Gerita Doujinshi - Ai no Kotodama

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Italy loses his voice after eating Japan's spicy chocolate and can't tell Germany how much he loves him every second of the day. This makes him sad :( But Germany, nice, sweet boy that he is, steps in to fill the void with his own declarations of love to Italy. This makes Italy happy :)

Jasmine Hampton
i know how the story goes from the description but i stiil wanna know what wxactly they`re saying! >.<;
Hannah Hooper
Hannah Hooper
What exactly did he drink to hurt his throat?
my question is..Who makes spicy chocolate? xD
D'aw, so very cute.xD
Rainy Chan
dlkfjglkdfsjjjjjshhj Cutest thing ever! I just wish it was in english!
Kagas T.
awwww so cute!
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