Aaysha Khan
nice vedio
Safwan aayan
i like it so much
sajif kham
This is so beautiful poem😄😄
J an Nathan
My grand daughter enjoy this song so much
Mostéfaoui Manel
Very goud
Uddelia Coh
My baby loves this
Rajeev M
My small brother was learn this colours
Chunara Virendra
my baby boy is a very like for chuchu tv video song for rymes.
kunj jat khuntela
Kuku's favourite poem
Omega Nobert
I alot to teach my student at school and make me to be proud KG 2
Amal Chouman
Thx chu chu tv
durdana anjum
Good for learning colors for kids
ramavath pradeep
Tasleem Banuhdhf
very beautiful rhym like colours thank u chu chu tv love u
Abdur Rahman
Nice song 🎤and nice colors🎨
Sangita Prasad
soooo many sweet song and colour
Suguna gireesh
Thanks chuchu
moon biswas
my two years old baby love s watching these nursery rhymes. thanks a lot for providing this on you tube
Joshua Azucena
Its nice poem
sujani naidu
Very nice videos
md Rahman
very nice
raganna dara
my son love this video
Praveen Kuntojimath
my sweet hart ,my son said love this video.
Nagappa K
my daughter loves this channel.thank u sir
reena viradiya
Nazrul Islam
thank you . Chuchu t.v
Jhon Meg Badajos
so cool
shabbir ahmed
wow very nice Chu Chu TV my daughter is found of this rhymes she enjoys a lot
fatima butt
chu chu was my nick name in my childhood😂
Serena Curry
My sister Mia ❤this song she is 2 years old i❤ her so much longer
Eman Bilal
My sis and bro love this song and they r only 9 months old
Papeya Akter
I love this video
Sabita Sarkar
little suroj love the videos
Nimai Adhikary
nice video
akber mughal
my angel enjoying her self alot thanku for such a lovely chu chu tv
Afreen Fathima Afreen
chu chu tv super my baby likes all rhymes
Kranthi Kumar
even my baby luvs
Nice vedio for children to study
Faheem Safdar
well-done I love you chu chu tv keep it up
Nou Yang
my little sister like this
sumpu rangpur
mounesh ph
my son like this song very much thank yu chuchu tv
Timejka Matúšková
fancy song for kids wow
deepika chowdary
awesome music
bencj zaid
that was fun
mani mithu
chu chu tv, u did great job. my son is now in his 11 months. and he loves your intro title. thank u very much ur great work. keep ur service like this..........
Ubbol Nal
good to teach.
Ubbol Nal
I will teach my students to listen to sweet songs
Ubbol Nal
good for my children
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