Jenna's Rachet Salon With Hannah Hart

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Here is the video we did playing Charades Against Humanity on Hannah's channel

You can also find Hannah's new book here

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Sofia Loveland
Delivery McGee
"It feels like my eyelid is wearing a hat."
Kat Rose
Hannah is so FUCKING HOT WTF
You ar Hot
Dabney Edwards
Jenna you look so different than you are now. Today you look even happier and more content as a person. P.s. you and julien are the best couple ♡♡♡
Collin Hartbarger
Jennas make over never happened
Veronica Quinn
Came back to this video after watching Ella's transformation of Hannah haha I LOVE ALL THREE OF THEM 😍❤️🏳️‍🌈
Mel Carter
Wait, where did Hannah go? And how did you get Lindsay Lohan to show up?
ciana vedo
Hannah is so gorg😍😍😍
Ruby Riddle
How did that actually turn out good in the end??
Ruby Riddle
I put it there
Morgan Clark
10 out of 10 plus 20 with a start out if being a 10
Obsidianghost_ Games
katie gran
jenna has lesbian vibe i ship it
Johnny Cox
Is this low key homophobic?
Put so much on her that she looks totally different then she does. She's a hordack.
Geoconda Landy
Jenna Marbles invented the Transforming My Friend Into Me challenge
Hannah's face went from great to what the fuck is going on to somehow back around to great again?
Shelley H
Can I just say, Jenna, that when I watch your past videos it reminds me how long I've been watching you. This came out in 2014?! I remember watching this the day it was uploaded! Crazyyyyyy. #thisisthirty
Emily Henninger
I loved everything about this video. "That's great! Get fucked!" Also Hannah looks so hooooot
marissa malone
"Is that how dicks work?"
Debbie Ebbiebobebbie
Still waiting for Hannah to give Jenna a makeover! Get phucked.
Debbie Ebbiebobebbie
Hannah’s song at 2:25ish XD
Taylor Nicole
Still waiting for Hannah to do Jenna’s makeup tbh
Hannah Sealer
"Wait... Now I'm just in drag!" - same Hannah, same.
MarieC NP
get fucked
Aayukta Raut
Somewhere around 2:50-3:00 Hannah sounded like Monica from friends, Courtney? No? Just me? I'll go home!
Rachel Bazilian
Have we ever seen Hannah in makeup anywhere else? Lmao, she looks BANGIN' w and w/out makeup lmaooooo, I love her jokes and stuff lol
Hannah is so hot
Hannahs make up actually looked good. Is the ratched salon getting hired to do her new cooking show I Hart Cooking?
Bumble Bee
Damn it Jenna I don't feel well and need to go to sleep cause I have school tomorrow but I saw this 😏😏😏 literally every time I need to sleep I see one of your videos and can't help but watch it cause your such a funny and original Youtuber
Emily Films
Hanna actually looks like a Barbie doll
We need a part 2 so bad
Jaded Rants
And now Hannah has a food network show.
Brynn Morris
Hannah! You look like p!nk!!!! Omg! And why can't we all be like Hannah looking good before AND after?! Seriously though, Hannah you look gr8 (talking about before and after again lol) ok bye! 👋 love you!! ❤️
Holly Ann
this is one of those videos that if i'm having a bad day, i rewatch it and still laugh and end up feeling a little better. there's not a chance in hell that you'll read this, jenna, but thanks for always making me laugh. i hope anyone who does read this is having a wonderful day!
Caroline W.
Danielle Spargo
You two have AWESOME chemistry together!!!
ok yep
i love jennas hair here
hannah is so fucking gorgeous whether or not she's wearing makeup
Tbh, hannah looks better without make up.
Kassidy Siegel
My favorite part of jennas colabs is when the guest jusr starts holding one of her dogs, it's in almost every one
Frosty Sketchs
Katrina Cabaniol
Omg yess yes yes yes. You BOTH are so hilarious!! I'm legit dying laughing, nearly waking my 4 year old son up haha
Hannah looks hot!
Paty Herrera
I thought Jenna was gonna fuck up with the make up and make her look like a clown but she actually did and amazing job and Hannah looks gorgeous !!
Ballistc Life
Hannah hart's voice is adorable
Damn, I laughed so hard. I cried.
Melinda Ryan
Did Hannah give you a makeover yet? <3
tanner crowe
It should be Jenna's rachet booty salon
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