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Sylvester and Tweety Has Autism
Why eat grass?
Faith Olsen
I'm shocked about the family that lives in St. Augustine, Fl. My parents have a home there. You pretty much have to be rich to live there or have a vacation home there.
Roblox cow
TheTDMWolf Squad
killercat EX
Flameslacker Z
Aww.. i wish i had a cute bear friend
Lorna Strahan
Wtf is normal anymore?
HomieShinGojira HomieShinGojira
Kalia Mitchell
me too
Amanda M
Stepans is a cutie
Randy's Cum rag
2 big donut rolling down the street face ass girls can roll over you and u will die of fat rolls
Peter Awad
In Europe you eat grass but not raw
Glaceon _YT
Those vampire people are crazy
Mandi's Channel
The living off the land one at the end? I'd love to do that.. munus the "road kill".. much rather use a bow and have fresh meat..
jim nohj
that's not weird i bet all the people in the comments section eat dick regularly.
Malty cool
I live in south Africa
James William Steven Parker
Everything made perfect sense, until those pathetic people purposely dressing in black and drinking blood came on. I can't believe they're still going through the goth fad in their 40s, but fine.
Tong Tong
I ate my girlfriend roses while she apply makeup because, I was too hungry!
Rahul achari
What a coincidence!!! I was eating chocolate while watching this video!!
Erin Yoon
Eww about the blood
amanda smith
the bear one is goals
Terry Westbrook-Lienert
Roadkill Fricassee, yum yum....*NOT*
maryssa larkin
Yes it was gross
trixxi flippin
These people are fucking retarded
Dani playROBLOX play ROBLOX yes
Uni Corn
Mga baliw kayo!!!!!!!!
Bearbears Clarahugs
Pizza cola
golden femboy
I hope the Anderson family enjoys gout heart disease and a number of health problems from only eating red meat
Axel Pazmino
I did
When you said grazing i thought you meant not eating grass but just eating snacks and no meals. Also my family just never has family meals unless we go out to eat. I am eating my salad right now when watching this video
Kieran Paul85
So these vampire wannabe emo ppl self harm or squeez the blood out of raw meat just to survive thats messed up
Neenee Bellini
McBeanboozle Potter
Huh.. and you thought I ate weird

I get away with it South Africa
Miyanni Smith
The bear one is SO CUTE
Kh Neama
maikel plays GameZ
I wanted to see the story of those women and the oversized pizza.
Naima Miah
Ang Naddour
I subscribed!!!!
susie ray
Blood gross but the bear is kinda cute
Better eating grass than animals
The random Krabs
I eat grass and I'm in Canada
Rose Bridle
These weirdos are INSANE! LITERALY
Lwenkosi Madlala
yep its weird especially the grass and the vampire stuff is bizarre but honestly I don't understand why they do that . I'm from South Africa and those people who were eating grass became a laughing stock in the whole country
That beat is clever
Sir Squirtle
Grassssss.... tastes bad
I bet zero died cuz those dumbasses had him eat roadkill
Jack Flath
That bear was so. Cute
This is very rude very and so offensive to those families
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