I live in Seoul Korea.There are a lot of interested in Free Energy Generator products you've made.Could you get the information on the product?Can you e-mail the information?
Asif Ali Bughio
i live in pakistan i want to buy this genrator so please kindly give me detail my email
Atonye Fenengi
I live in an environment without electricity and i need to buy at least one of your generators. How much would it cost me to get one? I live in Nigeria.
Atonye Fenengi
1200 rpm is great. Have you tried putting or linking the motor at the center so that it can rotate the alternator without the use of pulley?
Diteh Fenengi
At what rotation speed does this generator start producing power?
Pete Hammond
ok great will you share your plans or tell where to go to get plans or is this just a show and tell.
see website
kara weber
I would love to get in touch with you I would love to buy one or more. please get in touch with me at or call me at 904 838 4640. really interested please respond
norman bosch
Hello , I am looking for a project, a serious person who has already created a motor free energy, and could develop minimum 40KW . Thank you contact me by mail: I am listening to you, and I said this is a serious project so if we can do business , you can make money once the project is sold . kind regards
Krash Collins
How do you get away with breaking the second law of Thermal Dynamics?
Alter Kater
Nice to see a future millionaire.
Watch the other videos on this channel or study the website.

All your questions are answered hundreds of times there.
Greetings, i am very impresed with your work. Could you make another one, and how much will it cost? If i want to buy one, could i come to see it in action? Thank you!
Worldsciencetemple Gadhada
I have seen your video and liked it very much.
Sending you a wishes from bottom of my heart.
I think benefits of this product will spread growth of nation and world.
I want to help you in any ways...
So please send me your (address) contact and e-mail id to...
From :- "World Science Temple"
(Unity of Science & Human Religion)
1st Floor Patel AtoZ, Botad Road,
Dist : Bhavnagar, State : Gujarat,
Country : India, To. GADHADA-364750.
Phone & Fax.: +91 2847 252515,
Mobile : +91 97128 07600,
Parabatbhai M. Vaghani,
(Chairman & Scientist)
E-mail :
Web :
The sailboats and trailers would benefit from this invention to produce electrical power and for auxiliary propulsion system in the case of the sailboats.
Rusman Prasetyo
Yeach This the atlantic tecknologi,,,i believe
jan juzwiszyn
jan juzwiszyn
Bravo Bravo Bravo
Ricardo Arrienda
how can we build this?
Brijbhanu Prajapati
sir the invention you did or this generator you made i made it 7 years back when i used to study in 10th class but i could not reveal it due to money problem and my parents does not support that other i show it before you
Yulian Baskoro
keep up a good work , but beware dude , government is kind of sensitive about this kind of thing especially an oil company . But I vote for you , I hope there is mobile charger using perpetual magnet generator in the future so I can charges my handphone anytime and anywhere
He was associated with our ministry. so obviously we think highly of him See website w i t t s . w s no spaces
mag netron
Sir you re a scientist what is your opinion on Edward Leedskalins work with PMH?
we did answer you. you need to take the class. this is the second time we answered the same question
Just so the audience knows, we have given him a month now and 1memoryman is too cowardly to even respond. Or maybe he just forgot. LOL.
We offer fully built and fully functional power plants See website
We offer many many many free classes on the website. w . w . w . w i t t s . w s No spaces
We answer over 300 emails a day. Did you check your spam file?
Stefan Richter
Very interesting. Because I have no professional drilling machines and so on, it would be fine to get some kits or parts of that machine for buying.
Nicolas Rueda
I would like to know how to get a hold of one. Or build one? This if it is true, Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's false would help my Grandfather in Mexico. He lives in a shit town where if you turn on a microwave it will suck energy out of the whole house and they have no power when it rains. Please respond. Or if you sell them I will save to get one!
We have done exactly that over 3000 times! And won the challenge everytime! How do u think we got 1000s of independent engineers, testifying that our technologies r real?! NOW, We challenge u to put yr money where yr mouth is! U put the 20 million we need for the factory in the hands of some1 we trust, & we give u a ride in our electric car, after we go 1000 miles& the batteries r still full, Then the factory funds are ours! How that for a deal? Or ARE U THE ONE FULL OF ABSOLUTE NONSENSE??
Tulip Electronics
absolute nonsense. I challenge WITTS to a public demo, with proper independent testing.
You are welcome! Check out the many free teachings/classes on advanced technologies on our website. It will bless you! w . w . w . w i t t s . w s No spaces
Seattle Solar Supply
This is truly amazing. I never knew that this is possible. Thank you!
We have given away million of these kinds of things, And we continue to do so everyday! So it is not true that they never reach the hands of the masses. They are within easy reach. And have been for many many years now. Wake up! So God can bless you too!
AMEN! And he has already helped all of us, and he is helping all of us. We have a part to play in our success also. We each need to ask ourselves, are we doing our part in helping Gods projects? Pray about it, and Give, as God puts into your heart.
Carlos Baptista
God is everything and by his Power we will be able to help people in need.
Yes. Any amount of power can be produced. We have already done systems of over 1 billion watts!
ankur sangani
Hello wits2014..... I am ankur sangani from India..... I have seen your video and comments etc uploaded over here... I want to know that Can we generate 1Mega watt or more energy by using this machine/arrangements ? Please give me your valuable suggestion.... I am waiting... It can help me so much... Thank you
Amen! By the way, God permits all things that are good! Every time! Iths Satan that stops or slows the good things
Danny Mcdonald
with GOD anything is possible. you could fly like a bird if he permitted it. great job, a lot of good knowledge. thanks alot
Study the website, witts. ws No spaces
If you would bother to read the website or at least the first 2 words on the website, it would be obvious to u that we are promoting WORLD IMPROVEMENT. WE (The Family Of God)  HAVE A PLETHORA OF SOLUTIONS TO ALL THE PROBLEMS FACING HUMANITY. LEARN TO READ. OR AT LEAST WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS. IT WILL BLESS U! God is trying to bless humanity. But each of us needs to get our laziness & our stupidity out of the way! He will not interfere with your free will. Your free choice, to help or not.
It is 100% real. I have been running my home and car on this for many years. As have many other people that we have taught. There are over 300 independent scientists that have testified to this being genuine. Most of them have duplicated it. See page called Independent Engineers Verification on the WITTS website.
Please send this request to our email We will be happy to assist you.
David Rivera
i like to say thank you and god bless you. for your demonstration can you send me a parts list and instructions on how to put it together so that i may build one to power my bible school camp ground so if you can help me and tell me how much will it cost me for your plans or do you sell it all ready made and tell me how much. send it to as soon as possible please thank you and God Bless you.
Start be studying the website. Then if you still need person personal assistance, send us a email at Thank you!
send us a email and we will direct you. Send to
Fadli Abdillah
Halo Witts, I very likes this generator self running,I hope I can learn from you,about the detail wiring and more you can teach me,here my email thank you and God Bless You.
Capacitors last the same length of time as they would in any other application. So about 40 to 400 years. Depending on the Quality of the Capacitor and how close to its maximum rated voltage they are run at.
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