Boat UPDATE - "New Game Mode"? Leaked Images? Clash of Clans Update May 2017

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Clash of Clans UPDATE May 2017 confirmed - the 'boat update' - covering images that appear to give MORE information and insight into the coming Clash of Clans update!

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I like co
Joyal Jose
it's real
Sk Amin
2 Good 😎 😎 😎 👍
Sk Amin
d money Schaum
galadon, I found a clue on the game of clash itself.. I haven't seen another youtube discuss it... it's affiliated with the boat! please respond and I'll tell you
Fredbear Gaming
Jagclaw L
How you say that you're excited about the update if you don't know what it is?
Your Host NaYaN
m so excited about the update........I think it will come within 22 or 23rd of this month
Raees Amla
hi. can someone post a link to the update forum pls. thx
Tyler8 Cassidy
only thing i noticed was the barb holding the Australian flag😜😜
Australian flag
Akash Saini
others videos provided a lot more info day ago. wasted my time dude!
Joe Cestare
Hog rider king with skeleton minions
Karan Singh
this guy seems like a supercell ass kisser
Calvin Page
Spend personal representative player operating document plus blend.
"New town hall level confirmed" DEVELOPER SAID: No town hall 12 and no wall 13
Lotte Mertens
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Jenson White
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Julie Guillaume
Privilege ultimate sacrifice differently stem crash powerful skill.
Timothee Laine
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mehrab official
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Prakash Gaonkar
I want to know when is the new update isTôi muốn biết khi nào cập nhật mới sắp tới
Âjây Râñâ
hey you got more views on coc video so why you make videos on clash royale___
Honestly SC's communication is shit...
Chze Wee Pang
When update????????????
Mr. Satorday
it is so obvious
Mr. Satorday
in may 18 tonight there will be the captain log 5 because as you can see every after 3 days there will be new captain's log
Pierce Mercier
Oh I can't wait!!!! Bigger than clan wars?! I'm so excited lol
Shane Harper
who the heck is putting a thumbs down? he didn't say anything bad
Old man
black current
I'm ready to wait for another month
s1ayer65 Does Gaming
watch the boat just be a ad for boom beach 🌱👀🌱
Termintor Shir
amazing video.
Does this update get into trouble people who have recently gone to a new th? Because they will be very busy making resources to boost their new th
clash of clans takes way to long to do anything they haven't done anything to get me back into the game since the disaster that was the th11 update I seriously doubt they will and the longer it takes the less interested I become
pliss subscribe me and i will subscribe youu
why can't we attack to on own village?
Amanda Rogel
stop the click baits you idiot
Kunwar Dawood
fantastic gg
Dean Natuno
Can we boost it up using gems?
Marian M
I'm running into MORTAR all day today ?
Honestly hear me out just my opinion everyone has one this shit trash they could've been put this in I want some new wavy troops and defenses like man they just making it like every other game
Ultimate Gamers
can anyone give me the link to all images ???????
Kutub Kanchwala
I am from supercell community I want to tell you something thing about this update that mini peacka is in virus
Kalvin Gallardo
Does this happen to do anything with the pirate flag in decorations / shop and or the plants cause of hog rider/gardener
Thicc James
The aus app store updates evey friday (banner changes for updates and new games) so it will be either this friday or next friday
Gauransh Rathee
awesome information...ur videos rocks buddy....
Jake Isaac
The 18th is the update
Jake Isaac
The 18th is the update
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