Jumong & SoSeoNo

a picture collection of Jumong and So Seo No.
first song: Ha Neul Ee Yuh Je Bal by Insooni

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Ppl keep saying that lady yesoya suffered more ... but I beg to differ ; 
and how 
Suchat Saekong
Catalin Andrei
Bestial de frumos serialul si actorii :) 
Noeline Myaing
love this drama
SSN was Jumong's true love, one who stayed by his side, has his heart and 
helped built his kingdom. It's unfortunate that "fate" did not allow them 
to get together earlier, and hence Yesoya had a chance to enter Jumong's 
life as his benefactor, whom he felt a duty towards, all her life. (I never 
understood those who thought J loved Yesoya???)

The series handled the love between J & SSN delicately. Towards the end, we 
know J & SSN love each other but for greater responsibilities, they have to 
part. I cried at the part when they sat down and told each other their 
younger days together were the best moments of their lives.

(Thanks for posting these most memorable parts of the series. Great 
@nurhanisah29 ce sa-i faci ... regatul e mai important ca vointa personala
Charmy Bebe
@nurhanisah29 So Seono is not only his first love but his ONLY love. his 
love for Yesoya is different, it's not romantic love like his for soseono. 
someone please tell me the name of the song at the start of the 
Leueyni R
Dont you just love that part of Korean history?. It's fascinating and props 
to Sounth Korea for all these amazing historical dramas.
Poor Jumong always has to watch So Seo No leave when they truely love each 
can someone tell me which episode they split up? cuz i watched this drama 
but i cant remember clearly.....i just know that it was amazing.....
i love this series . cant get over it.great story 
Marah Mendoza
@mailee0515 it was very sad... my heart weeps for them.. T.T
@1m6 thanks for this video. JM loved SSN to death. What a great love they 
had for each other !
@hawaii605 Thank you for the comment :) Theirs is an endless love.
George Cranima
Jumong will ever be ma favourite movie .
Its bn a while since ive seen this movie so i dont remember f there was 
ever a scene but i wud have liked to see them kiss once...JUST ONCE! cuz 
its so sad that they cudnt b together...i cried whn SSN cried looking for 
him T.T But i kno that back in those days, emotions of love (especially 
physical) were not expressed openly...
You mean Ye Soya? Yes Jumong married her.
i stopped watching as soon as i realised they wont be together, it brings 
tears to my eyes every time i think about it, spent so much time on trying 
to express their love for one another i couldn't help but fall in love with 
them and then to realise the final outcome of this love story was them not 
being together was to much for me :( and I'm supposed to be a 17 year old 
boy lol
@RIPmichael123 Ooops sorry for the spoilers there. Yes there will be 
romantic scenes in the next episodes. It just get better and better so keep 
watching ;).
Lăng Hàn
Đoạn cuối Soseono có thấy Jumong không vậy? 
mary ng
Ly Tra
so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a true love. being able to do what is the best for your love
best music
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