Loudres Morales
Well due he always has to do that cause he makes that for is intrusiv
Loudres Morales
Back of form Logan back of the haters back
Ellanv.cjmx6 Boreland
אחמד הייב
Do u miss him relly
Ronnie Menzor
You are a hero
Quy Kim Luu Thi
aloo at the beginning kong in the background is like wtf
Tony Van
Awwww no even
Michal Plewa
is even a mijit
Paz Sulse
my name is Evan too.
Claire Brannigan
Is he dead 🤕😢🤕🤕😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😦😦😦😦
Dakota Zimmerman
He just now my shirt signed from him
Dakota Zimmerman
Dude Avan in Canada
He’s in Depew ny
I found evan
Samantha Madrid
I'm crying it's so sad😓😓
tuffy is my puppy
u should of thrown it off the balcony
Jennifer Guerrero
Poor guy
Yareli Venegas
Logan find Even please 😭😭😭😭
harley quinn
Maritza Ponce
I loved it when you sit down by that lady and then like the sed it
Courtney Eiler
I'm crying
Courtney Eiler
I miss even
Willam Pinkton
RIP even
Why not call Even
vanoss gameing
Unicorn Man
Pogan Logan
topfifalog T.F.L
I just saw him he was in the beach
Director Godzilla 1990 TDM Narchis
What the fuck
Director Godzilla 1990 TDM Narchis
H h h how did you lost your roommate Evan
Cool Miguel Roblox Gamer 78
Check the cloud house check the cloud house and probably rice gum 
Jess H
jade venzuela
I have Ive got one of the limited
monica vaidya
I tried to buy some stuff but I'm from india
No No
Can you tell Jake I am his first fan
Savannah Linkswiler
Make some Kong merch
Alvaro Avila
can y get the mirch on the jaket
Corina Gutierrez
😓Evan my best boy
lucila ortiz rodriguez
Rip even
Linda Elliott
I hope you find hem
Herberts_Gaming_ Zone
gay logan
Aliplays Pro
Plz tell me is it real 😭😭😭😭
rodney workman
Which is the real Jake paul
Jay Gamer
Who's watching this 2017
Mysha Shakoor
Am I in the logan
Dornix Rex
Jake and Logan even put dates at the beginning of their videos
Andy O Vlogs
When I found out that he posted daily I immediately looked for my birthday. I have to say, It was not disappointing.
Sumithra SC
I almost cried a bit when he hugs his mom and is sad. I know it hurts to lose a best friend but never give up because it's for your best friend.
Dark Angel
i see him
faith johnson
This was made on my birthday
Alberto Flores-chairez
Fuckyou bitch Logan
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