10 Families with Bizarre Eating Habits

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top 10 unusual people with strange relationships with food
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Jodi French
well I'm a vegetarian :D
Harry Santory
some of them were kinda disturbing 😦😕😑😐
Tati Green
Enrique Levien
Galaxy-Game -Guy
2:08 AIDS? also this proves my theory that vampires are real
ProGaming Net
These people need puttjng out their misery
Septiplier Awaaay!!!
Says you can't make up a bear eating porridge

ever head of goldilocks?
vampire ahhhhhhhhh!
Daniela Zita
So bad food
Naruto Uzumaki
2:54 "we think we'll take our coffee black"i would rather have the milk directly from the source how many of you would that ?
kelly bradberry
it was just 1 time the church has been closed down.. get your facts straight
Andrew Visone
Wow good job on 7M subs !😃
XxZ0hen Xx
I drink two liters of Diet Coke all the time but I'm 170 and 6' 5". I'm just average for my height.
P Smith
Stitch Shope
thats not strange,I love the taste of blod
Ivynn Salvadora
I hate you
Ivynn Salvadora
i came to this video just to see 2 women eating a huge pizza.... not this
Zaevion 123
kids in Africa could of eaten that pizza
Mackenzi Kayla
I gagged on the blood one. NONONONOONO DON'T SHOW THAT- *chokes*

Big cheeseburger B
Relationship between food is weird but those foods are people's best friend
Diamond Rose
The last one was actually pretty cool. Must have been an awesome learning experience for the kids, and you never know, maybe their own kids would want to do it.
Just make sure the roadkill is fresh!
Can Some one At Least View, my vids Oh my
Spud Our lord and savior
Wait, FUCK! I know the Brest feeding people and I asked for Milk, The father gave me milk. I'm disgusted...
Taseen Ahmed
eww blood
Lauren Carter
Luka Stojanovic
i understand people which eat road killd animals its ok for me
Branden Drew
Charlotte Jones
My family usually has veggies, mashed potatoes and meat
Dominos Gaming
Emma Hahn
Oh don't mind me I am just drinking my husband's blood we are totally normal people... What is their problem??
0:53 can I hire them to mow my lawn
Freyja Piggott
OMG vampires garbage eaters wtf its so weird.
The Ouryuken
sub to me and I will sup to you and It wil help he alot
ozmen juan
This made me barf 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😵😵😵😭😫😫
Eric Heart
We have so many weirdos in this world..
glaube gleich
The commentator makes me want to cut my eyes out.
Susan Turner
i will have to give you 0stars because it is so boring
Tuya N
i can understand the breastmilk cause breastmilk has all kind of vitamins and if you drink breastmilk your(because of smoking turned black) skin will go white not that much but it will make your skin back to its orignal color from what i read
Gavin Reddig
I ear to much
Sarimah Osman
Kaylee Stanley
1. Hope no dogs peed there.
2. Only beef?
3. Just plain ew.
4. That is just disgusting.
5. Ummm...
6. What if it goes off and mauls you?
7. You guys smell.
8. I would die without a restaurant!
Janet and Jojo
The only thing that grossed me out is the family that drinks/eats blood.
Lava Hound
I hate fast foods.I prefer veggies.
Kimberly Cotton
oh gosh and i come from south africa
uspjeh zvijezda
It is clearly visible that very harsh times are in front of us. By the way, which religion those people belong to?!
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