Dettol Warriors Movie

DettolDettol WarriorsDettol WarriorWarriorsShik ShikGermsSwordGermoonMaila Kuchaila

Germoon, the lord of germs, and his army are attacking the children of Pakistan and the Pakistan Team, ruining their chance to win the world cup. Meanwhile, 3 friends, Ali, Sarah and Rizz, are alarmed about this situation and discover that Germoon's army can be defeated by the 'Shik Shik' power. All they need are the Dettol Gems to get this power and become Dettol warriors. Every child can become a warrior this way. So would you become a Dettol Warrior to save Pakistan?

Zainab. Rizvi
This is my favorite cartoon
Shahzad Ahmad
That Bollywood song was a blast !!!
Sadaqat Ali
Has Syed
I like the dettol cartoon please made more cartoon on dettol

Mohtashum Qaseem
MOHTASHUM Qaseem 1st
Talha Iqbal
good cartoon
Talha Iqbal
good cartoon
Subcribe Me
cricket dewangi
good cartoon dettol
usman malik
Abdur rauf khan
nice you have worked sara ali and raiz
Affan Gohar
Pkwy, jujjili0m0okkkjk ,kkojuhuionij
Saalim94 Baba
MD Ruhul Amin
farhat ali
shayan khan
Mansoor Paracha
Qandeel Noor
N. Bob,b,kbiojoiuhhvvhyyiiuiyydcdnsk kids man. N nice. N. Kclnnclnjodaffklm
Fork just
Bgdflkknsgfblmknb Gedling.bkxmfn.mnk
Asif Haider
Very nice
Naseem Naqvi
tom and jerry
Ahmed Tariq
muhammad nadeem nice
good cartoon
shahmeer Zaman
Ye Boht burri English mar te hain
Kinza Fatima
Pakistan should start animated I love song
Top Secret
smita pawar
Muhammad Waseem Siddiqui
3:30 LAWL
you made captin khan look real
Adnan Ali
Mohd Afraaz Ahmed
I like it because kitono KO accha Mara diya ham
Faez Faez

far abdulsamad
Abdulla abdull
Rainbow wisp Brite
First time watching and I love it I would watch it again if it was in TV I would watch it anytime I want it ever was in TV but since its on my phone and on my computer now I could watch it anytime I want Thanks
Muhammad Arshad

Sofia Khan
I love watching this.
Hassan Sardar
Pakistan should start animated movies
Hassan Sardar
keep up the good work
Hassan Sardar
good effort
Permadi S
Good graphic, good story, good style. super thumbs for you, Pakistan!

I'm from Indonesia. Salam ;)
Zeeshan Mahmood Ali
Afridi nice looking
obaid awan
nice cartoons
khan rafsin
rizz the cool
muzammil baloch
chalo ya warrriors pgl haaa no:1 afridi is pagal
samrin khan
Maurice Dennis
a lot of work to make such a movie. Try it yourself 3d blender and 2d synfig are free
yea sirf cartoon main hi 6 laga saktay hai
Zahoor Ahmad
ha ha yes
Mohammed Yahya
you mean like it
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