Box Impala
fred and dave definatly be smoking some good shit. they blowed as hell
Miles Mc Donald
They should call Dave dirty Dave
Nasser Al azmi
9:14 say whaattt what is that Thing!?!
Make more videos about bringing the dead back to life.
claudio silva
muito bom
Rudy Cavazos
That is so awesome!!!!
Nick M
Am I the only one who saw a pink gorrilla?
Ammar Mehmood
No offroad mode
No traction control
No suspension height control
Just awesomeness 😏
man dave is too funny x)
BlueZombie 3512
The pink gorilla
Sb Sb
The wheels are too big. They made the car looks ugly.
Mark Stevenson
This video made my buy a jeep
Nate Williams
Im heading to Pismo beach to crawl the sand dunes this Saturday. Coming from Van Nuys California with my 89 YJ. PLEASE tell me how do i find that jeep junkyard and these awesome dirt trails you guys were on ?
Roger Metzger
GOOD looking wheels. What vehicle(s) do they fit exactly (without spacers, that is)?
Steve Boyer
what's the pumpkin for?
9:13 what the hell did I just see steal that tire?
Edward Charles Stowe Jr.
this is like roadkill I love it
Maverick Silva
I love the yj
Cam J
Music drives me a little insane.
Cesar Andres Tuesta Arriola
whats size of rims and tires did they use ?
did anyone see the pink gorilla
Jimmy t
What is the orange hat he's wearing?
list of pieces and parts? and really straight of the junk yard, no smoke, no noise, runs like a champ - what gives - if only it were so - we would all buy from junk yards our next crawler....but i did enjoy this episode - almost - almost made me want one of those square light things..but nope - i'm a roundy
Brian Parker
Got a 91 3in body with 33x12.50 auto love my jeep
Pablo Lopez
Woah, I used to work at Rock Front Ranch, it’s cool seeing familiar places like this
I wanted to see that thing rippin the dunes! wtf?!
sean mck
Rusty hood looks like north merrica
I need to get me a jeep... and a flannel shirt.
Richard Hersh
I want this keep so I can drive in all the way back to Nebraska!!
What type of maps are they using to navigate?
J. D.
Damn that guy nickel, and dimed you to death. I have NO interest in buying from him. Had he not been that way, the free advertising would have been worth thousands of dollars.
THIS IS WHY I LOVE JEEPS! I had the same year YJ for my first car. I miss that beast everyday.
Erick medina
What size lift?
aye bro
35s on stock gears? Seems fishy..
punit agarwal
This is a fake video
Do a Dakota trail rig build!
Messer Moreaux
Is this jeep for purchase? I'd love to buy it to begin my adventure into wrenching
Arkansas Mud Kings
I’ve got family in Bakersfield! Great video guys!
hi guys please can u help me i have some issues with my jeep the video is on my chanel , it is making some sound from rear when i push on the gas pedal
Gaming panama
"being chase by bad guys in a 4 runner with a lot of camera gear".... best line ever
Bash Bash
How could i got something like that here in Philippines ?
Joseph Haney
Am l the only one who worries about the pink dude
Rizal Taulembang
Nice car..
Phil Tarrant
makes me miss my 95 yj
Little Jimmy
theres a fucking pink gorilla at 9:15 wtf
Shank c
cool video. not much budget.
Heyy Bro
Roadkill style
Tonecas Santos Manhique
lol you couldn't con them out of a bikini top?
luiz castro
At the end of a hard working day, watching Dirty Everyday while drinking a beer or a coffee is priceless :)
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