷😷😷
Swich 23
Øyvor BrΓ₯then
How can this be normal? I especially think of the two who drank blood, it must be some of the naughty I've seen online for a long time... I mean seriously?! And of course the other one was also very strange.
Geometry Pikachu
'Mmmmmm this is good pizza where did you get it from?'
'The garbage....'
'Goes to the toilet to puke'
K.S Brownies
that couple drinking blood did a video themselves and said they are not vampires. they themselves hate such clichΓ© and also said that they never drink/sip blood from people's neck.
Og Lok
the last one I feel bad for the dog
Anthony Waters
during a zombie apocalypse the first one's to go are the fatties.
Mickey Williams-Turner
the breast milk one was fine to me.
David Flores
Umm....If you drink to much blood, you could die because blood has iron and iron doesnt digest so it builds up, so theyre not going to make it very far.
idk idk
ooooooooooo there vampire if they drink Blood
Princess Melani
eww there eating grass
that bear is more than 300 pounds
Noel Robbins
Why is it disgusting to drink breast milk???? If you really think about it, it's strange that humans are the ONLY species that drink breast milk from OTHER SPECIES!
Randa Schwarz
That vampire people that made have that weird feeling 😳😳😳
The best Brandin
oh no you got hacked by ourmine
Meow gamer
all videos on this channel has titles that I don't recognize
Hog Rider
hacked vid
Roger Aaver
Ourmine is back?
Mike Tevin
aye b
the one about the breast milk wasn't bad , both ways you are getting milk from a fucking tit .
the dumpers diving isn't too bad they are helping by not wasting
Katie Hinson
the bear was so cute
Rilez Carter
Ey, tiddy milk taste good af
what a fucking idiot to have his dog eat roadkill just because he wanna live of the land....
ar b
Oh my god 😫 this is gross
Gapple Juice
When I saw that blood I got tingly and gagged. I kept moving too because it's just EW!
Gapple Juice
My eating habit is every time I get home from school I get a tiny bowl of goldfish, a fruitsnack, and a drink. Probably juice or something that has 0 calories/sugars. Is uh, that good for me?
Useless Person
dat boi
I ate bacon before this
irma gonzalez
Lasjonda Warren
look up caliber gaming and subcribe.
Goofy- Gamers735
when I saw the blood I Quit it was scared and ouch your hurting yourself 😣😦😦😦😨😨😨😲😲😲😲
Omaima Alqaraghuli
me to where are the to fat people eating pizza
Alexandria Carrington
The part where the vampires drink or eat blood was so so so so so so so DISGUSTING 🀒🀒🀒🀒
Nike Kyrie 2
ohh I forgot to subscribe!!
Alyssa Jennings
why blood😝😝😝
Allison Lenox
Did anyone else hear the burp at 3:06
Jackaboy Kennedy hide
Cristian Moreno
I eat grass as well
Michelle Sparks
Sick fucks
No, interesting
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