dragon gamer106
I love the Kong montage and the song u use its amazing
Danette Mendryk-Olisoff
When Kong started to swim fast it was so cute
What happen to layla
Dalton Bitz
Kong is so fluffy I'm going to die
Araceli Pardo
I want ayla back
Logan pls keep.doing kpng da savage vids he is so cute # LOGANG FOR LIFE
jacob super cool you do sink in lava Minecraft
I'm a jake pauler but I watch you
Chris Happy Gamer
Why do I feel like Logan And Ayla Smashed after this video
Rachel Fashouer
where can you get the merch
Jacob Arsala
You should of banked her
Omg hes so cute
almin skiljan
I like them I'm a logang pauler
Jasbir Grewal
I hav all ur martes
Arielle Lewerissa
EWWWWWWWWW ( im only 9 so yeah)
nora zehouni
لا يوجد رجل الجنس!
Bryn Nolan
Ayla and Logan.. I ship it sm
leanne paje
Logan and Ayla, sitting in a tree.
Jammy jam Morgan
I miss Ayala
penny wise
Have sex soon pls
Andrew Sato Gaming
Jenna Warren
Dad choking out son is always the best I need friends
Soli Zam
# Savage4Life
I just hate jake Paul because he only does the stuff he does for viewers
I just hate make Paul because he only does the stuff he does for viewers
Shenique Bishop
Kaylee Williams
Kong is so CUTE
I think logan is matching with ayla they could be together like if you agree
Brianna Raya
Alya tried to hump him
Sonic Logan exe Nicholas and Ledwen
Briana Brady
Meleny Hernandez
Kong is so cute
Dylan Storck
No read more

U savages
Dylan Storck
Mah dad's name is Greg too. Does that an I'm Logan Paul?
Jose Roldan
I love you Logan please send me too
Gorilla Boss
Shes a hottie
Skylar Mills
If u want to date Logan like
Ivan & Chief
i made a song lyric prank with havana on my ex girlfriend... and it didnt end well
Neece Brocks
Their ship name should be Lola.....no okay.😅...... ill see myself out✌
abdul rauf
Kong makes me think of a Pokemon
Valdovinos Valdovinos
logan:kong is exposed
kong:stfup dont tell them
Patricia McGonigle
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry I just felt like doing that

Spot the difference
There is two
Power Sami XD
Romeo Gonzalez
Kasani Cannon
I think logan likes ayla.! No hate
Aronas Dumitru
you love alaya
Wolver 291
This is Greg
1 like=1 year how old can he get?
Hec Maldo
i cant get Merch my dad won't let me :( but I am a fan and a Maverick and Kong.Kong so cute Maverick strong!
Flash Hugo
so sweet
Aaron Gibbs
I think Logan has a thing for short people
sunny adel
Logan please go to South Africa I wanna meet you all my friends love you
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