Padmavati: Ek Dil Ek Jaan Video Song | Deepika Padukone | Shahid Kapoor | Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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Presenting the song 'Ek Dil Ek Jaan' from Padmavati in the voice of Shivam Pathak, Music by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Lyrics by A M Turaz.  

Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Bhansali Productions present Padmavati, Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and produced by Sudhanshu Vats, Ajit Andhare & Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The movie starring Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Aditi Rao Hydari and Jim Sarbh.Padmavati is slated to release on 1st December 2017

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Ek Dil Ek Jaan
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Song Credits :
♪Song: Ek Dil Ek Jaan
♪Singer: Shivam Pathak
♪Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
♪Lyrics:  A M Turaz
♪Music Label: T-Series
♪Song Produced: Sanchit Balhara,
♪Qawwali Singers: Mujtaba Aziz Naza, Kunal Pandit, Farhan Sabri
♪Songs Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Tanay Gajjar at Flutter Studio.
♪Assisted: Rupak Thakur
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Walid Tech BD
Awesome song, i am eagerly waiting for this movie
Sanjukta Borah
Lovely song ....waiting for the movie to be release
fact techz vines
Wanna see some hot stuff must watch my channel i daily upload one video
Shraddha Sinha
at 00:49sec dat shy expression of deepika is killer😘
Dhananjay Kakade
I love this songs...i am waiting for padmavati movie...
Ranjeet Kumar
i am wating for the epic movie
Aayushi Singh
Very nice song eagerly waiting for this movie
This song is so beautiful, can't wait for the film
Manisha Mgr
Anil Tapde
check out this lyrical song 'Ban ja meri ran' Song of 'Tumhari Sulu'
Soul Unity
Best movie of 2017 and very cute actress Deepika as Padmavati
deepika A
I support for this movie...deepika is the best...😍😍
who is agree with me for this comment???
mohmmdkashim Mohmmad kashim
Mayur Khandwe
I think it was mind blowing film ..... Please give one chance to them for showing his hard work
Anamika Mishra
❤ song of the year ❤
Mehtab Arzoo
d ranveer deepika slb saga is way too boring now.. d same things wd just name changes :o deepika is pretty bt not dat beautiful to b depicting most beautiful women of history :/ n dat too shes giving expressions as aishwaryas in devdas wch is way more not suitable :o
Always For You
Karani sena told they will burn the cinema in uk it the padmavati is realesed in uk salo wo uk hei tumhara rajisthan nahi etni dande padenge ki kisi layek nahi rahoge
atheist forever
Allauddin khilji the great
Umar Saeed
Its just a movie yar why you all are fighting I read all the comments below you all are right but just think that its just a movie showing the glory of Padmani rani . I am muslim and i respect all rather it is Khilji or Rani Padmani .
just enjoy the movie
And i also want to say go and watch the movie before saying any such rumors
Be your on hero
rohit rathore
Nitesh Devga
Aleeza Malik
Wow nice song jan
Geeta Sharma
hiethesamewayasthefirsttime,andtheothersideofanewwindow,radiator,fittedwardrobesandtheothersideofanewoneofourcustomerswithabitoftheyearofmyfriendsarenotgoingoutwithyouandthefamilyoffourofthemtobeinabitofanoldoneisinmyjobfile viewjobdetailsforthedelayintheUK
Karan Avneet Official
Ria Guha
great song 👍🏻
Prachi moriye
Sania Shaik
Hiiii superb
love birds
Nice 1
Guddan Sheikh
Nmn. .mmn bvvbkv nv
TubeSurfer I
0:50 She looks so beautiful 😍
mk sharma
I am waiting this movie
Anuj Photography
Dance Watch This Fellow, Deepika Fails, Super Dance
aditya patil
Awesome song
Bikash Ghosh
Oppo + 😍 Vivo Film
Shafiq Sahak
if anyone asks me, why u r watching Bollywood movies while u can watch Hollywood
I will show him/her this song
Respect and love from AFG to sanjay leela bhansali, ranveer and deepu
In India everything's is right, when everyone is wrong 📢📢📢📢📢📢🎭
Rana G
Jo chutiye yeh Bol rhe hai i cnt wait For movie 😂😂😂 Toh beta Wait Hi krte Rhiyo release kbhi na hoyegi Yeh.. 😎👊
Jai Rajputana
Padmavati, a fictional character written by a MUSLIM SUFI SAINT. Then Why the fanatic Hindus are ready to kill each other to get this movie released. Even Allauddin Khilji was worshipped and called Shiva by the Rajputs of Mewar at that time.
Swift Allan
Only the idiots will fight over this movie
Zara Shah
It's fun how he has 2 wives but the second one is his favorite and doing everything for him lol
Anjana Shukla
Epic expressions.. when eyes do the talking 😍😍 shahid n deepika!!
ahmad bhinder
usually dont comment after listening this song I can remember my girl friend promises but she left me like nothing
ahmad bhinder
love is nothing its just tymepass people will leave after tymepassing
hit if someone agrees
Swwapnil Chand
Soham Ghosh
Rani Padmavati was the epitome of beauty, extraordinary courage and a symbol of self – sacrifice. But, according to me protesting against a movie and urging for its ban without actually seeing it is irrelevant and unjustified. Would Rani Padmavati be proud of the fact that her followers (bhakts), thinking about her self – respect threatening to behead the director of the movie and the actress who has portrayed her character? What is more saddening is the fact is that political propagandas are being supported in our country and the freedom of artistic expression, without hurting the sentiments of the people, is being curtailed. Now a question arises, objectionable scenes between Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji has been shown in the movie… What about that? Any proof for it? Any solid evidence to support your protest? I believe, rumour is not a proof. Moreover, to judge a thing without seeing it is irrational and absurd. According to me, nothing objectionable/ incorrect has been shown in the trailer which could possibly hurt the sentiments of the people. Regarding the first song ‘Ghoomar’, I have come across many comments wherein many people complained that Rani Padmavati never danced in public. But then, I became acquainted with the fact that Ghoomar is a traditional dance performed by the ladies of Rajasthan with other ladies of the family in front of the husband. Many a times, I tried to search for any man in the entire video song, but I could not find one. Deepika Padukone, portraying the role of Rani Padmavati was accused of wearing short dresses… Short dresses? Seriously? Moreover, she has been seen dancing on a song of, to the best of my knowledge, pure Rajasthani accent. Sherya Ghoshal is anyway my favourite singer…. Her voice was absolutely mesmerising. Now comes the song, Ek Dil Ek Jaan, and truly speaking, I am now a fan of Shivam Pathak… this song brought tears in my eyes. But then, as usual, some people started to find a fault in this song. Urdu words… a serious problem… but what I saw was that Miss Padukone was not singing this song… It was played as a background music/ song…. So what is the problem? I was shocked on hearing that the release date has been postponed, as I was anticipating for this movie from a long time… Best of luck to the Padmavati team and I’m hoping that this movie will be a sure blockbuster. The director, Master Sanjay must be feeling himself lucky enough as people protesting against this movie are actually promoting this movie, as I believe, free of cost. One last question to all those haters of the movie, if you have such a high respect for Rani Padmavati why was she restricted only till the History books, why was she not made world - famous before? And when the entire Padmavati team is trying to make her a world – famous queen, why let her not be… because she and her sacrifice were worth it.
I think it was the scene before going to johar.....
naaza Khan
What a song superb and mind blowing can't wait to see this movie 🎦
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