Junkyard Jeepin’ - Dirt Every Day Ep. 62

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On this episode of Dirt Every Day presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com), Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle enter a junkyard with a battery, some gas, big tires, and a pile of parts with the goal of driving a Jeep home. The guys roll around in the dirt of the desert junkyard fixing up a 1994 Jeep YJ and then challenge themselves to find as many dirt miles as possible on their drive to Pismo Beach. Is it possible to drive a Jeep home from a junkyard? Is it possible to find open dirt roads in California? Is it possible for the guys to stretch a three-hour drive into a two-day adventure? Tune in now to find out.

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Joseph Haney
Am l the only one who worries about the pink dude
Rizal Taulembang
Nice car..
Phil Tarrant
makes me miss my 95 yj
Little Jimmy
theres a fucking pink gorilla at 9:15 wtf
Shank c
cool video. not much budget.
Heyy Bro
Roadkill style
Tonecas Santos Manhique
lol you couldn't con them out of a bikini top?
luiz castro
At the end of a hard working day, watching Dirty Everyday while drinking a beer or a coffee is priceless :)
Nathaniel Carr
pals skin looks for me #cute issue
ViiV Creations
giant pink gorilla at 9:20
wish I could find these "GEMS" out here. everyone and there brother selling a beat up rusty old YJ wants $6500 or so.... overpriced for junkers that usually need a LOT of work.
Kamikaze Kruzer
Killer episode!
Is that as much fun as they make it look?
john Smith
Love the episode, but why was a perfectly good running Jeep in a junkyard? I heard them mention the TC at one point. Maybe the TC shit the bed and that is how it ended up there? The show should have spent more time in the junk yard talking about what they had to fix/do, and less on riding around.
Alex Bailey
The name Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle brought me here. I thought they were the famous Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle. This is a cool channel since I have been looking at the Raptors lately.
Carlton Gamble
Now I wanna restore a Jeep!!! Nice Video.
Michael Dugan
Do more junkyard videos
Alvin Jeeper
I have a Jeep Wrangler 1995, 4 CYLINDERS I would love to put v6 or v8 which one YOU guys recommend me??
jr murphy
Hey Fred! Can I have the junk yard jeep? Call or text me man 6157156996
jr murphy
Hey Fred! Can I have the junk yard jeep? Call or text me man 6157156996
Christopher McMahon
what size lift?
I keep seeing the pink guy in every episode
So, the only problem was that it wasn't charging, and it ended up in a salvage yard...?
anton vilenkin
NOW where is your plates?
You guys should contact Offtheranch! He has a bronco he needs help fixing up! A bronco from his friend who died serving over seas!
Mark Walker
How do you drive on the highway with no licence plates? Other than that, fun to watch. Wish I lived there.
Bill Walker
No but all seriousness how do you get a job like y'alls
Bill Walker
Do y'all by chance do give aways of your old parts you have laying around?
- Seckold's - 4x4
The music has wrecked every single fucking episode where they take a fucking car for a drive stop putting shitty fucking crap music on just don't put anything out like to hear the car and then talk of that's it
Brandon Lacy
What are the odds that a Jeep actually works this well out of a Junkyard???
Michael M
Best show to come out of Motortrend :D
Do u not have to register these vehicles? What's the deal ??
Michael caplinger
am i the only one who realized that this was uploaded like 5 months ago
Janus Fox
Poor Dave barely got to drive!
Ned Reck
I paid $375 for my Jeep.
SavagePatato on Fleek
Honestly, I loved this episode a lot! You should make more like this, keep up the great vids!😃
Hunter 62rebel
Overall how much did this cost? Because thinking about it if I were to do this to get me a vehicle I think I would. I noticed that Blue jeep infront of the one you guys bought was in good condition. All I need for that is to see what condition the engine is in and what condition everything else is in. I'm not a car guy idk much about vehicles, but my uncle works on keeps so if we did this it would be great.
Talk about stingy junkyard jeez
Caleb Yonker
Back to the dirt everyday we know and love
cole west
Damn Fred. Learn to bargain man
carlos emanuel vega alfaro
No entendi casi nada pero el paseo se be vastante divertido
The pink gorilla...
danese fox
love this video
fatimah marsan
i like every episode in dirt everyday n hope can have a great video everyday
we didn't even see them hit the dunes :(
Dave is the kind of guy that you want as your passenger on a road trip for entertainment
That 4.0L is legend. It started right up!!
Im high asf
Hell yaMopar!
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