Probably the most Retarded thing you'll ever see in a mario game


Bored on youtube? Then watching this sure won't help. 

P.S. Successful troll video is successful, Since most ragetards won't read video descriptions, I'm just going to note that I made this video to show a friend what you could do with A mario Level creator, but when he nerd raged and called it trash, I realized it would be hilarious to watch plenty of other YouTube critics do the same. Thanks for the views though. Lmao.

sonic hyperactive drive
my ears..........
............................................................................................heard trifaul
Iido's Gaming Den
If it's possible, someone should remake this in Mario Maker xD
I think you confused retarded with epic.
Josh Lavigne
why am I laughing so hard at this?
He who fights bullets, and kills bills
that one tractor
at lest you can get lots of lives :)
cool it
the fucking
bullet bills!!!
god damn.
What did you use to create levels?!?
Venus Explore
Whats with the sound? Oh wait, im not the only one.
1:09 -------------------- R.I.P headphone/earphone users ;-;
Now with Mario Maker coming out, anyone can do this!
Whoever made that building program needs to get a life.
Ernan Dalcolmo
boss stage lol
Robert Laszczkowski
that was... uuuuh... why cant i hear anything since i listened to this video?
this is where you go to get rid of old headphones....
this is a product of pure boredom in my opinion...get friends
Graph van Liechtenstein
My mind has been blown.
made in north korea
Kelsey Gallo
This Bullet Heck was made before Perfect Cherry Blossom was cool. Hipster FTW! ;-]
SOOO gonna do this when Mario Maker comes out.
Arctic Florin
The fuck
Jani SIr
You played it trough, thus it's easy.
Patrick Townsend
how entertaining
Vincent Unger
Gotcha! Lucky!
Javier Rojas
what's this game??
More 1Ups than Peach's cousin in Jersey Shore
Welcome to "Extra Life World"
now thats what i call retarded
That One Gentalmen
I have my headphones at 100%, never again...
tristen trevino
Mario has a problem with calling bullets duckies? xD
...well...that was productive...ow...
what is that game?
Alex Müller
to much action :O
no hope
Doopliss Changer
That was some crazy shit slick.
Stratford Manning
Da Fuck?
Lol your friend nerd raged over this? Because you purposefully screwed around with an editor for gags? What a loser.
Atomiajan ihme
Hurr durr I was trolling all along!!!11
Wilson Kilmer
1:10 I suggest if you are using headphones TURN DOWN THE VOLUME. So much lol.
Holly shit dude that was AWESOME!!!
Ethan A
What is that game?
Blake Anderson
Oops! We incountered a "LUCKY" problem with Mario right now. Please Restart your computer to get your session back!
Sudden Elephant
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